9 Best Duplicate File Finder Software for Windows 10 & Mac [2021]

Are you looking for the best Duplicate file finder software for windows 10 & mac in 2021? If so then you are on the right page, here I have done all the hard work for you so that you can decide which cleaner to use. Due to advancements in technology and so does the specifications of your device upgrades you won’t bother about clearing up those junk fields accumulating on your device without even letting you know. But, remember that those junk files, cache, residual files temp files, etc, are going to have a bad impact on your laptop’s overall performance and smoothness. So, clearing them from time to time is a wise thing to do. But, why take the trouble in tracing them out one by one, we have software available on the internet to do all the hard work for you. So in this article, I will highly top best duplicate file finder software for windows10 & mac for you.

Best Duplicate File Finder for Windows 10 [Free & Paid]

#1. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

Introducing you to our first best duplicate file finder software for windows 10 in 2021, the so-called Auslogics duplicate file finder.

The program is a completely free firmware that does not cost the user anything. Microsoft, one of the most well-known IT corporations, conceived and developed this software. You can quickly wipe away all those useless files from your PC with this tool. You may even choose which file to delete when the software offers you a list of garbage files to avoid losing any of your vital data. This file cleaner is well rated on the internet because it does exactly what it promises.

#2. Duplicate Cleaner Pro

Have you ever had the experience of having numerous copies of an image on your laptop, making it extremely difficult to choose the original image? We recognize you; the same thing occurs to me. But don’t worry; if you download Duplicate Clear pro, it will not only clean garbage files but will also ensure that all duplicate photos are removed. The deep cleaning technique clears all cache, residual files, cookies, and other items as well. I should mention that after using it for a month, it is also one of the best duplicate file detection software for Windows accessible in 2021. The deep cleaning technology also reaches through any zip files and clears those that are irrelevant to your computer. This program is available for free on the internet, however, if you want to try out their premium capabilities, I recommend purchasing the paid version. Overall, it’s fantastic and a must-have for anyone who works with computers frequently.

#3. CCleaner

Ccleaner is in our top three because it is one of the oldest and best duplicate file finder software for Windows, and it is also accessible for Android due to its popularity. This software is incredibly small, takes very little space, and is also quite easy to use. You may delete all the unnecessary copies of files from your computer with just one click. It functions in such a way that any file with the same name is automatically added to the cleaning list. When the scanning is finished, it will wait for your action to see if the list contains any relevant files. This software is also available for free and also provides paid version with more cool features.

#4. VisiPics

Are you a photographer who is fed up with duplicate photographs piling up on your computer, making it difficult to select the original file? Then I recommend that you utilize Visi Pics. This software is primarily designed to locate duplicate image files on your computer. This program will compare attributes such as image size, name, format, and so on, and will identify those that have the same attributes. Finally, once the scanning is complete, you can examine the files for safety purposes before deleting them altogether with a single click. To benefit from this tool you don’t need to pay a single penny as it is completely free freeware.

Best Duplicate File Finder for Mac [Free & Paid]

#1. Gemini 2

Gemini 2

Starting with one of the best duplicate file finder software for Mac is the Gemini. It is award-winning software that comes with a paid version at a very affordable price and cool features. Talking about the UI, it is just awesome, it comes with a simple-to-use interface and the overall weight is very light as compared to other tools.

This application performs a thorough search and removes any duplicate files, including photos, cache, residual files, garbage files, and even audio files. When the application has finished scanning your computer, it will display a list of the files it found and allow you to preview them before deleting them. Now if you have something in mind which you would want to specifically delete then using the smart search you can do so.

#2. Tidy Up 5

Another useful cleanser for Mac users is the Tidy Up5. As the name implies, this utility is neat and tidy, with a simple UI and no intricate patterns. It can quickly locate and delete unnecessary files while providing the best results. This wonderful tool has two speeds: the slowest and the quickest. If you only need to find simple files, choose the simple model, and for an extensive cleaning, choose the advanced mode. You won’t have to perform any hard work because everything will be taken care of by itself with only one click. After using it for about a week I should say that it gives the best result and is also one of the best duplicate file finder software for Mac in 2021.

#3. Duplicate Detective

Duplicate Detective

Looking for a budget-friendly best duplicate file finder software for Mac? Then I suggest you go for the Duplicate Detective. As the name proclaims, it detects any corrupted or duplicate files and lists them out for you to preview and delete. It executes with a proprietary algorithm for ensuring the best results to meet. It is lightweight and comes with a decent UI and also you get to enjoy various features.

#4. PhotoSweeper X

Do you want to have a proper pictures management tools that can ease your struggle of arranging and getting rid of those pictures which duplicate and of no use to you. Then i suppose the photosweepeer X is the right pick for you. As the name says, it check for any duplicate images by comparing attributes like image ratio, name, types, etc and sweeps them away from your device. There are even advance options with better speed and functionality to perform its task. The overall UI is sleek and comes with easy to use features. Phtotosweeper X is one of the best duplicate file finder software for Mac in 2021.

5. dupeGuru (Windows, MacOS, Linux)


Till now we have only seen those software which have compatibility restrictions. But, here is the dupeGuru that comes with multiple compatibility- It is compatible with OS X 10.12 or later, not updated since 2016, Windows 10, 8, 7 and XP, 64-bit and 32-bit and Linux. This program can find all types of duplicated data like the videos, pics etc. Using this you can automatically or manually get rids of those targeted files. Using this is completely save and the sleek UI makes it very easy to excess this tool. One of the best cleaner software for windows, mac and linux users


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