A Must Have Internet Security Solution for Windows 10

Bitdefender is a well-known brand in the cybersecurity business, and they have been around a very long time. In the last few years, the company has started offering consumer security solutions at a  very affordable price point. There are many products available both for small businesses and home users, but we want to highlight two solutions. We are going to start with an advanced internet security  suite and then move on to the second one, a very innovative digital protection service.


1. Internet Security

Bitdefender introduced Internet Security to home users who are always connected to the internet and are looking for advanced protection and a few bonus functions that make life on the internet that much easier. Of course, it is an advanced suite that will protect users from all kinds of threats that lurk out there in the cyberspace. We are going to take a look at the unique features and see if they are worth your time or not.

The first unique feature is the “Privacy Firewall”, which will prevent invaders from accessing the computer. Windows has a strong firewall already, but this is designed to prevent privacy invasion specifically.

B) The majority of laptops & desktops have microphones & webcams, and his requires strong protection. Bitdefender has answered the problem with a strong security layer to prevent eavesdropping.

C) The Romanian company strengthened its real-time protection shields, so you have the strongest layer of protection possible to keep threats at bay.

D) Ransomware attacked millions of computers around the world, and this security company added multi-layer protection against it.

E) There is an advanced protection defense line added to monitor the active programs running in the background. In short, none of the background running programs can penetrate the secrurity walls Bitdefender has in place, and spread any threat they might contain.

F) It takes one-click to scan all vulnerabilities, so you can always keep an eye on the machine.

G) Many hackers have started to develop and launch fake websites that are designed to spread threats onto unprotected PCs. Their web attack prevention technology blocks harmful websites and warns you about fake websites.

H) Millions of people fall for online scams, and Bitdefender developed technology that will prevent fraud, online scams, and spam.

I) Let us assume that your machine has threats in it, and they are spreading while the PC is starting up. This software will detect that activity and reboot the PC in Rescue Environment to remove all threats from the computer.

Bitdefender has designed its software to make the best security layers & features available at great prices for modern internet consumers. We recommend the Internet Security solution for avid interne and gamers. Professionals and people working from home could benefit from a more advanced security suite that includes more work oriented features.

2. Digital Identity Protection

digital identity

The world has witnessed new forms of digital threats that have changed the course of business. Nowadays, personal data is a new kind of currency, and privacy invaders are introducing new methods to harvest it. Many hackers are stealing personal & sensitive information as a means to rob you of your most valuable assets.  Unfortunately, it is a new issue that few average people are aware of and they thus easily fall pray to it. Let us look at the benefits of using an identity protection service.

digital identification

  1. Add five of your email addresses in the dashboard for this digital protection solution to check for potential data breaches.
  2. You can keep an eye on the web to ensure that nobody creates a fake profile to misuse your identity.
  3. The security algorithm scans the Internet, including the Dark Web, for any personal data sharing. If someone has shared your phone number online, then you would know about it and can act immediately.
  4. The built-in tool will go through the available information to ensure that nobody has your personal information. Let us assume that someone online has your personal information, if that’s the case then you can go ahead and change your username, password, account number, and other digital footprints.
  5. Bitdefender will send instant alerts including for Digital Account Breach, or for Fake Online Profiles.

We recommend the solution for business people, internet marketers, influencers and just anyone who has a more significant online presence. Your digital identity is the primary target for hackers because it is easier to steal from average people in the world. Most of the hackers do have the ability to steal people’s online identity and can then pose as those other people online.

Bottom Line

Bitdefender abides by the European Data Protection Laws, so you got nothing to worry about concerning any personal information breaches. Your data is safe with Bitdefender because European laws state that companies cannot sell customers’ information. By this point, you can understand why Bitdefender is such a renowned company.