Disable Laptop Keyboard

  4 Ways to disable your Laptop Keyboard

Disable Laptop Keyboard

At the time of using Laptop and you have spilled the water or a cup of tea on your laptop keyboard, then you are finding a way to fix it. Here you can use an external USB-friendly keyboard after disabling the Internal keyboard.

Here, in this article, we have come with the 4 methods to fix this issue for the windows computer and after these 4 methods, we have also compiled the fix for Macintosh, Ubuntu, and Linux.

Note:- Please take a backup so that you can undo the changes.

  4 Ways to disable your Laptop Keyboard

Method – 1

One of the users told about this process. This process actually removes the keyboard instead of disabling it.

Follow the below process to do it:-

  1. Go to the start menu of your Laptop.
  2. Now, type Device Manager.
  3. Click on it and here find the Keyboard in Device Manager.
  4. Now click on the “+” sign to drop down the Menu for disabling the keyboard.
  5. After disabling it just Restart your computer.

Method – 2 

The second best solution is that you can download the Third Party Device Manager from CNET.

Some of the users have fixed and disabled the keyboard instead of removing drivers. You can also use a third party Device Manager because it allows to Disable the keyboard. It is important that you have taken the Backup in your computer, So that if by mistake you have done anything wrong then you can restore it. I will suggest you restore the disk of your PC.

Method – 3

In the SuperUser.com, the user was wondering that how he could disable the Laptop in Windows 7 without any Third Party wireless keyboard. The best option came from the D3vid, they told that there was no Disable option available in his laptop. Whenever he tried to uninstall he forced to restart and after that, the driver was reinstalled.

The solution for this is given below:-

  1. Open Device Manager.
  2. Here click on Update Driver.
  3. When it ask to “check online or use existing drivers“, then select the “existing drivers only“.
  4. De-select “ Only use Compatible Driver”.
  5. And then, Restart your Laptop.
  6. After restarting the touchpad and the keyboard has been disabled.

If you want to restore it then follow below instruction:-

  1. Select the Compatible Device which we have disabled above.
  2. After that Restart your Laptop.

Method – 4

So in the Rick’s Daily Tips there the one post has verified the solution for the Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 users. They also follow the same process and we have done above, with the caveat that if there is no Disable option for the Internal keyboard then the driver will automatically re-install if Device Manager scans for the new hardware.

Specialty Solutions

Macintosh Laptop

One of the best solutions for the Mac user is, you can connect Mouse, Keyboard, and the external Monitor and run them in the closed-display mode.

In the Apple.StackExchange the user was thinking about can we disable the whole keyboard in the MacBook that is inbuilt in it. They just wanted that, the mac does not receive any input when they connect to the external keyboard.

So the best solution for this is that you can install AppleUSBTCKeyboard.kext for disabling the internal keyboard. Some other users told that we can use Keyboard Cleaner software for disabling the internal keyboard.

Solution for the Ubuntu Laptops

So it is possible to disable it physically by wiring, and we can reconnect it by using software command.

One of the best solutions for this is that we can run a command at startup.

  1. Add this command at the end of the /home/user/.bashrc file.
  2. Some of the Ubuntu Forum users says that we can also add the command in, System > Preferences > Startup Applications (this process is only working with Ubuntu. Don’t try to use Xubuntu or Kubuntu etc.

The solution for the Linux Laptop

In AskUbuntu, one techie accidentally falls down the hot cup of water over the keyboard of HP Pavilion dv9000, Linux laptop and he was trying to disabling the internal keyboard of this laptop by using xmodmap.

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