10 Best Beat Making Software [Free & Paid] 2021

If you want to produce the most amazing beat for your music production then having the Best Beat Making Software is inevitable. So, you might have to dive into certain tutorials or articles searching for the Best Beat Making Software in 2021, but still, you are unable to grab or decide which one to go for, so this article is for you. The truth is there are various types of beat making software available in the market that makes it really difficult to decide which one to go for. Therefore we have done detailed research on every one of them, practically implemented, chosen that are highly rated, and ultimately ended up with the 10 best beat-making software for you which includes both the paid and free version. Using them you can create a dope soundtrack as you will be able to edit or add lots of instruments, plugins and sound effects that make it really modern and unique from the rest of the productions. Stay tuned and read till the end of the article. 

Best Beat Making Software for Windows [Free & Paid]

 #1. MAGIX Music Maker

MAGIX Music Maker

If you are a beginner in music production and are looking for a free version of the best beat-making software then the Magix Music Maker is just the right pick for you. It is mostly designed and developed to be well compatible with any beginner’s beat creator by providing a simple User-interface and comes with aesthetic features. 

When you go for the free version you will get four sound pools, and comes with the automatic pitch adjustment so that your beat or music comes out perfectly. It also comes with a bunch of features like sound effects, sample tracks, etc, that can be a real help in beat creation. If you are just beginning to learn to create beats or music then I suggest you start with the free version. But, in case you are already intermediate or professional then you should go for the premium version. The premium version provides a broader range of advanced features, musical instruments and is much faster.



On our n0.2 we have the FL studio which is mostly used by many music producers and is also one of the best beat-making software available in the market. Though this software is a paid version, it is extremely budget-friendly and even if you are a beginner, starting with this software will add more benefits to you and you can learn music production like a professional. Its pitch-shifting and time sequencing tools make it very easy for the newbie to work on music and beat production.

It also has multiple virtual instruments and as many as 80 plus plugins that give your music production a professional and premium touch. With the plugins you will be able to add effects, and generate virtual instruments as per your music needs. Fl Studio is an amazing beat-making software for beginners as well as professionals, so it is worth the price you pay. If you have an issue with the functionality of this software then there is much documentation available on the internet and even video content is available on youtube and other websites.

#3. Ableton Live 9

Ableton Live 9

On our no. 3 We have the Ableton Live 9 which is compatible with both Windows and Mac, so it adds more benefits if you are using both types of Operating systems. Now coming to the version, this software has both paid and free versions so you can go for the free version if you cannot afford it. But, remember the price is just 99 USD and if you can afford it then it’s good because the premium version comes with extra added features that make it extremely reliable for production professional beats or music. For your information, if you are a complete newbie then this is not the right pick for you. 

#4. LMMS


The LMMS or so-called “|Let Make Music” is one of the best beat-making software that is open-source and is made totally free for everyone. If you are a developer or know how to code then you can customize the software according to your requirement which is just amazing. This software comes with a simple and easy-to-use interface which is a plus point for beginners. The LMMS comes with useful features like the virtual instrument and also comes with the piano roll editor. So if you know little about how to utilize the virtual instrument and also know how to play the piano then you can make outstanding music. It also provides the users with track automation tools for finding the right tracking patterns, and also has the sample tracks and effects library. I would highly recommend you to go for this software if you are a beginner, no doubt this is also perfect for intermediate as well.

#5. GarageBand


On our no. 5 We have the best beat-making software specifically only for Mac users, no other than the so-called Garage Band. As the name suggests, at first when you see the interface you might be frightened by it as it looks so messy with lots of options and icons. But, believe me, it is not like what you think, it is very easy to use, there are also lots of documentation and tutorials available over the internet. This software comes with a bunch of effects and virtual instruments. You can customize the music as per your liking with its multiple customization options. Using this software you can also adjust the bass level and also reduce any noise or distortion from the music.

Now if you are a live performer then this tool is worth using as it also comes with looping features. It is such a great thing that you are getting all those premium features without paying a single penny on this software. So, if you are a Mac user and also a live performer or interested in producing music then just go for this tool.

#6. Cubase Elements

Cubase Elements

Another paid best beat-making software is the Cubase Elements, which is extremely budget-friendly and comes with an aesthetic interface and features. To make your music production extremely great, the software is developed with a bunch of virtual instruments, templates and also has a huge loop library. Now the main thing that is making this software very popular is due to its unlimited effects and plug-ins. You may also consider its compatibility for which it is mostly favored by many, as it supports Windows, Linux, and even Mac users. Even if you are a total newbie or a professional, this software cannot be denied, due to its crisp Interface and fabulous features. But, the only drawback it has is the soundtrack as it allows only one soundtrack, but that will not be a problem until you are someone who likes vibing on various tracks at a time. 

#7. Reaper


Another best budget-friendly beat-making software available in the market for every beginner is the Reaper. As the name suggests it is software that allows you to reap the best music production ever even at your initial stage of becoming a professional music producer. The cost of this tool is just 60USD and is compatible with multiple OS be it Windows, Mac, or Windows. With the simple interface, it has and with its multiple plugin options and sound effects, nothing will stop you from creating dope beats. Working on a variant of the file type is possible as it supports up to 25 file types and the multiple soundtrack feature allows you to work on different tracks instantaneously. It also has the MDI Processor Editor which provides a hassle-free option for you to play around with different beats.

#8. OrdrumBOX

Now coming to our no. 8 We have the OrdrumBox which is professionally designed mostly for drum lovers, no doubt it has full-fledged features for creating an excellent piece of art. It is commonly known by many people as the drum machine as it was first designed for creating professional drum beats. When it comes to compatibility this software has it all, you can use this tool even on Mac, Windows, or Linux. I should say this software is also one of the best beat-making software with more unique features for creating awesome drum beats for your music production. Be it beginners or professionals it is meant for everyone and the natural sound assignments features of this software make the job for every beginner easier as it can match your music to its natural pitch and sequences. The OrdrumBox is a complete package with a large rhythms database and flexible customization options. As the name suggests it comes with a special drum kit that can give you better sound patterns and also not forgetting its built-in sequencer. 

#9. Tracktion T7 Draw

Tracktion T7 Draw

Another simple yet one of the best beat-making software that is available for free in the market is the TractionT7 Draw. It is easy to operate and thus very much recommended for beginners if you want decent features to make authentic music. Well if you want more extended features then I suggest you buy the paid version as it is also budget-friendly and with it, you can create stunning beats. You get great technical support related to any issue with the software. Using the free version you will get limited features like the sample tracks and multiple sound effects but it does the job for a newbie, so you can just go for it.

#10. Audacity


Last but not least we have the most rated and commonly used by multiple users be it Windows, Linus, or Mac, it is none other than the so-called “Audacity”. It has a very simple user interface and anyone will be able to use it like a professional within days. It comes with the option to play around with multiple tracks, and also sound effects for better sound. Now coming to the cool part is the looping system, using Audacity will be able to loop music and play around with different beats. This software is also one of the best beat-making software that is absolutely made available freely over the internet. If you have a computer that has a minimum configuration system then I am eager to tell you that this software will still work fine as it is very much lightweight.


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Since the revolution of pop music and platforms like Spotify, youtube, etc, everyone is very much excited and motivated to record music and upload them on these platforms. But, the problem arises when they choose the music editor software as they are mostly newbies who do not have any idea about it. But, I promise you, by installing any of the above you are not so far away from making the best music, as these are the best beat-making software available in 2021. Now lastly if you have a low configuration computer and cannot afford to pay for the software then I suggest you go for “Audacity”. And also I hope that this article was helpful for you if you any queries then please feral free.