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How Do I Get Partnered with Twitch


Whoever use Twitch as broadcasters and have been doing good with great success rate, both of those broadcasters are looking for partnership these days, but very few places reveal the exact step by step process to answer one common question of every broadcaster which is “How do I get partnered with Twitch”.

How do I Get Partnered with Twitch?

Before starting a partnership with your twitch broadcaster friend, we have some practical suggestions for all Twitch broadcasters and you will get the best idea on how to get twitch partnership fast.

  • Well, you need to know that, Twitch doesn’t have any perfect and straightway to pick the quality channels other than real word of mouth or growing channel size. Always try to make it look better in all sense.
  • Before applying for partnership, you need to show your consistency for growing your channel in a reasonable time period. At least for few weeks, run some different types of games which your viewers like to watch you play. Settle down with one perfect niche where you and your community enjoy together.
  • Every twitch broadcaster knows that it’s quite easy to get caught while broadcasting and improving your channel. But if you focus on your tasks, but try to be smart and speak up in chats, be active on social media, and help others to make twitch community better.
  • You need to ask for help and let the people know that you’re pushing for partnership. Never expect anyone to sell your channel. Never encourage your messages to community or twitch staff and beg for your partnership.

Now, before you start applying for Twitch Partnership, you should have complete knowledge about Twitch Partnership, so let’s explain what is twitch partnership in a right way:

What is Twitch Partnership?

Twitch Partners perform as the real face of Twitch. It is made by group of broadcasters that twitch promotes and enables. Most of the time, people experience their first exposure of Twitch via popular partnered broadcasters. They are contracted talent and you can take them as representative of what Twitch offers and at the forefront of innovation on the platform.

Twitch Partners get access to a collection of features which allows them to improve and monetize their content.

How to Apply for Twitch Partnership, In a Right Way?

Applying for Twitch Partnership is as same as applying for a job, and you need to convey your desire message to them like why they need you in Twitch partnership program. As you’re doing interesting things with your channel.

You have ideas and direction, and there are plans you have underway and Twitch has perfect reason for investing in your success on twitch.

You need to convert reasons into words, and you need to be able to convey, from a brief look of your channel and application and impress twitch to change their basic twitch broadcaster to special relationship with you.

Remember that there are tons of people who wants partnership, but you need to explain why Twitch should want to partner with you. If you own a big number of viewers, then you have one of the solid reason.

But for smaller, or you can say those who are in growing stage, have less chance and we cannot recommend you to apply for partnership program.

How to Make Money on Twitch?

Here, we are going to share quick ways to make money on Twitch, so if you are a broadcaster or become a twitch partner, then you know how you can make good amount of bucks while broadcasting on twitch.

  • Advertisement Revenue: The ability to run some commercials on your channel. Partners on Twitch are compensated by a flat-rate of CPM (cost per thousand) specified by their contracts with Twitch. It clearly means that partners will get a set amount of money for every thousand advertisements they served to Twitch Affiliate Program.
  • Teespring Program: On Twitch, all partners are allowed to sell customized channel apparel with the help of customized t-shirt services such as Teespring, or other related service providers. The shirts are directly promoted and advertised via the Twitch Store.
  • Cheering: Cheering allow your viewers to tip a broadcaster using “bits” purchased from Twitch. Every single cheered on broadcast translates to one cent of the revenue given to that broadcaster.
  • Subscriptions: Allow viewers to support a broadcast via a recurring monthly subscription. All subscribers gain access to Twitch channels emotes, a custom subscriber badge, and a variety of other options such as ad-free viewing.

How to Get Twitch Partnership Fast & What Twitch Is Looking For?

People looking for perfect way to get twitch partnership fast and still very less Twitch users knows that what twitch is looking for before approving your application for Twitch Partnership program. So below we are going to explain quickly what twitch is looking for exactly to approve your application fast:

  • Numbers: The Twitch guidelines are clear, that they want 500+ regular, concurrent viewers. However, they aren’t a hard or tough to achieve gold. Take your partnership application as job application, and you need to understand a company only looking for some special requirements in their desired candidate.
  • Good Content Quality: Your broadcasting video should have good audio and visual quality and more important, your content should have combined with your personality and commentary while broadcasting with your viewers. Your content should have ability to engage with audience.

If your application will reject, then you don’t need to be discouraged and you should not stop there, always remember that failure always gives you another chance to prove yourself, so improve your channel and reapply your partnership program and before applying, follow above steps carefully and improve your channel quality and performance and then apply without any worries.

Final Verdicts:

We hope you find this post helpful on How do I get partnered with Twitch and now you have complete guide for this question. So follow it and you will be partner with Twitch easily. If you still have any query, then you can drop your queries in the comment section below.