9 Best Secure Email Providers [2021]

In the corporate sector, today where email has become a medium to transfer receive data and have formal communication with one another have put a great risk in data risk. Gmail is open where anyone will be able to access them but have you ever thought that it has certain data risks as it gives more probability for the hackers to hack or mine your data illegally. Therefore a secure email provider is inevitable if you are running a business or any organization. It well encrypts and organizes your data communication with client employees or any receiver.

Secure email services provide measures that protect your email data from being hacked. These email companies’ primary function is to encrypt your emails. This ensures that no one else, including organizations or software, can read your email except the intended recipient. Even while most email services, such as Google’s Gmail, use encryption, it is only on the servers. This means that Google can access your emails even if no third-party program can. Google can view and use your personal information, which is where it falls short of being secure.

Enough talk let us dive into the main purpose of this article. Here we have come up with this post so that we can provide you with the best secure email providers available in 2021. We have done the hard part for you, there are many of them on the internet that makes it hectic. Here are top 10 best secure email provider recommendations for you as we have done proper research and have also tested personally.

Best Secure Email Providers

#1. Proton Mail Secure Email Provider

Secure Email

The Proton Mail Secure email provider founded by CERN is one of the best secure emails providers that are available for free with certain storage limitations. The platforms server are located in Switzerland and are developed with keeping all updated security standards technology. Thus every mail that you send through this program will be well encrypted and safe. The software is open-source does it do not have any secrets, all source code is open for everyone.

The free version of this program offers a storage capacity of up to 500MB so if you are using this for your business or organization then I suggest you better go for the paid version. The paid version comes with a 5 Gb storage capacity and it cost 4 dollars a month.

#2. Posteo Encrypted Email Service Provider


Another most reputed secure email provider for its strong security encryption level is the poste0. It is one of the highly-rated providers of email in the cybersecurity domain. WIth TSL encryption your data are being encrypted during transfer and receiving thus the probability of getting your data breached is reduced drastically.

The program is open-source so anyone can contribute to making it better and also ensuring transparency. The software provides great features like PGP or mailbox encryption and more. The posteo is somehow not free and you will need to pay one dollar per month which is just so cheap and looking at the service they are providing I think this is a good deal. Here the storage is limited to only 2 Gb storage which is decent for a small organization. So if you have a small business then I suggest you go for this.

#3. Tutanota Secure Email Provider


Tutanota secure email provider is another fantastic secure email provider that offers both a free and a paid version. I’ve been using it myself, and I believe it’s been a true and legitimate experience. The software uses the AES RSA encryption mechanism, which ensures maximum protection against data breaches. Tutanota encrypts your metadata as well, including your IP address, recipient’s address, and email subject lines, which is a terrific feature. This is compatible with Android, IOS, Mac, and windows it also comes with web-based applications with sleek UI and easy to excess features.

Now coming to the main part is the version, in the free version you only get 1Gb of storage which is less if you have an organization or maintaining a business. So I suggest you go for the paid version. The paid version is just 1.18 dollars per month and comes with 10 Gb storage, which is a great deal. With Tutanota you don’t need to worry about ads or whatsoever it is determined in proving the best experience to its users. Just go for it, I would say this is one of the best secure email providers in 2021 which is budget-firstly and effective.

#4. MailBox.org


MailBox.org is a superb secure email solution that uses full PGP encryption. Despite the fact that you will have to set up your encryption form, MailBox.org offers excellent email privacy protection. Your emails will be encrypted with SSL, making it impossible for a hacker to access your information. It even safeguards you from receiving emails from untrustworthy sources. To add extra layers of protection to your emails, you can employ features and encryption settings such as SSL/TLS encryption with PFS. Secure email companies based in Germany offer cloud-based storage without compromising your privacy. If you’re used to Google’s suite, you’ll find MailBox’s suite to be just as good. The sole disadvantage of MailBox is that the metadata in your emails is not encrypted.

#5. Zoho Mail Secure Email Hosting Service

Zoho Mails

Apart from encryption, Zoho Mail also protects your account against viruses and spam emails, which aren’t offered in most safe email services. You can add an extra degree of protection by using the POP/IMAP import option. It also has options for OTP, QR, and Touch ID authentication. With a wide range of privacy and security features, Zoho Mail ranks as the best free secure email service provider. Your emails are encrypted using SSL, S/MIME/TLS encryption forms, which provide a high level of security.

#6. Mailfence Secure Email Provider


If you’re looking for a more secure Google Suite alternative, Mailfence is the way to go. The encryption methods can be completely customized and are also optional. With OpenPGP support and end-to-end encryption, this open-source program gives your emails a high level of protection. You may need to spend some time setting up your account and encryption methods, as MailFence’s user interface isn’t particularly appealing. Despite having a lot of fantastic capabilities, Mailfence lacks a user-friendly setup because it doesn’t have any Android/iOS apps.

#7. Kolab Now Secure and Private Email


All of Kolab Now’s robust encryption forms are available, as well as a nice customization option, all on a well-designed site. It is open-source software, which implies that expert code audits are performed on a regular basis. Kolab Now is a safe email provider thanks to PFS (Perfect Forward Secrecy), which employs encryption keys for each of your emails and SSL end-to-end encryption. It is based in Switzerland, which has strict privacy rules in comparison to the United States and Canada, which can utilize your data for espionage purposes. Kolab Now is an excellent security service provider for organizations because it supports a variety of protocols such as WebDAV, CalDav, and others.

#8. RunBox


Run Box is a wonderful secure email service provider with a high-security grade with SSL/TLS support. It offers SMTP, POP, and IMAP encryption, giving your emails an extra layer of security.

Run Box’s developers, who are headquartered in Norway, vow to put your data and confidentiality first. This is demonstrated by the fact that you are not needed to provide any personal information during the registration process—a feature that is not commonly found.

Run Box also hides your IP address whenever you send an email, which is a nice feature. Although there is no free version, Run Box’s pricing starts at $1.67 per month for 2 GB of storage, which is quite reasonable given the features it offers.

#9. CounterMail

On our list of the top 9, we have counter mail, which is also one of the most secure email services for any company or organisation. The product is a work of art with a comprehensive security procedure that ensures robust security while using this medium for emailing. PGP, SSL encryption with AES, and an RSA add-on are all included in the software. If you need high protection for your organisation, this email provider is the best option. Due to the value it provides, it is only available in a premium form, which means you will not be able to access it without paying. The cost is reasonable at $3.29 per month for 4 GB of storage.

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