Top 5 Best Cell Phone Tracking Apps of 2021

The world now is unsafe. People are looking at simple, reliable options to track cell phone locations in secret to ensure their loved ones are safe and secure. Several phone tracker apps now use the technology that allows them to track phones without the target knowing about them.

This is essential to promote safety and ensure there is no harm being caused. It also helps boost productivity, filter out unnecessary content, and confirm suspicions if you think a partner is cheating.

All of this is now possible via tracking apps. With the latest technology, more and more apps offer great features and affordable plans to track cell phones easily.

Given below are the top 5 best cell phone tracker apps of 2021.

How can I track someone’s phone without them knowing?

There are several ways of tracking someone without them knowing. You can do this via a phone tracker app and using their location information.

For this, you will need a stealthily working with has an inbuilt tracking mode to get regular updates on the user’s activity and their real-time location and whereabouts.

Below are a few good apps that efficiently perform their work and help in tracking real-time location discreetly.

These are suitable for both iOS and Android and to carry out easy tracking. This app also gives you extra features, such as Google Maps support, Geo-fencing, Sim card tracker, etc.

These are easy to use and don’t need cracking and jailbreak. They are also very affordable, and a few features are also free. Use these apps to track someone’s phone without them knowing today.

Can I track my wife’s phone without her knowing with SpyBubblePro?

Yes, you can easily track your wife’s phone without her knowing on the SpybubblePro phone tracker app.  This is a great app to find out cheaters and how they are concealing their affairs. There are several remarkable features of this app, and it has more than ten years of experience in this industry.

It will assist you readily in the investigation to confirm all your suspicions, and your anxiety is put to rest. Using the SpybubblePro app is very easy. You can easily install it, and you do not need any hard and fast technical knowledge to do so.

You also get information every 5 minutes. This is a real-time tracking feature, and all the digital footprints are immediately sent to you. You also get reports as screenshots every five minutes. You get screenshots of all the activity being done on the target’s phone.

Furthermore, you can also access the deleted data from your wife’s phone and if she is hiding something from you. This app also has excellent compatibility, and it can work for all iOS and Android devices. You can also access the target device from your phone or other devices using any browser. It is an excellent value for money, and you can know about your wife’s affair quickly and confirm your suspicions with this app.

Can I track a cell phone with just a number? Is it possible with GeoFinder?

You can very easily track a cell phone with just the mobile number using a phone tracker app. This can be done via the Geofinder app. This is a beautiful app that works on tracking the live time location of any mobile phone at a low price.

It is straightforward to locate and track a mobile number with this. It is suitable for multiple phone types. It is compatible with both Android and iOS and also offers excellent worldwide coverage.

You can get the location of the cell phone anywhere in the world. It is also in compliance with the legislation and gets activated after taking their consent.

Geofinder app is available at a meager price, and you even get a one-month trial at a minimal cost

How can I track someone’s location with uMobix?

Checking anyone’s location using the app is now a straightforward task. It is a great find that is very easy to install and is hassle-free to use.

It is affordable and gives information about locations both offline and online. For this, you will need to install the uMobix app on the target device and follow all the instructions to get the data you want.

It helps in easy monitoring the activity of other people. There are several things you can do to track someone’s location by using the uMobix app.

The first thing you can use here is the GPS location tracker. It will let you know about the whereabouts of your child or your loved ones. It gives you information about the location of the targeted device in real-time.

It will also show you the places they have visited before the current location so that you can easily navigate this on the map. You can use this information to reach then the person you are tracking.

It also gives them access to their call logs. This way, you can know who your target was talking to and also reach out to them via the contact info. In case you suspect something wrong might happen, uMobix also helps you in tracking location by allowing you to read text messages.

This will be especially useful when you want to know where the target is and if they have contacted someone via text messages. You can also save your loved ones if they are a victim of scams, bullying, etc. You can read all the received and sent messages and deleted chats to get an idea about your target location and what’s happening to them.

How do I track someone on Google Maps without them knowing? Best For Free Method

To track someone on Google using Google Maps for free, you can do this.

  • First, you need to open the Google map on the target phone and from the menu selection.
  • After that, you’ll need to set a time for which you need to access the location of the target cell phone.
  • Then you need to select people and choose the contact you want to share on the location.

Using Google Maps, you can also get the location history of the cell phone.

  • For this, you need to launch a Google map on the target cell phone.
  • Then, from the menu, you will need to set the timeline. After that, when you type on the calendar on the right side of the screen, you need to swipe right and left to select the date you need the location history.
  • After that, you’ll need to type the required date to know all the places the target has visited.


Tracking a cell phone location has now become more accessible than ever before. There are several ways of doing it, and you do not need to have the technical expertise to do it. All you need to do is find apps and software that work in stealth mode and give you real-time updates about the target location. The above-listed apps can help in doing so, and you can easily keep an eye on the whereabouts of your target.


Can you track an Android phone?

Yes, you can easily track Android phone apps like uMobix, Spy Bubble Pro, etc. These are compatible with Android, and you can quickly know the location of your Android phone by using these.

How can I track someone’s iPhone secretly? Is it possible

Yes, monitoring someone’s iPhone secretly is also likely. Several apps work stealthily, and the person being tracked won’t know that their iPhone is being monitored. These apps do not require jailbreak or rooting.

How can you find someone’s location without them knowing?

Find someone’s location without them knowing by using tracking apps and software. You need to install apps on your phone. These work in stealth mode, and the target won’t know that they are being tracked.

You can get real-time updates about the location, social media activity, contacts, etc., and use their GPS location to know where they are currently without them knowing.