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Steps to disable Window Defender in windows 10/7/8

disable Window Defender

Disable Window Defender in windows 10/7/8

Hello Everybody, We Come back with a new interesting tutorial about Disable Window Defender where you can stop Windows Defender in Windows 10/7/8. This article can prove to be one of the most useful and technical articles for people who take various types of measures to increase the efficiency of their PCs.

You are trying to disable the work of Windows Defender in your windows 10/7/8 after installing the third party as well as the cheap antivirus program, such as Bitdefender, AVG, etc., which allows your desktop or laptop helps in saving to be infected with viruses. Windows Defender is considered to be one of the default Windows antivirus programs that reside in your Windows PC. You need to follow the steps that are given here to help you permanently or temporarily disable Windows Defender in Windows 10/8/7.

1) Steps to Temporarily Disable Windows Defender in Windows 10/8.1/8

For doing temporarily disable the Windows Defender in Windows 10/8.1/8, you have to follow these steps that are given below:

Note: The Windows Defender will be started automatically when next time you restart your computer system.

2) Steps to Permanently Disable the Windows Defender in Windows 10/8.1/8

You can use the Local Group Policy Editor to disable Windows Defender permanently in Windows 10. It can be applied to all Windows 10 versions. You only need to follow the following steps:

  1. Click Windows key + R simultaneously to bring up the Run dialog.
  2. Then type “gpedit.msc” in the text box and press Enter tab.
  3. Now, the Local Group Policy Editor dialog box will appear on your computer screen as a pop-up.
  4. Navigate to the Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows; Components\Windows Defender.
  5. To turn off the Windows Defender, in the right side press the double-click.
  6. And press on the Enabled option to shut down the Windows Defender in your system and press ok.

3) Steps to Disable the Windows Defender in Windows 7

If you want to disable the Windows Defender in Windows 7, only you have to use the Services.msc. Just to perform the following steps:

  1. Press cursor on the Start option and search for “services.msc” and tap Enter.
  2. Now search for Windows Defender option in the Services window.
  3. Press the right-click on Windows Defender.
  4. Then you have to tab on Properties.
  5. Press the General option.
  6. Select the option Disabled for Startup type.
  7. Press on Apply and after that press on OK.

Bonus Tips

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The problem is that your driver is outdated or even corrupted, can be broken or disappears even after the update. Only * Solution * is just for repair or updating your drivers. As the incompatible driver can download more drivers for the computer system on the Internet, generate more complex and difficult problems.

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  1. Repair or Update Drivers

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  1. Reboot Your computer system.

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Final Words

Finally, We Share above important methods to disable Window Defender in windows 10/7/8. If you are looking for disable Window Defender then here we share more methods to disable defender in windows system. So let’s check out above and solve your problem using this guide. If you like this article then share with your friends and family member.

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