Kaela Kanae 101 Coaching for AWOL Academy

It is a well-known fact that for a living, you need money and everybody needs it. But the fact that we are well aware with is the proportionality of the amount of the work we have to do in order to gain money. Some people do work from home and earn fortunes while some people go out in the sun and are not able to compete with the other kind of people. So the question that remains in most of the people’s mind is that how do we earn money without applying much of our effort and in this world where everything happens on the internet we want to know how to make money online by following different strategies.


Well, for that reason we come across many sites that train us in our fields. Hence to get the whooping results we need to follow them. Among these sites is AWOL Academy by Kaela Kanae. It is the online platform that teaches how to make money online which is an incredibly important skill that one should possess.

Purpose of AWOL Academy is to teach students how to start an affiliate marketing business by giving ads on social networking sites so that it can attract people so as to drive the most of the traffic to the landing pages where you can collect email addresses and promote offers to them using email marketing. (AWOL academy also gives students the chance to promote AWOL Academy as an affiliate.) To understand the benefits, actual effects, advantages etc., keep reading.


AWOL enlightens your mind with the business model: Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the technique to make money online by driving traffic to a particular site by promoting other people’s products. The decent amount that you can earn by driving traffic to the site is at most 40% so the more, the better. AWOL works on the strategy of paid traffic which means that you have to convert a certain percentage or you’re losing money.


  • Money: Nobody can predict that how much money you will make through a certain ad or how many people are you able to drive to a particular site. You might end up losing a lot of money because you will be having the paid advertising and you will be paying at least 200 $ to the Facebook for bringing up your ads daily.
  • Time Wastage: People like something short and sweet because nobody has time for anything unimportant to them or it which provides a sow service so you have to make that you don’t waste people’s time as well as your time.
  • Too complex and too broad: It teaches you how to do affiliate marketing business using paid ads and email marketing but often neglects to pay more attention to the minute details. For example- What kind of opportunities you should target for, what are the kind of as that work for that kind of business and how to make sure that your ads get the premium traffic.

Should you become an AWOL affiliate?

It all depends on your desires and dreams and what is really that you wish to achieve. The question that you always ask yourself in most of the situations are- “Why I should do this?” What profit will it provide to me?” So before choosing a mentor for yourself, you need to contemplate about the fact that will they be able to teach me the things which I really want to learn. And you can do so by researching about that course because if you are spending your hundreds of dollars in a course then at least you have the right to know what it will provide you and what you will gain out of it.

Work on your skills, Money will come through:

Many people take online courses but only a few succeed. Have you ever thought why? Because they worked on their skills, they gained the knowledge from every possible source. Making money online is not easy but it is simple. It just depends on your skills. Because in this fast-moving world where competition is cut-throat, people easily make landing pages which can drive traffic but the real challenge is to drive free traffic of targeted buyers.

Final Thoughts

By reading the article, you are already aware of the fact that how does the business model of AWOL course works and you should have some generous amount of money to spend on the course and the paid ads that the course trains you to do.

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