Hello Windows Users, We coming back with the new interesting article where You can fix Java Virtual Machine or JVM not found error. If You are getting the error like JVM not found the error then here we are going to share the article about fix Java Virtual Machine Error. So Let’s Check out below for more details.

Firstly, You have to install Java Development Kit (JDK) and Then Still You will get JVM not found error Then Here below We Share different methods to solve this error. So Let’s following Some methods to solve this issue.

If You are getting JAVA Virtual Machine Error Then There are different methods to solve this error. If you are finding best methods for instant Fix this error then Here below we share 2 different methods for Solve this error. So Let’s Follow some important Steps and Remove this error.

Fix Java Virtual Machine or JVM not found error

Method – 1

1) Firstly Download And Install JDK For running eclipse From Here.

2) Download File Size is about 170MB

3) After Successful Download, Install the File.

4) Now Following Steps for Set the PATH of the JDK installation.

5) Go To My computer, Right click and select properties, another dialogue box will appear and select advanced system settings.

6) Now click on new and in variable name field write path and in variable value field paste the path of the JDK installation as shown.

7) Now Click OK and Save Changes Then Check Eclipse.

Method – 2

1) Note That Java Version and Eclipse Both have the Same Version, So install 64-bit java for 64-bit eclipse and 32-bit java for 32-bit eclipse.

2) Now Open eclipse.ini from the root installation directory of eclipse and paste the Following code at the end of the code:

C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_21\jre\bin\server\jvm.dll
//find it if you are having another JDK version.

3) Done..!! You have Fix Java Virtual Machine or JVM not found the error.


Now You Can Easily Fix Java Virtual Machine or JVM not found error Using following above methods. If You are getting JVM not Found Error Then Now Here we Share different methods For Solve this error. If you like this Article then Share with Your friends and family member. If You have Any Query Then Also Drop the Comment below in Comment Section.


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