How to Fix YouTube Keeps Pausing Problem – 7 Methods

Are you in search of the easiest ways to fix YouTube keeps pausing problem?

YouTube is the most popular video streaming platform out there. According to statistics, about 300 hours of video content is uploaded to YouTube each passing minute and about 5 billion videos are watched in total each day!

Despite the humongous size of the platform, YouTube isn’t completely free of issues. One of the most common issues faced by YouTube users is the “YouTube keeps pausing problem”, which is quite annoying.

Why Does YouTube Keep Pausing?

Regardless of whether you’re trying to stream YouTube content on a smartphone, tablet, television, or computer, there are several reasons why the YouTube playback might keep pausing.

Below are some of the common reasons why you might be facing the YouTube keeps pausing issue.

  • Outdated YouTube App: If you’re running an older version of YouTube then that could be one of the reasons that your YouTube playback keeps pausing.
  • Poor Internet Connection: Another reason for YouTube playback to keep pausing could be that you are experiencing an unstable internet connection.
  • Server-Related Issues: If the YouTube servers are having some technical issues or glitches, that can also cause the playback of YouTube videos to be automatically paused.
  • Slow Device Performance: If you are running the YouTube video playback on an older device with inferior hardware performance, then that too can affect the smooth YouTube playback.
  • Faulty Headphone Jack: If you are playing videos on YouTube with the headphones connected, then a faulty headphone jack could be the reason for abrupt video playback pausing.
  • Smart Pause Feature is Enabled: Modern smartphones and other devices allow for auto-pause of video playback if the device detects that the user isn’t looking onto the screen. So, if any such feature is enabled on the device, then that could be the culprit of the annoying issue that you’re facing.
  • A Third-Party YouTube App is Used: If you’re using any third-party unofficial YouTube applications to browse the content on the platform, then that itself could be the very reason why you are facing abrupt video playback pausing on YouTube.

How to Fix YouTube Keeps Pausing Issue?

Below we have listed out some of the easiest and most effective solutions for the YouTube random pausing issue that you are facing during playback.

Solution 1: Update YouTube to the Latest Version

YouTube developers regularly come up with newer versions of the application for all supported devices. The newer YouTube version releases ensure that any known bugs and issues that existed earlier are fixed to offer a better and smoother app browsing experience to the users.

Therefore, it is important that you update the YouTube application installed on your device to the latest version whenever there is a new update that is released.

Apart from fixes for bugs and other issues, newer YouTube version releases also offer new features to the users which will help in enhancing the overall video viewing experience using the application.

Solution 2: Check Your Internet Connection

A stable internet connection is must to stream YouTube videos without any hassles. This is nothing surprising as we all know that streaming YouTube videos require a stable and at least a moderate speed internet connection.

So, if all of a sudden your YouTube video playback is pausing automatically, then that could be because the rest of the video isn’t streamed onto your device because of a poor internet connection.

Check if there are any network connectivity issues for your internet. Even if there are no connectivity issues, make sure that the internet speed hasn’t suddenly dropped too much, which could also be a reason for the issue.

Solution 3: Try Browsing YouTube on Another Device

If you’re running the YouTube application on a device that is running on unsupported or older hardware/software, then there is nothing you can do to fix the issue rather than changing the device itself.

As YouTube application keep adding new features and release updated versions, it will become practically impossible to have a smooth experience on devices running on older and unsupported hardware/software.

Solution 4: Check for a Faulty Headphone Jack

A lot of people who are facing the issue of YouTube video pausing suddenly experience the problem when they’re using the YouTube app with headphones connected to the device.

As you probably already know, when headphones are connected to a device, YouTube video playback automatically pauses if the headphones are suddenly disconnected.

Even though the feature is a blessing in many occasions, it can also be quite annoying if your device is having a faulty headphone jack.

So, if you’re facing the auto-pause issue on YouTube while your headphones are connected, try removing the headphones and playing the same video again to confirm that the issue is indeed caused by your headphones.

Solution 5: Disable Smart Pause or Similar Features

As we mentioned in the above section, the Smart Pause feature is when the video playback automatically pauses when the device detects that your attention isn’t on the device anymore.

Also, whenever you look back at the device again, the playback should automatically continue.

Again, this feature is useful in many scenarios, but not so much elsewhere.

If the Smart Pause or similar feature is enabled on your device, try disabling it to see if the YouTube video pausing suddenly issue is fixed.

Solution 6: Use only the Official YouTube App

Many people use third-party unofficial YouTube applications to gain access to premium YouTube features and also to block advertisements.

Apart from the privacy and security concerns that surround using such applications, there is no guarantee on how these third-party YouTube apps will perform.

Thus, it is best to only use the official YouTube application and not use any third-party YouTube alternatives to ensure that you are getting the smoothest experience.

Solution 7: Wait Out for Sometime!

Finally, if the issue isn’t constantly happening to you, then it could be an issue with the YouTube app itself. It might be that there are some server-related difficulties at YouTube, which definitely isn’t solvable by you.

So, wait out for some time to check if the issue rectifies itself and gets back to being normal.

Final Words

We mentioned some of the easiest and sure-shot ways to fix YouTube keeps pausing while playing video issues on any device.

Hope you found the solutions above easy to follow and understand.

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