How to Download, Update, & Reinstall Realtek HD Audio Manager on Windows

Realtek HD Audio Driver is the sound driver most widely used to control the Windows system’s proper configurations.  This is the most common sound driver filled with amazing versatility and supports a 16.20.24-bit Digital to Analog (DAC) six-channel channel sound converter.

The sound driver makes it easy to play sound on the Windows desktop and is renowned for the audio card for providing a high-quality sound for your device.  The sound experience is enhanced by marking it with your audio device. The users often missed or went away from their taskbar, device tray, and feedback area of their Realtek HD audio control icon. 

Hence, go through this article to know more about how to download, update, and reinstall Realtek HD Audio Manager on Windows.

Where is Realtek HD Audio Manager located on your PC?

Before accessing the comprehensive description of Realtek HD audio driver updates, first look at the fundamentals, such as how Realtek HD audio manager can be found on your system. The Realtek Installation directory defaults to “C:\Program Files\Realtek\Audio\HDA.” This location has a wide number of files. However, the key file that helps open the HD audio manager of Realtek is “RtkNGUI64.” When you click on this file, you can automatically open the Realtek HD audio manager. Using this Realtek HD Audio Manager, you can conveniently set up all your PC trouble free sound settings. There are many sound settings available to help you change and maximise the quality of the sound.

You can then activate the “Display icon in Notification Area” if you want to regularly adjust the Realtek HD Audio Manager’s settings, which lets you access this from your panel of alerts in the bottom right corner the home screen. You should use the “About” button for this detail to find out what version of the Realtek HD audio manager drivers is available on your PC. You should manually load drivers after you know it.

Issues with RealTek Audio Manager

  • Activate Task Manager Installation

Open the Task Manager window from the initial menu. Go to the ‘Startup’ tab and find your audio manager is Realtek HD.If the status says “Off,” right-click on it to make sure that it continues. This ensures that you can still launch your Realtek HD Audio Manager when you turn on your machine.

  • Connect conventional hardware

Open windows manager on windows 10. Look and pick the menu for ‘Sound, Video and Game Controllers.’ Click on “Action” button and pick “Add Hardware”. Upon request, select the preferred alternative from the windows ten manager menu to scan for legacy hardware. The audio boss of Realtek HD should be found and reinstalled. Start your PC again to see if your Realtek HD Audio Manager works as expected and if your high-definition audio sounds as it did before the issue.

Realtek HD Audio Drivers Download for Windows

Manual Method: Update through Device Manager

Step-1: Open device manager.

To begin the device manager.

Click and hold the Windows key and press the R key (“Run”) to open a “Run” dialogue box.

Step-2: Click on the arrow below to expand the group “Sound, Video and Game Controls.” Right-click the “High Finish Audio Realtek” or “Realtek Audio” segment under this category. Tap on the toolbar to upgrade driver software.

Step-3: To upgrade driver apps, press “Search Automatically.” If you have an actual driver, you’ll be informed that “Your device has installed the best driver software.” You don’t have to upgrade your driver.

Step-4: After installation of the driver, restart your device to execute the changes entirely.

Software Method: Download and Install Driver from OEM manufacturers

The new driver can be installed from the Realtek website, but if you are not familiar with technical operations, it may be a little difficult to do manually.

Click High-Resolution audio codecs while you are on the Realtek platform. Then follow the on-screen instructions and download the required driver for your Windows version. Finally, click on the download link to update the driver program supported by RealTek.

Realtek HD Audio Drivers Update for Windows

DriverSupport will search your device for problem drivers to be found in your device. You don’t have to know what operating system runs on your device. The Realtek Sound Drivers can be upgraded by the DriverSupport Premium edition automatically.

Click the start button and type “Device management” to upgrade the Realtek HD Audio Driver on your PC. To access the audio devices list, click on the system manager’s button, then click the arrow next to audio inputs. If you press it, you can see the alternative called ‘Speakers,’ and click on the ‘Edit engine’ button with a right-click on it.

Windows usually update this Realtek HD audio manager. However, you can manually upgrade these drivers by following these steps, if your PC isn’t automatically installed.

Follow these simple steps to update RealTek Drivers automatically 

  • Download driver support.
  • Let the software run the free scan to detect all driver issues and any other improvement possibilities.
  • To start upgrading your driver for Realtek audio devices on your screen, press the ‘FIX IT’ button, and record Driver support.
  • If the software is registered and Premium mode is available, you get complimentary technical support through our DriverSupport Signature Program, in addition to your registration.

And if you want to uninstall drivers from your machine, click on the System Manager option “Uninstall the Driver” and restart your device to display the modifications. After uninstalling the previous update, users can now load any Audio Manager Realtek HD version on their PC.

Realtek HD Audio Drivers Reinstall for Windows

The Realtek HD Audio Manager can be reinstalled by manually installing it from the Realtek Website. Download the driver and launch the installation process by opening the installer file according to the instructions. Check this website to find the right Windows operating system driver version.

Manual Method: Install the Audio Manager

Now, you must visit to get a connection or URL of the new Realtek HD audio management program when you manually update the Realtek HD Audio drivers after you have uninstalled them. Many users explain each version of Realtek HD audio manager drivers’ advantages and drawbacks in this thread. You should read the benefits and disadvantages of different models carefully and select one that matches your PC sound system.

After choosing the Realtek HD audio manager drivers that you want to update on your PC, just import from the Microsoft catalogue. The CAB file contains the audio pilot. However, to extract the CAB file into your archive, you need the correct extraction tool such as 7-Zip on your PC.

When you’re finished with removing the files, click on Realtek High Definition Audio Driver and click the ‘Edit Drivers’ button on the system manager. Then pick the icon “Browse my driver software computer” and then click on the “Let me select from the list of drivers.”

Now, pick the first “.inf” file from the list and search the extracted cab folder to finish downloading the updates. To complete the Installation Wizard, click on the icon “OK.”


Therefore, this article covers all about essential RealTek HD audio management drivers that help users preserve their PC’s sound balance.  We hope it will help you to know everything about how to download, updating, and reinstall RealTek HD Audio Manager on Windows.