Your Windows License Will Expire Soon – How to Fix

Hello everyone, in this article we will discuss step by step on how to fix the error “Your Windows Licence Will Expire Soon”

Microsoft allows customers to pass a Microsoft permit to another computer; however, what to do if the message indicates that your Windows license expires as quickly as a number of issues can arise on your PC? But don’t worry because the command prompt can be used to solve it. You can insert the license button to fix it in a license version of Windows 10 from store, but you have to use another technique in another situation and we’re with it here. Yes, we’ll address how to resolve your Windows permit and quickly expire message mistake in this post.

A Windows trial version can be downloaded; however, it is working for a restricted time, and a license expiry mistake will surely be shown by the uncopyrighted Windows OS. New Windows updates may cause various link problems and compatibility problems, including HDMI problems, from time to time.

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How to Fix Your Windows License Will Expire Soon

I would like to explain that Windows 10 isn’t “free” before we begin talking about it, as most individuals believe. Like every product, it has a deadline and you can always purchase a permit or a product key for its continued use. Please note:

  • Upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 will give you a free license for 1 year.
  • Installing Windows 10 without a license will give you free access to Windows 10 for 30 days.

Now, it is either a license that has expired or a issue that has to be resolved when the message shows up. I suggest contacting Microsoft’s Support Center if you are not sure if your copy should be valid or not.

windows license expires soon

But if you’re sure it’s a mistake, then it’s time to fix it. Follow the following steps one by one to get through it.

How to Fix Your Windows will expire soon in Windows 10 Step by Step:

Step 1: Just restart your computer

It is always better to make sure that it’s not just a one-time problem before making any remedies. So, it’s nice to reboot your laptop to see whether this issue disappears if you face this mistake for the first time.

Step 2: Uninstall and delete your product key

Firstly, we will reset the machine’s licensing status and restart the machine. If it doesn’t work, we take a rather more dramatic measure to uninstall and delete your Windows 10 product key. This enables us to reinstall it later, which in most instances solves the issue.

Note that right after deleting your product key, your computer may slow down or even freeze.

You then have to be patient and let your computer take time and can carry out the assignment. However, when we get there, we will cross that bridge.

Make sure you have a copy of your product key before uninstalling it.

It should be in an email from whoever sold or distributed Windows to you, or on the box the Windows DVD or USB came in. Shortly, in Step 3, we’re going to reinstall it.

Let’s Start:

  1. Type “cmd,” right-click on Prompt command and select Run as the administrator in your starter menu.


2.Click Yes to give it permission


3. Type slmgr -rearm and hit Enter.

4. To see if the issue is solved, click on OK and restart your laptop. If not, continue to follow the measures.

5. If resetting the licensing status didn’t work, go back to CMD (Admin) and type the following command and hit Enter: slmgr /upk

6. A message saying “Uninstalled product key successfully”, click Ok to take the next steps.

7. Still on the Command Prompt windows, type this command and then hit Enter: slmgr /cpky

8. Now that we have cleared the product key from Registry, there must be no trace of it on your computer. Click Ok and Reboot your computer.

Continue to Step III to add the product key now you have completely removed your License.

Step 3: Use the Trouble-shooter to detect and fix any issues

During this phase, the trouble-shooter checks and attempts to solve any activation problem. The product key can also be reactivated. Otherwise, we will manually insert the key. Review the following measures:

  1. After rebooting your computer from the last step, head into Settings at your start menu.

2.Click on the Update & Security icon.

update n secure

3.Now from the left pane, select Activation and click on Troubleshoot at the bottom of the screen to launch the trouble-shooter.


4. Wait for a little while until it detects activation problems.

windows activation

5. If the trouble-shooter could fix it right away and activate your Windows 10 automatically then you’re good.

trouble shooter

If the trouble-shooter didn’t succeed to activate your computer, then it’s time to re-activate it manually: this is what Step 4 is for.

Step 4: Enter your product key manually

Get your product key from the email or box we mentioned before and let’s enter it.

  1. click on Change Product Key next to the key icon to re-enter your Product key.

change product key

2. Enter your product key in the white rectangle and then click Next to reactivate it.

product key 01

  1. Now is the time for your computer to restart and see if the expiry message has passed.

If this is a problem or if the message is not passed, continue to pursue the next step.

Step 5: Disable two services

We are going to attempt to disable both Windows and see whether they are the reason for the problem:

  1. Windows License Manager Service
  2. Windows update

I would not suggest disabling Windows updates for more than a month as Microsoft releases sometimes significant safety updates. So now let’s see if your issue is resolved, but in about a month, re-activate your Windows app and see if there’s a significant update. This can be placed in your calendar.

  1. Type “run” in your start menu and choose Run or press Windows key + R to launch it.

2. Type services.msc  and then click OK.




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