CocoFax Review: The Best Free Fax Tool You Should Use

We’ve listened to your issues and devised a plan to address them. Today, we’ll look at how to send a fax from a computer quickly, easily, and without spending any money. Questions are bound to arise in your head, but hold on to them and first read today’s article; we are confident that you will find the majority of your answers there.

The gadget we’re going to show you today is both unique and useful. Its major goal is to reduce manual labor and increase efficiency and professionalism in the workplace. It sounds appealing when spoken about, but it is far more fun to use.

Let’s get down to business with our main issue.


CocoFax is a tool that turns standard faxing on its head. Almost everything changes with the passage of time, so why should official employment be any different? Why burden yourself with work when CocoFax can complete the same amount of work in less time and with greater efficiency?

CocoFax has already aided a large number of people and businesses with their faxing problems. You can be the next to benefit from CocoFax’s features, and you won’t have to invest a fortune. Yeah! It can be accessed on both sides of the pocket.

G2, an authority review platform, has also given CocoFax a positive evaluation. People trust its users’ private info from all over the world. It also has a lot of great feedback from customers.

What is the best way to fax from your computer?

It isn’t a difficult task at all. CocoFax is incredibly simple to use.

The first step is to register for an account on CocoFax’s official website. After that, you can move on to the web application, which you can find by searching for CocoFax in Google Chrome.

You may even install a chrome extension for it. So, whenever you need to fax, simply select that extension and you’re ready to go.


Open the CocoFax official website and select the option to “Start Faxing” at the top. You’ll be taken to the registration page after that.


On that page, fill in the blanks. This is the email address that you will use to log into your CocoFax account. Additionally, the number you select will be used for your faxing needs. You’ll be able to access CocoFax services directly from your email as well.


Go to the mail ID page and click the compose mail button. Fill in the information for the person you want to fax (their fax number and country code). Send your fax after you’ve finished writing it.

For a better understanding, you may also watch a movie on CocoFax’s official website.

Benefits of Faxing from a Computer

There are numerous advantages to starting faxing online rather than using traditional methods, including the following:

Coverage and range are infinite.

In the past, it was necessary to double-check the lines before faxing because they weren’t always obvious. Because the telephone servers would be down, sending and receiving faxes would be impossible. But today, thanks to CocoFax, you can fax from anywhere in the world.

There are no restrictions other than the need for a reliable internet connection. You can also send as many faxes as you want because there is no limit on how many you can send.

Faxing from around the world

Because CocoFax’s faxing is done over the internet, clients can send and receive international faxes. It means that you can transmit fax from one corner of the globe to the other. Many individuals and corporations are making use of this service and benefiting from it in a cost-effective and strategic manner. So, what are you waiting for?


One of the most impressive features of CocoFax is that it eliminates the need for paper, which is a fantastic endeavor. It not only protects trees but also directly contributes to environmental protection and the halting of deforestation.

As a result, we might conclude that it is in favor of the environment go green campaign. We should all be a part of it as well. It will directly improve the efficiency of our firm while also protecting the environment.

Faxing in bulk

CocoFax also has a fantastic function called mass faxing. This function allows the user to send a fax to several recipients at the same time. CocoFax’s enterprise subscription plan allows users to send as many documents as they want to as many individuals as they want at the same time.

Safe and dependable

Faxing via the internet from a computer is more dependable and safe than faxing over the phone lines. CocoFax has implemented the necessary procedures to protect the client’s data and information. It does so by employing cutting-edge technologies.

Every file that a user attaches to cocofax is encrypted using powerful 256-bit encryption standards. As a result, no one else will have access to your personal information. And all of the information will be delivered in a secure manner.

Authentication using two factors

CocoFax has developed two-factor authentication, which means that the data is more secure and that the user’s sensitive information is safeguarded. There will be no cyberattacks because security measures will be in place. Furthermore, this authentication technique ensures that no one else has access to your account.

System of Biometrics

CocoFax’s mobile phone application now includes a biometric system. A new layer of protection is added to the user’s data in this way. Only the user can log in to his account using this approach. In brief, when you use CocoFax, your data is completely secure.

Pocket isn’t very high.

CocoFax has subscription packages to cater to all audiences, as it is aware of their demands and has created packages to meet their needs. On the official website, one can look over the packages and subscribe to the ones that seem to fit their demands.

CocoFax is not expensive, as previously reported. Instead, it is simple on the wallet.

If you run out of pages, you can buy additional for a few dollars, depending on your package.


CocoFax is a fantastic service to make use of. It contains all of the latest features that a fax machine needs. It also provides a lot of protection, so there’s no need to be concerned in this situation. It would be a mistake to miss out on such fantastic service, so get started right away.


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