Avast is one of the famous antivirus company that takes care of your computer malware issues its internet security applications for windows, mac, ios, and Android avast protect our device from virus and malware attacks.

Hackers have well observed with today’s technology due to that it becomes difficult to secure our device without antivirus, most of us use avast antivirus but many users got Avast Ui Failed Load Issue in Windows 10, and that is unexpected with this issue you can’t run avast antivirus on your windows.

Do you want to Fix This? If yes, then we have an ultimate Avast Ui Failed To Load In Windows 10 Guide for you where we explain various steps to solve this issue, easy to troubleshoot this problem it will help you to fix this issue at your own.

Why Avast Ui Failed To Load Issue Problem Causes?

Are you getting this issue for the first time? If yes, then you might be unaware of this weird issue and curious to know about why it is happening and how to solve it? Well, there are many things you can do, but we have some strong points to look for read them below:

  1. Check if the remote desktop service is enabled or not. If it is disabled, you should allow it to; most of the time, you might get the Avast Ui Failed To Load issue on your device.
  2. There might be a problem with avast application installation, or maybe the file was corrupted; it can be a valid reason for this issue.
  3. Have you ever faced an issue with third-party apps you use on your system? Well, it’s one the reason you might meet the Avast UI failed to load in windows 10 issue.

Are you waiting for the troubleshooting part? If yes, we are also excited to solve them with our steps guide, so let’s have a look at them.

Here is the first step below:

Enable The Remote Desktop Service Application

Do you know without this application, you can’t run most of the apps on your system? Yes, remote desktop service is one of the essential applications for operating the windows device. If it’s disabled, then you might face a lot of issues. In that case, you should enable it, but you must be unaware of how to enable it?

Don’t worry. Here are some important things you need to go through them and enable remote desktop service.

Step1: Click on start windows menu, head over to search bar and type “services.msc” once you see the icon of the service in the run dialog box, Press on enter button.

Step2: Once you entered into the service page, go to search and enter for Remote Desktop Service.have you found it? If yes, then you should right-click in it and goto the properties option.

Step3: Now you are in the properties option, check if service is running or not, then press the start button there you could startup option, set it as “ Automatic” now click on OK button and wait for changing effect.

All done, Now restart your windows device if the issue not resolved yet check the next solution step.

Solve The Black Screen Error (Most of the users faced)

Have you tried the previous method and not worked for you? If yes, then this method is for you. Only most of the users reported this issue; it will surely solve if you get succeed in solving the black screen issue.

You need to remove the black screen problem from avast only first you open the Avast User Interface Settings. To begin this setting, you need to double click on the Avast Icon.

Once you entered in Avast User Interface setting section, next tap on the setting option and selected the general setting option. Enter on exclusion, then click on Add option, you need to type the following command given below and press on the OK button.

C:WindowsExplorer.exe,’ and following ‘C:WindowsImmersiveControlPanelSystemSettings.exe

It’s time to check it worked or not; restart your windows if still you’re not able to troubleshoot the issue look for the next solution!

Uninstall Install Avast and Reinstall It On Your Device

I hope you have tried the above two solutions if not you should try them now if you have already tried them this solution for you only, sometimes our application files get corrupted you might have also faced this. Still, you can only solve by uninstalling Avast Application and reinstall on your windows device.

First of all, you need to open the control panel from the start menu and head over to search bar type ‘control panel’ and hit enter. Once you open the control panel interface, you may see the program option tap on it and click on the uninstall programs section.

The next step is to navigate to the programs and features option, search for Avast antivirus next right-click on it, and press Uninstall.

Once uninstalling done, restart your pc for completing the process.

Now you will have to reinstall it, visit the Avast Antivirus website. Head over to search bar and look for the recommended version for your Windows device, download it on your device and install avast security antivirus.

Make sure you don’t do anything while the installing process going on; once avast got installed, then load antivirus. This will surely solve the issue if you’re still facing the same issue look for the ultimate solution in the next step.

Fix Recognition Issue (Ultimate Solution)

Are you still facing Avast Ui Failed to Load Issue? Well, that is weird and frustrating but don’t worry here I have an ultimate solution for it, and you can try it for fixing the problem. that is recognition trouble for that you need to follow below steps first:

Right-click on the Avast icon later on the shields control option. In this option, you need to press on disable the option.

Once it’s done you need to wait for a few seconds then click on the enable Shields option. It will take some time to resolve the issue.


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