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Fix Host Process for Windows Services has Stopped Working

Hello Windows Users, We coming back with new Fix Error Tutorial  Which You can fix any windows error using our tutorial. Here we are going to share Fix Host Process for Windows Services has Stopped Working. If You are getting error Popup Like “windows host process” Then You are at Right Place. Here we share different methods to fix this problem error and After Following different methods, You can easily Fix this error From Your System.

The Error caused by Third Party Software, Incompatible Drivers or Outdated Drivers and Older Windows Version. So You have to check this option before following steps. Also, The error caused by Anti-Virus Software. So You have to stop using Anti-virus Software. So Now We move on the main Topic. Let’s following some important steps of Different methods.

Fix Host Process for Windows Services has Stopped Working

Method 1 – Open Event Viewer or Reliability History

1) First Open “RUN” then type eventvwr and hit Enter to open Event Viewer.

2) Now Double-click Windows Logs From the left-hand menu And then check Application and System logs.

3) Now Check Out error details which include error message “Host process for Windows has stopped working.“

4) Once you have zeroed into the issue we can start troubleshooting the problem and fix the issue.

Method – 2 Perform a Clean Boot

Sometimes third party software can fight with the system and hence the system may not be completely closed. In order for the Fixes for hosted Windows services, the host process has stopped working, you need to clean up your PC and diagnose the step-by-step problem.

Method 3 – Run System Restore

1) First Open “RUN” then type sysdm.cpl and hit Enter.

2) Then Select System Protection tab and choose System Restore.

3) Now Click OK and Choose the desired System Restore point.

4) Now Follow On-Screen Instruction to Complete System Restore.

5) Then Reboot Your System for Save Changes and Then Check out if Fixed or Not.

Method – 4 Run DISM Tool

1) Now First Right Click On Menu Option and select Command Prompt (Admin).

2) Now try the following Command In Command Prompt:

Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup
Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

3) If Above Command Doesn’t work then Try below following Command:

Dism /Image:C:\offline /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth /Source:c:\test\mount\windows
Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth /Source:c:\test\mount\windows /LimitAccess

4) Don’t run SFC /scannow in order to verify the integrity of system run DISM command:

Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth

5) Now Reboot Your Windows Systema for Save Changes.

Method – 5 Run CCleaner and Malwarebytes

1) Firstly You have to Download And Install CCleaner & Malwarebytes.

2) After Successful Install both Software, Run Malwarebytes and scan your system.

3) During Scan If Malware will be found then it will Automatically Remove Them.

4) Now Run CCleaner and in the “Cleaner” section, Following Option Should be Cleaned:

5) Then click Run Cleaner, and Ccleaner Starts its work for Clean its Course.

6) Now Following Option, You have to Clean In the Registry tab

7) Select Scan for Issue and allow CCleaner to scan, then click Fix Selected Issues.

8) Then Select Yes When CCleaner asks About “Do you want backup changes to the registry?

9) After the Successful backup has completed, select Fix All Selected Issues.

10) Now Reboot Your System for Save Changes.

Method – 6 Repair Corrupted BITS files

1) First Open “RUN” then type \Programdata\Microsoft\network\downloader and hit Enter.

2) Then Click On Continue.

3) Now Deleted Files from Download Section Which is Started from “Qmgr

4) After Deleted Above Files “Qmgr” Then Run Windows update.


Finally, We Share Different Methods to Fix host process for windows services. If You have any method then Share with error facing the user and help them to fix this error. If You are satisfied with all these methods then Comment us below in comment section and Share with your friends and family Member on social media.

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