How To Fix “USB Ports Not Working” Issue In 2021

Are you facing a problem with USB Ports not working? If “YES” the article is meant for you. You can acquire the relevant answer to the question-How to Fix “USB Ports Not Working” Issue in 2020 by reading the whole article. 

If you have recently updated the software in your operating system and facing the USB Ports not working error then it is a minor software failure which can be fixed by restarting the System. In case you are facing the issue of USB Ports not working, don’t worry simply read the whole article as we have introduced all the relevant methods to Fix “USB Ports Not Working” Issue in 2020.

How to Fix USB Port Issues?

The reason behind the USB port issues can be hardware or software failure. Generally the USB Drive not working Issues can be fixed by performing the below-given steps. 

Kindly check whether the USB device is defective or not

One of the common reasons is defective USB drives which makes users realize the error USB Ports not working might in their operating systems. If you are trying to insert a damaged USB device in one of the USB ports of your PC/Laptop then the main culprit is defective USB drive. The actual error that you are facing at this situation is “USB Drive not working” instead “USB Ports not working” 

Make sure the actual error before proceeding ahead for the USB Port solution by misleading the error “USB Ports not working” if you do so you may damage your PC/Laptop. 

Anyone can easily find whether their inserted USB device is defective or not by plugging the USB drive in another USB port of the same device or inserting it in a different operating system. 

Clean-up the tiny debris of the USB port

It might be a minor mislead instead of an error “USB Ports not working” we often keep our Operating system without covering it. The PC/Laptop USB ports might get engaged with tiny debris particles of the surroundings. You might face the USB not working failure while inserting a USB drive in your Operating system. The actual reason behind the error is unwanted tiny debris particles lying above the reader track of device USB ports. Make sure you fix the minor mislead to avoid the USB not working problem. 

Kindly give a natural mouth air blow or make use of a tiny smooth brush to clean debris off USB ports. Make sure you perform this activity after shutting off your operating system else it may harm your device. After completing the cleaning process kindly switch on your device and insert the USB drive, the problem USB not working will be resolved. 

Change the USB cable and insert it into the USB port.

Generally the USB cables are at fault for the faced problem, instead the error USB Ports not working. We would insist you to kindly get a new USB cable and insert the same in your PC/Laptop USB port for connecting any other portable device. 

Kindly Check the Power Management Settings

One of the reasons for the error USB Ports not working is Power management settings. If there is any mismatch in the Power management setting, the USB port of your device won’t be able to read the inserted USB drive. 

Steps to check the Power management settings in Windows Operating system: 

  • Firstly Search “Device manager” in Windows search bar
  • Kindly click on the “Universal Serial Bus Controller” the last option in the list
  • Next step is to double click on “USB Root Hub” 
  • You will be the TAB for “Power Management” 
  • Kindly click on it and uncheck the box “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” and hit the ok button.

By performing the above given steps will help you to resolve the USB Ports not working problem. 

Kindly check Power Supply by restarting the PC/Laptop

USB Ports consume power supply, if your operating system lacks to provide convenient power supply to the USB ports then you might face the USB Ports not working problems. You can fix the USB Port problem by restarting your operating system, later on plugging in the power supply. Now insert the USB drive in the device USB ports the issue USB not working will be resolved.

Update your system

Seldom it happens, due lack of new software updates in your operating might lead you to face the USB not working problem. Kindly check the new software update and if you find any, please update it. By performing this action might help You to get rid of the error USB not working.

Check for loose or broken internal connections

In case if you face any blinking error while connecting the USB drive in your device USB port then it is a major problem. You should take help of a technical expert for resolving the error USB Ports not working, instead of trying random methods.

FAQ for USB Ports Not Working

1. Why are my USB ports not working?

Multiple reasons are there for USB ports not working, reasons such as USB ports might include tiny debris, the inserted driver might be damaged or inappropriate, minor problems within the device USB port and so on. You have to check whether the USB port or the inserted USB driver is the culprit before moving ahead with the solution.

2. How do I reset my USB ports?

Generally by rebooting your operating device you can reset your USB ports, you can check whether the USB port is responding or not by plugging in a USB driver.

3. How do I test if my USB ports are working?

To test whether the Device USB ports are working or not, you have to open “Device manager in your Operating System. 

4. What are the types of USB?

Mainly there are 4 types of USB: USB-A, USB-B, Mini-USB, and Micro-USB.

5. What does USB mean?

USB stands for Universal Serial Bus, which are also considered as protocols for connection, communication and power supply between computers. It is used as Media Transfer Protocol, Connectors, USB mass storage / USB drive and so on. 


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