Top 5 Best Screen Recorders for Windows 10/8/7 [2021 Edition]

Top 5 Best Screen Recorders for Windows 10/8/7 [2021 Edition]

Screen Recording is a feature that is not natively available on Windows till now, but now the time has been changed completely the best screen recorder for Windows are available now. There are plenty of Free Screen Recorder for Windows available in the market to aid you into showing off your screen.

You can even go ahead and try this software’s to record your video gaming sessions, and you can also take screenshots without pressing the Print Screen button, and then use MS paint or Photoshop to get your screen shot you have just crop.

So, below we are going to share the Best Free Screen Recorders for Windows 10/8/7, so let’s check out:

Best Screen Recorders for Windows 10/8/7 [Free & Paid]

Best Screen Recorders for Windows
Best Screen Recorders for Windows

Below we have added the ten best free screen capture software’s for Windows. Although, it isn’t a comparison tutorial but to make sure that the best screen recorders for Windows 7/8/10 are discussed in detailed form along with the pros and cons.

  1. OBS Studio – Best Screen Recorder for Gamers

OBS Studio is one of the most favourite screen recorder for Windows users who love to play games and record them. Whether, you are talking about professional YouTuber or someone who just want to record videos.

The video screen recorder comes for free of cost, and on the top of that, it is also an open source. We love that software’s that are open source, and it goes to show that the developer wants to be transparent, and allow others to take benefit.


  • Allows users to stream content in HD, and record it.
  • There are no limits on the video length.


  • Installing it can be a bit tricky.


  1. Joyoshare Screen Recorder

The Joyoshare Screen Recorder is another amazing screen recorder is the best screen recording program for Windows that we have reviewed so far. We admire this software for several reasons including the fact that it is far the easy to understand screen recording software that we have review till now.

The interface is clean and easy to understand, comes with all the features. The software also allows you to record in various formats that you can choose from and if you don’t want to record the entire screen, the option to record the selected part is available to the users.


  • Simple, easy to use, and intuitive UI.
  • Plenty of features.
  • Can record in various formats.
  • Does not take too much of the computer resources.
  • You can try the trial version before finalizing your decision.


  • The trial version only records a single minute of the video clip.


  1. EZVID – Best Free Video Screen Capture Software for Windows

If you are looking for software that allow you to record your videos with just a click of a button, then the EZVID is perfect for you. However, it does not end there, EZVID is an excellent software for the YouTubers who prefer quick content upload.

The software allows you to upload videos straight to YouTube as soon as you are done recording them. The software can be great for people who like to post screen based tutorials, or gaming videos on YouTube as EZVID makes everything easier for you.

EZVID Features:

  • There are some handful features listed below.
  • EZVID comes with built-in video editor.
  • It is free of cost.
  • EZVID allows direct upload to YouTube.
  • Software supports a majority of operating system versions.


  • Really easy for the beginners.
  • Comes with built-in editor tools.


  • Export feature is only for YouTube.


  1. TinyTake

If you want to use a simple screen recording and screen capture recorder for Windows, then TinyTake is a handy screen recorder for Windows that you can choose. It does not have a lot of advanced features, and it is probably not for gamers.

TinyTake Features:

  • The software offers 5 minutes of high-quality screen recording with no watermark.
  • Gives you 2 GB of cloud storage space for efficiently storing your records.
  • Ability to directly export your video to YouTube.
  • The software offers webcam capture as well.


  • Offers one-click recording.
  • Gives cloud storage to the user.


  • Not good enough for gamers.


  1. CamStudio

If you are a user who does not require advanced features and wants to have a smooth screen capturing, or recording feature, then the CamStudio is a great option that you can choose. It is a free screen recorder that can be downloaded right away and happens to be simple as it gets.

Now the important thing here is to know that it didn’t come with lot of features, but you will get basic features to begin with, making the camstudio one of the most straightforward screen recorders for Windows.

However, it does not mean the software itself is not good, it works real and still does have some features that make it stand out.

CamStudio Features:

  • You can hide your cursor from the screen during recording.
  • If you wish, the software allows you to get audio from multiple sources.


  • Allows you to add screen captions.
  • Can record picture-in-picture with the webcam.


  • Can create a bug.


Final Verdicts:

We hope you finally have the complete idea which Screen Recorder for Windows you should choose for free. If you like this post on Best Screen Recorders for Windows 10/8/7. If you have any query, please drop them in the comment section below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


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