Guide to Having and Installing CCTV Cameras

With the increasing number of crimes and incidents happening these days, keeping a CCTV installed can be totally worth it. CCTV cameras are probably one of the best inventions of technology.

It isn’t necessary to put CCTV only in shops and offices. People have been using them in-house as well, but installing CCTV can be pretty challenging and most online tutorials might confuse you. That’s why we are here to guide you on how to install CCTV cameras.

Before we go into the installation, let us look at certain things you should consider when installing CCTV: –

1. Cost: – People don’t usually buy 1 or 2 CCTV, they are often bought in multiple numbers so all the areas of the building can be secure. Buying a bunch of CCTV can be pretty expensive and you might want to consider getting an online loan.

Online loans are easy to get these days if you have a good credit score but might be a little difficult if the credit score is bad. Since credit score is the main criteria on which the lenders judge whether you would be a good candidate or not. Check this article, for tips to on how you can get credit score, so you will not have a hard time having your loan approved.

 2.  What kind of CCTV do you want: – Figure out what kind of CCTV cameras you want, with wires or the wireless ones. Wireless CCTV is extremely popular these days as there is no hassle to deal with the wires.

 There are drones CCTV cameras also available which provide a 360-degree view of the place. It is up to you to decide which ones you want depending on your budget.  

 3. Permission: – Even though you are not legally obliged to do this, it is best to take permission before installing CCTV. If you put CCTV in your house or shops, they might cover some parts of your neighbors’ buildings which might make them feel uncomfortable.

Thus, make sure to let them know before installing and talk to them. If they do feel uncomfortable, then you need to change the angles so it only covers the street.

Materials Required: –

1.        CCTV Cameras

2.        CCTV cables to connect cameras to the DVR

3.        CCTV Recorder or DVR

4.        Monitors

5.        Cables for your monitor

6.        LAN cable (if you connect it to the internet)

7.        Mouse for the monitor

8.        Power Supply

How to Install: –

Once you have all the required materials, you are good to go. Here are the basic steps to install CCTVs: –

1. Once you have all the equipment needed, you need to figure out where you can put the cameras. Make a rough diagram of your house and decide where you should put them and make a guess of how much area each of them will cover. Once you are happy with the selection, mount the camera to that place.

 2. Mount the cameras on the wall with sticky pads or screws whichever you think is okay. Screws are recommended as they are safer.

3. Attach the camera to the power source

4. Attach the cameras to the DVR using BNC cables if it is a wired CCTV or else just connect it wirelessly to your computer.

 5.Attach the monitor of your computer to the DVR

 6.Make sure all the cables are properly connected, then turn the power on.

 Conclusion: –

We hope you have liked reading this beginners guide to installing CCTV cameras. If you find the process to hectic, then consider taking professional help. If you have installed CCTV before, then share some of your tips with us.

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