fix the error of Discord Update

How To Fix Discord Update in 2021

What is Discord Update? How to fix Discord Update? Well, many of you might be having these questions and you might be thinking of its solutions as well, but you are not getting any solutions. You need not worry as this article will help you out with solutions and also make your understanding about Discord more clear. 

Before we jump on to Discord Update error, we first need to understand what is Discord? Well, basically Discord refers to a very popular application which is mostly used by gamers, so as to communicate with others through the means of text, voice chat or even video chat. Discord have its versions that supports Mac, IOS, PC and even android. Hence you can easily install it in any device you want and that too without much difficulty. 

Discord has got a brilliant minded team behind it and for that very reason they come up with very new ideas and features very often which are quite interesting as well. Discord does not really make problem or rather we can say that we do not have much problem while using it but many do face a problem while Discord Update process. In this very short and crisp article we are going to learn or rather read about how we can fix the error of Discord Update without much difficulty.

fix the error of Discord Update

What is Discord Update Error?

Now that we are clear about what is Discord basically, we can hence come over the point, which is, what is discord update error. Update comes often to any application that we use, but while we are doing the update it may so occur that we face an error. Well, keeping aside other apps, while we update Discord, the app can does send the computer or the device into an infinite loop. You might be thinking, why does so happen? The reason is very simple, the reason is that Discord is easy to use but it is a very complex application, which requires a lot of permission, which may in other words lead to a conflict between the app and the settings that your computer has. And this conflict that occurs is known to be the Discord Update Error. In simple words, the error occurs as the device cannot withstand its pressure.

Ways to Fix Discord Update Error

There are a lot of ways by which you can fix the Discord update error. Below mentioned are the ways that would surely help you out with your problem.

Run as Administrator

Among all the ways to fix the error, the best and simplest way is to run the discord app as an administrator.

  • Right click on the discord app and then select the option that says Run as Administrator.


  • After doing that, you would see that a dialog box will pop-up, you would get two options saying yes or no, select the Yes option.


In just two steps you will be done with your problem solving. If still then you are unable to do that then it is because your anti virus is not allowing to do so.

Disable Windows Defender

  • Go to start option and click on it, then click on settings option.


  • As soon as the settings window opens, click on the option that says update and security.

  • Then on the left hand side you would find a lot of options, select Windows Security and then select Virus and Threat Protection.


  • Now click on manage settings


  • Now what you need to do is to turn real time protection toggle into off mode.

  • When you are done, you can now try updating the app. 

If it still does not work then try to disable the firewall.

Disable Firewall

  • First of all, search firewall and then click on open.


  • At the second step, turn off your Windows Defender Firewall.

  • Under Windows Defender Firewall, you would get an option that says Block All Incoming Connections, uncheck that.


  • Now click on Ok. 

After this check on if you can update the app or not if not, then follow the next way. 

Rename the Update File

Sometimes renaming the update file also works. Follow the below mentioned steps to rename the file.

  • First of all click on start and then hit the R button on your keyboard. Now choose the Open under the Run app.


  • After that in the second step, type “%localappdata%” in the search box and press enter. You will see the Local App Data appearing.


  • Now double click on the discord folder in the window that appears. 


  • Now rename the file.


  • After renaming, try updating now.

If that too does not work then move on to the next way.

Move the Discord App

The first two steps would be the same as that of renaming the file.

  • Click start and press R and open under the Run app.


  • Type %localappdata% in the search box.


  • Now select the Discord folder and move it to some other window.


  • Now an install wizard will appear, this will take you to the new location.

When you see that none of the above ways are working then just try reinstalling the app.

Reinstall the Discord app

  • Open task manager.

  • In the list if processess, you may find any one such process that is related to Discord, select that and end the task.

  • Go to start menu and then choose settings and then choose apps.


  • Now find Discord in the list and uninstall that


  • After you are done with the process of uninstallation, now restart your computer.
  • Go to the download site of discord and install it again.


And here we come to the end of the article. In this article we have tried to mention every single way that will help you in doing your work. The every single process as mentioned above are very easy to do. If one of the process does not work then try out another one. Though many of the ways may seem a little strange but yet they do their job in a much great manner. Hope this article has been of much help to you.

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