10 Best Employee Monitoring Software 2021

Employee Monitoring Software is a useful tool for keeping track of a company’s employees. This programme enables a company to monitor its employees’ online activity while they are on the clock. Every firm relies heavily on the Internet to perform properly. During working hours, however, an employee may become distracted by the internet’s distractions. This could result in inefficiency, failure, and even put the organization’s security in danger. Employee Monitoring Software is the way to go if you want to avoid and deal with the aforementioned concerns! Web browsing tracking, application and email monitoring, keyboard tracking, access to the devices’ webcams, and other services are available. Combining AI with machine learning is one way to do it.

In this post, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best employee monitoring software; as a result, we’ll discuss and help you determine which employee monitoring software can help you improve job efficiency and protect the system. So let’s get started.

10 Best Employee Monitoring Software 2021

1. InterGuard


InterGuard is a good solution if you want to monitor and control your employees as an employer. It operates by blocking, alerting, and recording activities based on user behaviour to encourage productivity and legal compliance for security and data protection. This is one of the best employee monitoring software that combines activity monitoring, data loss prevention, and speedy incident response to achieve its goal.

InterGuard also monitors employee activity and makes data available for reports, searches, and alerts. It can also be set up to prevent any unauthorised access to data that might threaten the company’s data security. InterGuard can be used to lock down, retrieve, or delete essential files if a company laptop or other hardware is lost or stolen. This ensures that files do not fall into the wrong hands. It can be controlled from a single control panel or a demo.

InterGuard  Features

  • You can receive Alerts/Notifications.
  •  Employee Activity Monitoring.
  •  Idle Time Monitoring.
  •  Productivity Analysis. 
  • Screen Activity Recording.
  •  Access Browsing History. 
  • Employee Email Monitoring.
  • Keystroke Recording. 
  • Remote Control. 
  • Employee Time Tracking.

InterGuard Pricing

Price starts at $9.00 per user each month (InterGuard offers both monthly and annual licensing.)

2. Veriato

Veriato offers an integrated AI platform for tracking user behavior and reducing the risk of a data breach. Monitoring, analysis, alerts, direct observation, and acting – or, as the corporation prefers to put it: Watching, Analyzing, Alerting, Seeing, and Reacting.

You can track employees across all platforms and devices using their login IDs and password. It uses a combination of data and artificial intelligence to assess patterns and highlight deviations in the event of a behavior change. The baseline behaviors are determined by individuals or groups. Outsiders attempting to access the network or digital assets are likewise monitored.

Whenever a security alert is received, the security team can check out a recording of the user’s screen as it was used to see if the alert was prompted by a mistake, if the user made an error, or if the malicious activity was identified using the time capsule feature. The employer can then decide whether to reject the alarm or, in the worst-case scenario, send the recording to a higher authority.

Veriato Features

  • All websites and apps that employees use while at work are recorded and reported.
  • When members of your team visit restricted sites, it sends an alert.
  • It gives a clear picture of how much time employees spend working and how much time they spend not working.
  • Allows you to save screencasts as JPG, BMP, or AVI files.
  • Monitors the IP addresses of employees.

Veriato Pricing

Cerebral, Vision, and Investigator are the three types of plans that Veriato offers. The cost is determined by the plan selected and the number of users. The annual fee per user for users 10 to 19 will be $135, $121.50 for users 20 to 49, and $109.35 for users 50 and over.

3. Work Examiner

Work Examiner has three basic functions: online usage control, surveillance, and time tracking at work. The platform gives information on how web traffic is spread among users, computers, user groups, departments, sites, and website categories within a company. Days, dates, and hours can all be viewed.

Web access reports are available, and employees can restrict which websites they can access, just like on other platforms. Users can be notified when certain websites are visited, and employees can be sent a personalized message when they visit certain websites.

Work Examiner’s surveillance features allow users to see real-time screenshots of what they’re viewing, as well as collect screenshots at regular intervals and play them back like a movie. It is possible to collect and save all emails, as well as to filter them by keyword. It is also possible to monitor activity on instant messaging apps. Furthermore, Users can also see how employees spend their time at work, including which applications they use the most, which websites they visit, and how much time they spend on non-work activities.

Work Examiner Features

  • It displays an employee’s active and inactive status.
  • Provides an instant messaging capture tool that logs all messaging app actions.
  • Employees’ keystrokes are recorded using the keylogging feature.
  • It preserves emails sent via Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and other services.
  • It can also generate a report on staff productivity and send it to supervisors through email.

Work Examiner Pricing

Work Examiner Standard plan costs $60 per PC for 1 to 2 client licenses. As the number of client licenses grows, the price per Computer reduces.

Work Examiner Professional costs $60 per Computer for 1 to 19 client licenses. As the number of client licenses grows, the price per Computer reduces. It also offers a 30-day free trial.

