Failed to Initialize Renderer

How to fix the error Failed to Initialize Renderer ?

You may have come across the “Failed to Initialize Renderer” error while opening the game Skyrim. This error mostly shows when the default screen resolution is not as per the required standards. Behind this, there are two main reasons- first is not updated or corrupt graphic drivers of the hardware, and the second is a corrupt game file. 

Let’s understand what is rendering first. Rendering is essentially an automated computer process of providing 2D or 3D photorealistic images. When you launch the game, your video card details are verified by the game and whether these processes will be supported or not. Render displays 2D or 3D image models. 

When the information is received by the game, by checking the video card details, it decides which processes to initiate and which processes to reject. The error of “Failed to Initialize Renderer” is due to the game not being to read your video card details properly. 

Failed to Initialize Renderer

How to fix the error Failed to Initialize Renderer ?

Solution 1: Power Cycling the Computer

To continue your fun-filled gaming experience, you can first try to power cycle your computer, which involves turning the whole computer off and then restarting it. As with any electronic device, restarting it will reset the configuration parameters and the device will recover from its unresponsive state. This will also reset all the network configurations that get lost by turning off the computer. 

To properly power cycle, turn off the computer, detach any wires connected to the computer, then remove its battery and press the power button for 2-3 minutes. Removing the batteries is done to see that the capacitors are discharged in the right way, and whatever current data kept in RAM is lost. After the wait, put the battery back in and turn on the computer. Now you can go to the game to see if the problem is there or not. 

For PC users, you will have to shut down the PC, disconnect the modules, and detach the main power cable. Then attach all the things again and turn on the PC. 

Solution 2: Update the Mods and Install the Latest Patches

To enhance your gaming experience, you make use of mods, and you may be using several mods that will allow you to make changes in the gameplay or add more features. Mods can access the core files and change their behaviour in the game. So disabling all the mods and then relaunching the game may provide a good solution, to become error-free. 

In case you are not using any mods, visit the official website of the game and look for a new patch. New patches are usually released by the developers to fix the bugs and problems that may arise. To resolve the error, you can download these new patches. 

Solution 3: Launch the game in Windowed Mode

If the error is still not fixed, you can try this solution which works mostly for the people. Due to a high probability that the resolution may not be supported or the game is not resizing to suit the resolution, in which case you can change the launching of the game into Windowed mode. Below the steps are given:

Step 1: Go to the Skyrim launcher and on the main screen, select “options.”

Step 2: At the left side bottom of the screen, in a dialogue box, check the “windowed mode.” 

Changing the resolution of the game and reviewing the changes may also help. 

Step 3: Select “apply” which will make the changes in the whole game. Now, try launching the game again and see if the error is still showing or not. 

Solution 4: Delete the Game Files

Another solution includes deleting the game preferences and relaunching the game. While relaunching the game will generate new preferences as the previous ones are deleted for launching the game, this may also be used as a solution. 

Below the steps are given: 

Step 1: This requires you to shut down the game completely. Then visit the directory where the stream is installed and delete the folder by the name “app cache.” As said before, it will get downloaded when relaunching the game. 

Step 2: Go to the Skyrim directory. The location for which is “C:\users\” user name”\documents\mygame”

Step 3: Delete the following files-



Step 4: The last step involved shutting down the computer and restarting it after a couple of minutes then trying to launch the game.

Solution 5: Update the Graphics Drivers 

By now if the problem isn’t solved it probably is because of corrupt or outdated drivers currently installed in your computers, which is why Skyrim is failing to initialize.

We can update the current drivers either manually or automatically. For manually, you will have to go to the manufacturer’s website and search the drive and then download it. 

Before uploading the new drivers, install the current/default driver. Follow the steps:

Step 1: Visit “safe-mode” and type in the dialogue box “devmgmt.msc” then proceed to “display adapter”, by right-clicking uninstall it. 

Step 2: Boot the computer from safe to normal mode. Type Windows + r, and in the dialogue box type mac, the installing of default drivers will initiate. After this, check if Skyrim is showing the error or not.

Step 3: In the case step 2 isn’t working, you can go online and search for the latest drivers on the manufacturer’s website available and install it by yourself, or through searching automatically let the windows install it automatically. 

Step 4: To install the drivers manually, choose “update driver” by right-clicking on the hardware, then select the first option “Search automatically for updated driver software.” Next click on “browse the driver,” and search for the download location. 

Step 5: After all of this, restart your computer and try launching Skyrim again, and review if the error is fixed or not. 

Solution 6: Update Skyrim

It is a really good game, but troubles arise with bugs and errors, we suggest you check the websites from where the game was purchased, as the developers may release new patches for the game which will fix the bugs and other problems. 

This will solve the error if any, was there in the game and not the computer. 

Solution 7: Disable the Mods

Mods are created by the community and may not prove to be compatible with the game most of the time. So we suggest disabling the mods by following the given steps:

Step 1: Go to the desktop and double click on the Skyrim game. 

Step 2: Click on the option “data files.”

Step 3: Then a window will appear where you can see all the expansion and mods, make sure all of them are unchecked and you can further go for troubleshooting. 

Step 4: Click “OK” and relaunch the game.

Step 5: Now you can satisfactorily play the Skyrim game, and the error would be fixed, later you can switch the mods back on one by one. 


We hope that the guide to solve the error “Failed to Initialize Renderer” proved to be helpful as these are the best solutions provided to you. 

Even with games like Skyrim troubles and problems may arise. 

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