How to Record More Professional-Looking Videos From Your Screen

Do you want to be able to use screen recording to capture professional-looking videos and create content of your own? That is certainly possible, but there is a bit more to it than just hitting the record button on your software.The fact of the matter is that there are many factors that can affect the quality of your screen recording videos and how professional they look. To improve them, there are a few steps that you should take:


  • Maximize the size of the frame that you record to increase the resolution of the video and improve its definition. If it is an option you should run the app or window that you’re recording in full screen so that you are able to record at the highest resolution possible (1080p if you’re using a 1080p monitor).


  • Increase the frame rate setting on your screen recorder to make the video look smoother and more fluid. The frame rate should be at least 30, but 60 frames per second will make the video look that much more professional.


  • Use a good external microphone if you’re recording a voiceover. It will be a big step-up in audio quality compared to any built-in microphone that may be on your webcam or laptop.


  • Wear headphones or earphones to avoid the microphone picking up audio from your speakers and recording it as an echo.


  • Close unnecessary apps and background processes that won’t be needed during the recording. That should help free up RAM and processing power to help avoid any performance issues while the recording is ongoing. It will also stop stray notifications from appearing mid-recording or triggering unwanted sounds.


  • Check and disable any updates or virus scans to prevent unexpected utilization of system resources.



  • Test the recording and pay close attention to the system performance, video quality, and audio quality so that you can make adjustments as necessary.


  • Encode the video using the right settings and use the resolution and frame rate it was recorded in. The video bitrate should be based on both those settings as well as the format it is encoded in. Using a video bitrate calculator may help.


Overall these steps should help you to capture videos that look as though they’ve been professionally produced. As you may have noticed most are fairly easy, and you can use them with any video capture software. For example you may want to try Movavi Screen Recorder Studio.F

Aside from the steps listed above, the other factor that can affect how professional your videos look are its presentation. That is where planning comes into play, and you should carefully script your video and maybe even rehearse it so that you’re able to perform the actions fluidly when you record them.

If you do that you should end up with exactly the type of footage that you need to create impressive content of your own. All that it takes after that point is a bit of editing and your video will be all set and ready to be published online or distributed in other ways.

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