4. Hubstaff

Hubstaff can be used to keep track of an employee’s working hours. It can be extremely beneficial to companies with staff who work in the field or remote places. Employers can use it to monitor their employees’ online activities, location, and time spent on various programs, whether they are on their computers or their mobile devices. It can be used in payroll, project management, and a variety of other applications.

This is the best employee monitoring software with a GPS tracking feature, it is utilized by businesses with staff who travel frequently, such as sales and delivery personnel. Furthermore, Project management is integrated, and work in progress may be viewed through a series of snapshots that can be modified to run at certain time intervals or turned off entirely. Integrations are also available, making it simple to use Hubstaff in conjunction with other staff tools.

Hubstaff Features

  • It can use online payroll tools to calculate employees’ salaries.
  • It gives employees the ability to take screenshots whenever they want.
  • You can keep track of your employees’ working hours and manage their timesheets.
  • it Creates and customizes timesheet reports for employees based on the days, weeks, and months.
  • It allows employees to manually add and update timesheets.
  • It provides App and URL tracking capabilities.
  • It has a GPS tracking capability and Geofencing for work tracing.
  • There are around 40+ seamless interfaces.

Hubstaff Pricing

Hubstaff has three price categories i,e Basic ($7/user/month), Premium ($10/user/month), and Enterprise ($20/user/month) , but annual payments get a discount. It also has a 14-day trial period.

5. iMonitorSoft EAM

The iMonitorSoft (EAM is ideal for you, providing real-time alerts and report completion features. It is used in hundreds of enterprises all around the world. For example, you could arrange computers by location or department and monitor roughly 1000 PCs from a central server using the iMonitor EAM. Clipboard actions, keystrokes, websites and apps visited, removable storage devices, and document activities, among other things, can now be tracked.

This software can also be used to remotely manage up to ten PCs. It can be used to track almost all of your employees’ activities when they are on the clock. It is possible to disable removable storage devices. You may even use it to remotely monitor your employees by viewing their surroundings using a computer’s webcam. Thus, it is one of the best Employee Activity Monitoring software from iMonitorSoft. It is an excellent solution for increasing employee productivity while maintaining the confidentiality of your company’s data.

iMonitorSoft Features

  • It creates daily, weekly, and monthly productivity reports for your staff.
  • Allows you to deactivate USB, memory cards, and other removable devices as well as ban websites and apps.
  • By masking critical data, it ensures data security.
  • You can get real-time notifications.
  • Reporting capabilities are extensive.
  • It supports multiple languages.
  • It Provides an employee attendance management function that tracks attendance, clock in and clock out times, as well as active and idle time.
  • It has a stealth mode to ensure that staff is not disturbed while being observed.

iMonitorSoft Pricing

iMonitorSoft EAM is available in five different price options. Professional: The fee is $76.75 and is paid once. Live Agent: It’s $95.95 per year, invoiced every year.

Standard: It’ll set you back $58.75 and is a one-time fee. It is a one-time payment of $48.95 for Lite Agent. There is also a free trial version available.

6. SentryPc

SentryPC is a cloud-based employee monitoring and time-tracking application. User activity can be tracked, alarms for web and application activity may be produced, keys can be saved, and when activity is identified, a screenshot of the occurrence can be taken as evidence. Chat conversation tracking, clipboard logging, file modifications, USB device recognition, and print job logging are all available only in the PC version

On Windows, the computer can also be remotely disabled, and a variety of other features, such as file copying and even the desktop, can be turned off. Because the Mac version lacks all of those capabilities, it is far less helpful than the windows version. SentryPC may be a low-cost option to monitor user behavior and regulate personal use of systems during business hours if you only use the PC. Moreover, It even sends email notifications to employees about websites and apps that have been restricted. You can also restrict access to chat apps, Yahoo, Skype, XFire, and other websites.

SentryPc Features

  • Websites and apps are categorized and filtered accordingly.
  • When websites and apps are restricted, the app sends an email to employees notifying them.
  • It has a time management tool that allows you to set a restriction on how much time you can spend on the computer.
  • The location and IP addresses of employees can be tracked.
  • It offers an internet search feature that allows you to see what employees have looked up while they’re working.

SentryPc Pricing

The following pricing plans are available from SentryPC: Basic: $59.95 per year, plus $19.95 for each extra licence. Business: A licence for 50 PCs costs $995 per year, with an additional licence costing $19.90.

7. ActivTrak


ActivTrak is one of the best employee monitoring software that also delivers employee behavior analytics. It works in stealth mode based on the options you select before installing it on your employees’ PCs. You’ll receive a more realistic picture of how your employees spend their working hours if they have no idea they’re being watched.

Apart from monitoring, ActivTrak also includes tools for enforcing adherence to company policies and procedures. Triggers may be programmed to automatically prevent access to prohibited websites, files, and programs, allowing your staff to concentrate on their work without distractions. You also safeguard the system of your firm against hostile threats.

