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How to Find computer specs windows 10

Find computer specs windows 10

There are so many times when you do not know the insights of your PC, and you are stuck by doing this, as well as you can not move your work on the PC nor complete it. There can be some reason for this type of problem but you will have to find out that to get rid of the problem, you need to know the components of your PC.

When using Windows 10 to know the specifications of your system, you have to adopt various methods to learn about hard drives, operating systems, models, processors, specifications, and other details. You also need to keep in mind what type of device you are using. So here we are giving you information about how you get detailed information about the system on your PC.

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System Information through Setting App

If you are very keen to know your computer’s basic system configuration, then you have to resort to the Settings app for it, then you can get important information about your system’s software and hardware. With the easy steps listed below, you can take basic information about the system.

1) First, you have to go to the system’s settings option.

2) Now you have to click on system option.

3) After this, you will see lots of openings but you have to click on the option.

4) After this, you will get basic information about your system.

On the Settings page, you can know your version of Windows 10 which includes the build number. It enhances by the Microsoft with the launch of each version of the feature update. If you want, you can also get the accurate processor, memory on your PC, system type, and other system details.

Note: You can also get information from the Control Panel > System

View System Information through System Information

System Information is a new tool that comes with Windows 10, this is an ideal tool to provide complete information about your computer’s system specifications. Follow these steps to use your system’s information

1) Firstly open the computer system’s menu option.

2) Now you have to search for system information or msinfo32 option.

3) After the system information or the masinfo32 option is received press the Enter tab.

Through this option, users get information about all types of hardware installed on PC. Whenever you open this tool you get summary information about your systems, such as the processor, BIOS information, system model, system type, and installed memory etc.

But remember that if you want to know about the graphics card, for this you will select the display after expanding the component so that the information about the graphics card cannot be found in the system summary.

Checking system information using Command prompt

With the help of the command line tool systeminfo.exe, you can also get a lot of information about your computer system. This option will provide you with information that what is the exact date of the OS installed in your system. Follow these steps to get system information with a command prompt.

1) First of all, you have to open your system’s menu option.

2) You need to search for a “command prompt” option.

3) Now press the right-click on the search result and click Run as administrator.

4) Type system info command and press enter tab.

After doing the above steps you will get detailed hardware and OS configurations. In this information, you will find mention information about memory, BIOS version, architecture, network adapter etc.

To get additional help, do you system info /? Can also select commands With the help of above methods, you can get the complete configuration of your computer system. So now whenever you have any problem while running the PC do not take tension and follow the given steps to fix the problem of your Windows 10.

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