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Since smartphones have developed a whole lot all this years, Dual sim phones are the newest trend. As you have 2 mobile numbers, you may have wished of utilizing 2 WhatsApp accounts on your same smartphone. Different WhatsApp account, permits you to keep anonymity from additional WhatsApp contacts. Most men and women want their friends, Family and operate, on different amounts. When it is not about two WhatsApp, you may have considered concealing your past seen or blue ticks. Even though you might still see others continue viewed in addition to blue ticks?

GB WhatsApp is an Android App that enables the users to enjoy WhatsApp Plus features and set up multiple WhatsApp accounts on precisely the same Android smartphone. Sadly, this edition of WhatsApp isn’t available on Play shop as its the exact same WhatsApp application but with extra features that are unofficial. If you recall the mythical”WhatsApp Plus”, GBWhatsApp has all of the features of it, but using a different name.

So, what can GB WhatsApp supplies and why you have to download GBWhatsApp newest version? Let us checkout all the qualities and advantages.

GBWhatsApp has some of the coolest features that you wanted in the first WhatsApp. It permits you to conceal last seen (while it is possible to observe others), conceal blue ticks(while it is possible to observe others), disable status view (So that nobody would understand, you viewed their standing ), change topics, send pictures with no compression, conceal second tick, conceal typing status and remain”Always online”. I guess this is sufficient to install GBWhatsapp. It is possible to run both official Whatsapp & WhatsApp Plus jointly without confronting any matter.

GB WhatsApp permits you to theme different elements of the first WhatsApp. If you do not like the first Color of WhatsApp, you can alter it, shows yours and sender’s profile picture in the chat. Change Color of Chat bubble based upon your chat background .

If this features are not enough to convince you, there are far more. You can even enable Expanded Notification in most of the Android variants. Additionally, you can disable voice calls so you won’t get any voice calls from friends and family. Not finding the ideal Gif? You can alter the Gif Provider in the settings. You a pick Tenor or Giphy for best Gifs.

App lockers can tricked or pressured stopped from settings and you can easily access your WhatsApp. GBWhatsApp includes an inbuilt App locker which lets you keep your preferred password to your WhatsApp. Once cannot access your WhatsApp with no password because the locker is inbuilt using the app. If you attempt to block the locker, WhatsApp will not begin.

The best thing about this application is that may send HD Photos and with no compression and it’ll be sent to your friends. You can select over 30 videos and images, all at one time. You may even copy your buddies status by simply clicking on your buddy’s status. You may add your position as long as 256 words while the first WhatsApp only allows 139 words.

If you would like to use just 1 WhatsApp account, you can click on the link that says”Download” from above. Butif you would like to use multiple WhatsApp accounts, then download all 3 packages. This APK files have different package names so you may install all 3 apps with no error like”Package already installed”. Means, you can run 3 WhatsApp accounts with no additional apps like Parallel Space.

New GBWhatsApp 6.65 is Entirely lag free as its built especially for your device’s framework. Different hardware configurations has different tactics to using a app which assists in reducing the overall CPU requirement and thereby optimizing the app. To check your hardware settings, download Droid Hardware Info App, under System Tab, you will discover your hardware configuration. It would be ARM, ARM64, x86_64 or x86. Download the apk for this hardware only.

GBWhatsApp also has a excellent theme shop, you can download many themes at no cost!

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