ActivTrak not only monitors and optimizes your employees’ computer activity but also protects your company’s security from dangerous threats. It may be used on computers running Windows, Mac OS, or Linux. It works with both iOS and Android devices and can be integrated into a variety of different apps.

ActivTrak Features

  • It allows you to establish limitations on how much time you spend on non-productive apps during working hours.
  • Allow you to view employee productivity levels in a pie chart on the dashboard.
  • Multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, and other security measures are available.
  • It has a limitless data storage capacity.
  • It categorizes websites and apps as productive or ineffective depending on the jobs of employees.

ActivTrak Pricing

ActivTrak provides two pricing options: Freemium is completely free and Advanced costs $7.20 per month, paid annually, per user.

8. Workpuls

This cutting-edge employee monitoring software is great for time tracking and delivering detailed information about your projects and employees’ actions. It can be used to track attendance, overtime, and employees with flexible schedules, and it can be integrated into your payroll. Workpuls includes a payment calculator that makes calculating payments a breeze; all you have to do is enter the information.

Furthermore, it is simple to set up and utilize. Employers can utilize this information to determine how much time an employee spends on each task, whether productive or not. It can also be used to track the progress of employees’ productivity over time and provide realistic project estimates to clients. Workpuls is an amazingly great alternative for any team, whether they work in the office or remotely, and whether they are huge or little. Employee tardiness, inefficiency, and overpayment are all removed with Workpuls, allowing for simple digital transition and efficiency.

Workpuls Features

  • Employee activity can be tracked in real-time to see what they are up to at any given time.
  • Based on the jobs of employees, it classifies websites as productive, unproductive, or neutral.
  • It emails you daily, weekly, and monthly productivity reports from your employees.
  • Allow staff to manually enter time on their timesheets.
  • Employees should be able to see their statistics and increase their productivity.\

Workpuls Pricing

Employee Monitoring costs $4.80 per month payable annually per employee. Time tracking is $6.40 per month per employee, payable annually. Automatic Time Mapping is $12 per month per employee, payable annually. Enterprise has its price structure.

9. Teramind

Teramind is software that may be customized to meet your specific needs. It can be used to evaluate employees’ computer activities at the end of the day or in real-time. Employers can use Teramind’s historical playback and live stream features to do this. You’ll be able to see what task, website, or application they spent their work hours on, as well as how much time they spent doing it. It can be used to increase the productivity of your workforce.

Teramind support is also available via email, phone, and online, and there are a variety of materials available in the form of a blog, help center, whitepapers, ebooks, and videos. It has a variety of deployment choices, including cloud, on-premise, AWS, and Azure.

Teramind Features

  • The remote control capability allows you to record live sessions on an employee’s computer.
  • The social media control feature monitors and restrict the use of social media. It also notifies you when any changes are made to your social media accounts.
  • Creates a report to analyze employee performance and calculates total work time for employees.
  • Employees’ overall work time is determined by active and inactive characteristics, which help to decrease excessive idle time.
  • Allow for the download of recorded files in AVIS format.
  • Teramind is a software program that is available in six distinct languages.

Teramind Pricing

Teramind provides three pricing options: Teramind Starter costs $60 per month for five users. Teramind UAM costs $125 per month for five users. Teramind DLP costs $150 per month for five users.

10. Monitask

Monitask is a web-based productivity and time-tracking tool designed to assist businesses to manage and track their remote workers. It can track employee internet activity, log time, capture random screenshots, and log time. All of this makes it simple for businesses to track how much time people spend at work and for employees to increase their productivity.

Managers may use Monitask to check which apps freelancers or workers use, get reports on how long each app is used, and identify the best apps for the workforce to utilise rather than continuing with solutions that stifle productivity. The software can analyse employee performance and generate statistics to provide you with a clear picture of your team members. It also includes an automatic timesheet that tracks employee attendance and is accessible from a variety of devices.

Monitask Features

  • Monitask has an offline monitoring tool that allows you to measure time and take screenshots even if your staff are not online.
  •  When employees are idle for a certain period, you can send them an alert.
  • It allows the team leader to add as many people as they wish to their team.
  • It monitors employee activity by looking at how they use their keyboard and mouse.
  • Monitask is a project management tool that keeps track of time and does audits.
  • Monitask has a feature that allows you to track your tasks even when you’re not connected to the internet.
  • It allows you to hide critical information by turning off or blurring screenshots.

Monitask Pricing

Monitask has three pricing options, including a free version with no charges. Professional Version costs $4.99 per month per user and comes with a ten-day free trial. Custom pricing is available with the hosted version.


If you want to manage a successful business, you must be aware of what your employees are doing at all times. This implies that, with the right remote employee monitoring software, you’ll have to keep an eye on them and document their time to boost productivity and keep your employees engaged.

Even though all of these tools are fantastic, they each have their own set of benefits and drawbacks. As a result, you must select the best Employee Monitoring software that can provide you with all you need. If you have any queries or need help then please make use of the comment section.