Bitdefender is the most popular security and antivirus software providers. Bitdefender Total Security 2020 edition is out and now you can get this Security Software for your Windows, Mac, Android and iOS platforms. The new edition supports multi-device license means you can use the same licensed version on multiple devices. It has been upgraded with a host of new security features and tools. Let’s decode this new edition of Bitdefender together.

The 2020 product versions from Bitdefender are all about Protection, Performance and Privacy, which is the reason why it is known as the best antivirus software. The company has improved every single phase of protection to offer the best of security and protection against all types of malicious files and viruses. Let’s check out the security features and tools of this software.

Total Security 2020: Key Features

Always-on 100% Protection 

This version offers 24/7 protection to your system. This anti-malware software includes new multi-layer ransomware protection to keep your files safe. It also includes unbeatable threat detection; this feature warns you if there is any threat to your system from the Internet or any other files stored in your computer system.


This tool handles all your security needs automatically. You just need to keep this feature enabled on your system and it will handle all the security itself. This tool automatically detects and removes security threats from your system, keeping it clean from malicious files.

Safe Files 

Safe Files feature prevents unauthorized access to your most important files. You can keep your important files within the safe files folder. This tool is also included in the 2020 edition.

Time Machine Protection

Mac system has time Machine Protection tool and if you use this tool to back up your files, this security software will add an extra layer of security to the files stored with the Time Machine tool. This layer protects your sensitive data and files against Ransomware. Mac users don’t have to worry about the Ransomware as their files will be backed up securely.

Built-in Adware Blocker 

Most viruses are sent through advertisements to your PC systems. Mac systems are not secured as hackers have started using pop-up ads and video ads to steal the data off Mac systems. To keep your system safe from such adware, you will get an advanced Adware Blocker along with the 2020 edition.

Cross-Platform Malware Detection

There comes a time when you have to deal with the Windows PC user and you share files between your systems. Sometimes, malicious files can enter your Mac system through an infected Windows PC, which can be harmful. But this security app has a special Cross-platform Malware Detection tool to protect your system against such malicious files.

Ultra-Fast Scanning 

This software is designed to scan your system ultra-fast with the latest algorithms. It comes with a Quick Scan option that lets you scan the entire system with just one click. You can also scan a single folder and files manually. It also combines accuracy and speed and offers faster scanning.

Built-in Autopilot

Autopilot has been redesigned in this edition and it acts as your personal security advisor. This Autopilot can be enabled and disabled from the software. When you enable it, it will be there to advise you on any threats to your system.

Powered by Cloud-based Technology 

This security software is powered by the latest Cloud-based technologies. It detects and eliminates e-threats while exploring the websites. This service will not use your Mac’s storage space and for that reason, you can keep this feature enabled on your system to protect your Mac system against any e-threats.

Built-in VPN

This security tool also comes with a built-in VPN tool that lets you hide your system’s IP Address and current location. You can change your current location to different countries quickly. It works smoothly and offers the best of services. The new 2020 edition includes 200 MB of daily encrypted traffic.


You will get advanced Anti-Phishing protection to keep yourself protected from online scams and unwanted advertisements and promotional emails. This protection feature keeps your personal information, bank details, credit and debit cards detail safe and secured.

Web-attack prevention 

When you explore websites, you may encounter pop up ads and many other types of ads which are actually adware carrying malicious files. Web-attack prevention features protect your system against such threats. It stays enabled by default when you explore the web and warns you if you are exploring a malicious or unsecured website.

Parental Control Tool 

This tool is designed for the parents to add extra online safety to their children. Parents can take full control of their children and allow them only limited access to certain websites. Parents can also limit screen time within the tool. It can be organized by the Bitdefender Central app which can be installed on any smartphone.

Bitdefender Total Security 2020 Pros and Cons


  • Advanced tools with a clean interface
  • Smooth scanning with ultra-fast performance
  • 100% security against malware
  • Provides better control with multiple device support
  • Upgraded Autopilot
  • Built-in Parental Control tool


  • VPN has basic functionality
  • OneClick Optimizer is Manual

Final Words:

Bitdefender Total Security 2020 has been redesigned and now offers a set of new and upgraded features and tools for its users. Each of the security features of this software is designed to offer full protection to your Mac system. If you are worried about the security of your Mac system, then this security software is the perfect security software for you.

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