Best Mac Data Eraser To Wipe Hard Disk , AweEraser for Mac Review

If you are a Mac user and get annoyed with the low memory notification, then you must check for the files and data stored in your system. There are many files, applications, and data which are of no use and still there on your system.

You need to keep an eye on such files and remove them from your system to make some free space. AweEraser for Mac is the perfect tool for you to clean up your system and helps you remove unwanted files to free up space. This Mac data eraser tool wipes files and erase files permanently from your system with one go. Let’s collect more details about this software.

What is AweEraser for Mac? 

It is a tool that helps Mac users to wipe out unwanted files from the system permanently. This tool is packed with several other useful tools to help you keep an eye on the memory stored by applications and files, and help you to remove them completely from your system with a few clicks.

What interesting here is that you don’t need to visit different pages or waste your time, as this software quickly deletes unwanted files with your permissions from the system with just one click.

It is designed with the advanced file searching algorithm which quickly finds out unwanted files and presents you the list of such files so that you can delete them permanently. The software is there for individuals, enterprises and organizations.

AweEraser: Data Erasure Modes 

This advanced data erasure software comes with three different Data Erasure Modes with which you can delete different types of files and applications from your Mac system. Here we have listed down all the modes which you can try out on this software.

  1. Erase Files

Erase Files mode deletes data from your Mac’s hard drive, SSD or any other storage media permanently. Data erased by this tool will not be recovered by the data recovery software.


  1. Erase Hard Drive

If your system has multiple drives and partitions, and want to erase the full hard drive or its partition, then this tool is there for you. This tool helps you to erase the entire hard drive with one click. You just need to select the hard drive from the page and click the Erase button to remove all types of data stored in that particular drive.

Erase Hard drive
  1. Erase Free Space

This tool lets you delete already deleted files from the system. Mac system stores your deleted files in the Trash bin and other folders without your knowledge. By making use of this tool, you can remove such deleted files from the system. The deleted files will not be recovered in future.

Apart from these powerful data erasure tools, the same software offers two additional tools for Internet users. If you surf the Internet regularly, then you probably know about the junk files, cookies and cache memory stored by your system. You can remove such files from your system by using the following tools.

Internet Cleaner 

As the name suggests, the Internet Cleaner Tool on the AweEraser for Mac software helps you to remove browsers junk files, caches, traces, histories, cookies etc. These data keep on storing without your knowledge when you surf the web.

You can delete all such data from this software using the Internet Cleaner tool. Just select the tool, scan for the files and remove those files with one click. It also frees up a lot of space from your system.

Internet cleaner

Mac Uninstaller

This is an application uninstaller tool which is also available for the Mac users when they install the AweEraser software. Mac Uninstaller tool presents you the list of the third-party applications that you are using on your Mac system. You can select the ones which are of no use and can remove or uninstall the selected applications quickly.

The tool helps you to uninstall multiple applications from your Mac system with one go. Just select the apps that you want to remove and click the Uninstall button. The software will quickly uninstall all the selected applications from your system.

Mac uninstaller

Final Words: 

AweEraser is currently the best Mac Data Eraser Software available on the market. You can get the free trial version of this tool from its website which costs nothing. The Premium edition requires an activation key which you can purchase from the same website if you are completely satisfied with it. It’s really a very helpful tool for those who have limited space on their Mac systems.


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