Home Apps Apps Like Mobdro for Free Video Streaming on iPhone iPad Android and Windows

Apps Like Mobdro for Free Video Streaming on iPhone iPad Android and Windows

Apps Like Mobdro for Free Video Streaming on iPhone iPad Android and Windows

Apps Similar to Mobdro: In recent years, Mobdro has become the most popular video streaming application. It includes everything a movie buff may want to view online on their devices. However, just a few devices will be able to install or stream the Mobdro app. In such instances, one would seek for a different programme that would allow them to watch movies and videos without difficulty. To help you solve this problem, I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 Best Apps Like Mobdro for Android, iOS, and Windows in 2017.

Apps Like Mobdro | Best Mobdro Alternatives


1. Mivo:

Mivo is being one of the awesome video streaming apps in 2016. It has two benefits that fit well for its users. One is by watching movies and videos online and on the other hand it has Live TV facility. There are over 40 channels that you can watch on Mivo App on your Android or iPhone. It has all the facilities that a mobdro app has. So download mivo for your device and watch the videos. Not to say, you will feel the awesomeness of the Mivo app.


2. Sling:

One of the finest alternatives to the mobdro app is the sling. It’s a paid service with a freemium component. For a week, you can view movies and series on the Sling app for free. After that, you’ll need to upgrade to the Premium version. Aside from that, there are a lot more stations to watch. With a simple tap on your Android or iPhone, you can watch sports and movies.


3. UStream:

Ustream, like mobdro, is a fantastic app. It offers a streaming and internet capability that allows users to watch movies or live television online. It includes a fantastic function called Upload Videos. It’ll be quite secure, and you’ll be able to share the movies with your colleagues. Uncheck the boxes next to the videos you want to share with only certain people. It means that no one will be able to see the videos you’ve submitted.


4. Netflix:

Netflix is my go-to app for watching TV episodes and movies. I enjoy viewing Netflix episodes and movies on a regular basis. Netflix is a paid service that offers a variety of subscription options. You can go if you are willing to pay for the paid packages. Otherwise, try Free Netflix Accounts that Work to get a free Netflix membership. It provides a variety of HD features as well as watch later options. Netflix, like mobdro, is a good app with all of these features.


5. Hotstar

Nowadays, Hotstar is a hot issue. It includes everything you want to watch, including comedies, action, drama, and serials. It’s never been easier to find the content you want on the Hotstar app. Make a simple search in the Hotstar app’s search bar and see what comes up in the results. Enjoy your favourite movies and series by going to them and watching them. Hotstar is a two-phased service that is absolutely free. You can watch live television, and it also features a feature that allows you to stream movies and episodes online.