Critical Process Died

How to Fix Critical Process Died Windows 10 Error [Step by Step]

If you land on this guide because you are facing Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) with the error called Critical Process Died message popped up on your screen and this error interrupting your work and because of this your PC reboot again and again, then you need to follow this in-depth guide that is specially created for providing solutions to you.

Critical Process Died which cause into your PC as a CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED, and this error comes with Bluescreen of Death Error that also known for its check error code of 0x000000EF. If you are facing this error on your desktop that means the Windows Operating System is having some faults to continue one or more of the System’s Critical services. It is quite important to fix this Windows 10 Critical Process Died loop as soon as possible because it can damage your PC.

Critical Process Died Windows 10 Error

Critical Process Died
Critical Process Died

Generally, this error comes when your Windows got updated or possibly sometimes once you install the New Windows operating system on your personal computer. Also when you install any new software, you might get critical_process_died windows 10 can’t boot error because of the removal of some important files in Windows system.

Aside from two things, unfortunately, YES this error may be occurred anytime on your own computer’s screen and in between your Windows setup. You cannot do anything to prevent Critical Process Died Windows update. But you can easily fix Windows 10 Critical Process Died After Update via this article because we are going to share the complete procedure on how to fix Critical process Died Windows 8.

When the Critical_Process_Died error happened in your Windows 10, you see nothing but a blue screen with the following error messages:

  • Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We’re just collecting some error info, and then we’ll restart for you.
  • If you’d like to know more, you can search online later for this error: CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED

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From past two weeks, we are getting tons of emails that our audience facing one problem on their Windows 10 based PC and they need perfect solution or recommend settings that can resolve this error from their PC. The basic issue we found that whenever, they install Windows 10 or changing Screen 10 from Windows 8. This error also comes because of Virus Attacks also.

Most of the time, we simply install some application or mostly update something on our computer, even without knowing that this software program everything you will install or update is obviously compatible with your computer or not, and that’s the part where the compatibility issue starts from.

BSoD are one of the most common and annoying error in Windows for many years and plenty of other factors may suggest the BSoD, both hardware and software. Windows 10 critical_process_died is actually caused whenever a critical component of Windows detects that its data have been modified.

This issue might come because of low quality driver, an error in storage department and others. But there, are always a number of solutions to resolve this issue.

Bluescreen of death is among the most frustrating issues in Windows 10, and the case where it may be hardware or application, or both. In this post, we will show you how to resolve this error quickly and easily in step by step format.

Solution #1. Run SFC Scanner

SFC Scanner may actually be helpful, because it repairs system files, and corrupted, or changed system files. So you need to do, close all the programs and Run SFC Scanner and follow below steps:

  • Open CMD as admin and enter: sfc/scannow
  • Wait for the process to finish (It will take a couple of minutes)
  • Now restart your computer

Solution #2. Run an Antivirus Program

Malicious software will also cause Windows 10 Critical Process Died after update. So it is always recommended that you should use any branded Antivirus software. Scan your computer with trusted antivirus and you can also use Windows Defender.

Solution #3. Uninstall the Latest Update

Some users have also reported that after installing latest Windows 10 update, they start getting Critical Process Died Can’t Boot issue. So simply remove all the recently installed updates to get back to normal mode and restart your computer. This may fix Critical Process Died Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Solution #4. Download the Latest Drivers

Non-friendly drivers or outdated drivers that wrongly use memory could also cause this error ‘critical process died’ error in Windows 10. Download and install all the latest drivers on your Windows 10 and it may fix this Critical_Process_Died error immediately.

Solution #5. Download Driver Agent

  1. First, you need to download driver agent and to download it click here for the latest version of Driver Agent.
  2. Now install it with simple instructions and then open it.
  3. Now open this tool and scan your PC for outdated/faulty drivers and this tool will also update your drivers easily with the latest once.

Solution #6. Install Fresh Operating System

When everything solution fails and this error sit permanently on your PC, and then try to take proper back up and reinstall your operating system with the new one. Sometimes it’s just quicker and easier to back up important data and start from scratch than spending hours and hours to find the perfect solution.

Grab a USB drive, back up your docs, music, pictures, videos and everything else that you don’t want to lose and save them in any Best External Hard Drive for Windows and then choose official installation medium of Windows 10. Let the installer wipe out your entire system partition and complete the installation procedure.

Final Verdicts:

So these are some of the perfect solutions that solve the error called Critical Process Died windows 10 and windows 8. If you find this guide and our solutions then please share it with your friends who uses Windows 10 based PC because this post may help them to get rid out the critical_process_died error.

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