Home Apps Download YouTube++ iOS | YouTube++ IPA iOS(iPhone/iPad) Without Jailbreak

Download YouTube++ iOS | YouTube++ IPA iOS(iPhone/iPad) Without Jailbreak

Download YouTube++ iOS | YouTube++ IPA iOS(iPhone/iPad) Without Jailbreak

Without having to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad, you may download the YouTube++ app. YouTube is the most widely used video sharing platform on the planet. On YouTube, we can discover practically every type of video, including music, instructional, health, and news videos, among others. It does, however, have a drawback. We are unable to download the video to our smartphone; yet, we may save it to our device for offline viewing; however, the video remains in the programme. This is where the Youtube++ iPA iOS App, a modified version of YouTube, comes in handy. Read on to learn more about YouTube++, Tweaked Youtube App for iOS, iPhone/iPad Without Jailbreak, as well as how to download and install it.


Since the customised version can now be downloaded without a jailbreak, but it was previously only available with one, its popularity is skyrocketing. Before we go over how to download and install this excellent modified app, we must first understand its features, which are detailed below:


YouTube++ for iOS | Features YouTube++ iPA App


The YouTube++ IPA file adds a lot of functionality to this programme. The current YouTube++ IPA file has been updated to the latest version, and you will undoubtedly enjoy it. We’ve compiled a list of the best features of the YouTube++ IPA software; take a look at it before moving on to the installation process.


  • Videos from Youtube can be saved to Camera Roll.
  • Irritating video ads which come in the beginning of almost all videos on Youtube can be blocked once and for all.
  • Audio from videos can be played in the background which can’t be done with the regular Youtube app.
  • Videos can be auto replayed thus no worries to hit the replay button once the video has ended.
  • Age restriction can be removed.
  • If you want to save a video through Youtube++ all you need to do is to choose “Save with ++” option. Thereafter you can find the video in Downloads folder from where it can be saved to the Camera Roll.
  • There is absolutely no need of syncing with PC to put videos in your iOS device. This app does the trick for you.
  • Besides these are there are many other cool features of Youtube++ which can be looked at through the pictures given below:

Steps to Install YouTube++ for iOS (iPhone/iPad) Without Jailbreak


Method 1: Using TutuApp:


  • Under this method you are required to download TutuApp first which you can easily do by navigating to the following links:
    • Download Tutu Helper for iOS(iPhone/iPad)/Android Without Jailbreak.
    • Tutuapp Apk App Download for Android/iOS(iPhone/iPad).
  • TutuApp is a great application to get 3rd party iOS apps which are otherwise not available officially on the Apple App Store. Even cracked and mod apps are available.
  • Once you have downloaded TutuApp you are just required to search for Youtube++ in it

Method 2: Using Cydia Impactor


  • Under this method first you are required to download the IPA file of Youtube++.
  • You can get the IPA from the following link: [Download from Here].
  • Once you have downloaded the IPA you are required to side-load the IPA file to your iOS device. You are required to connect your iOS device to PC.
  • This method will work with all Windows PC or MAC without the requirement of X-Code application.
  • Now follow the steps mentioned in the following link:
    • Sideload iOS Apps on Windows/Mac Without Xcode/Jailbreak.
  • Don’ forget to trust the profile of the application after it gets installed.
  • Now you need to remember that since you will be using a free Apple Developer Account to digitally sign and verify the application; it will last only for 7 days. Paid Apple Developer Account gives a validity of 1 year. So this means that after every 7 days you are required to re do the entire procedure of installation of Youtube++ through IPA file.

Method 3: YouTube++ IPA for iOS 11.1, iOS 11/iOS 10/9+ iPhone/iPad: AppValley


  • AppValley is another great application like TutuApp which lets you download iOS applications which are not available to download directly from the App Store.
  • For downloading this application you are required to go to the following URL: https://appvalleyapp.com/vip/
  • Remember to go through Safari Browser itself.
  • Once the web page gets loaded up you will see the option of ‘Install AppValley’.
  • Just click on the option and the download and installation will start.
  • Within few minutes the download will be completed and you will find the application on your home screen.
  • Before launching the application do trust its profile by navigating to Settings -> General -> Profile and Device Management.
  • Now launch the application and all you need to do is to search for Youtube++ in the search bar and there you go; you have it.
  • Click on ‘Get’ next to it and within seconds you will have Youtube++ on your iOS device

YouTube++ IPA for iOS 11, 11.1 and iOS 10+(iPhone/iPad) No Jailbreak

So, those were the three methods for downloading and installing Youtube++, Tweaked Youtube App for iOS, and iPhone/iPad Without Jailbreak on your iPhone/iPad. With this excellent modified app, you’re all ready to enjoy your favourite videos.

There’s no need to first download videos to your PC and then sync them with your iPhone or iPad using iTunes with YouTube++. You can save films to your Camera Roll and store them outside, however the official Youtube app does not allow you to save videos to your Camera Roll and save them outside, therefore it makes life easier.


In case you get any issues in the installation process or you have questions to ask then feel free to comment below in the comments section and we will get back to you on priority with a solution to the problem which you are facing and answers to your questions. Always happy to help you on this YouTube++ iOS.