How to Customize Screensaver in windows 10

Hello Windows People, We back to another best tutorial where You can Customize Screensaver in windows 10. Here We are going to share tutorial regarding Customize Screensaver in Windows 10 Operating System. If You are looking for how to customize Screensaver then you are at right place. If You upgrade Your Windows System from Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 to Windows 10 Then It’s hard to Find other Modification option in Windows 10.

If You have Windows 10 and You can’t find Customize Option Then following some simple steps and Customize Screensaver in windows 10. A screensaver is not the necessary option in windows system, it just for Fun or Set Your Memorial Picture. So If You don’t know about Screensaver customization then check out some below simple steps for Customize Screensaver. So Let’s follow some simple steps.

Windows 10 Screensaver

Windows 10 Screensaver Option is not easy to find because, After Windows 10 User interface changes, Microsoft has to Make very difficult to find Windows 10 Screensaver. But Don’t worry, Here we have some steps to find Screensaver in windows 10. So Let’s see following some important steps:

How To Find Windows 10 screensaver settings:

Here we share the easy method to find Screensaver option in Windows 10.

1) Firstly Type “Screensaver” in Windows Search Bar.

2) Now You can see Ther is more result available but You have to choose  select “Change screen saver” and you will find the Screen Saver setting.

3) Then Adjust it according to your wish.

4) You can also find through Right-click on the desktop and select Personalize.

5) Now on the left of the pop-up menu select “Lock Screen

6) Then Scroll down the Lock Screen setting to find Screen Saver Settings.

How to change screen saver in Windows 10:

1) You can set Screensaver according to Your Wish. There are the different option in Screensaver like 3D text, blank, bubbles, mystify and ribbons.

2) Customize Screensavers editing text to be displayed or adding your favorite picture to the screen saver.

3) You can also Preview Theme by clicking on “Preview”.

4) Click on save, once you are done, and then exit.

Some More Features

Also, You can download Windows 10 Screen Saver photos from anywhere and you may find the PC even more amazing. You can also set Your Favourite Image as Screensaver by using Screensaver Option. Using Windows 10 Screensaver, You can make Your Windows Computer look better and interesting, funny or scary.

Final Words

So Today We Share Some useful steps to find Screensaver Option in Windows 10 and Make it Customize. You can set Screensaver according to Your Choice. There is the more different option which is very useful for windows lovers. You can set Your Memorable picture at Screensaver. So If You have Any query related this topic then Comment us below in comment section.

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