iMovie for Windows – Download iMovie for Windows 10? [Working Method]

iMovie for Windows is good when Living in the era where video content has become so important for everyone and mostly if you want them to be featured in social media or if you are a youtuber than creating an aesthetic video quality is vital. Therefore, you need a tool or editor like the imovie which gives you many great features to edit videos professionally. But, the problem arises for Windows users, as this application is made available only for the MAC OS users. So, to let you download this program in your Windows OS and start editing your contents like a professional we will show you in this article on how you can download and install imovie on your Windows. Stay tuned and read till the end.  


To download iMovie you have to make sure that your PC satisfies certain technical specifications to successfully complete the process. Make sure that your device has a minimum of 8GB RAM, 1TB hard disk drive with minimum free space of 500GB. Also the processor is important as it will define how fast the program will run in your computer. Basically you will require a minimum of i5 6th Gen or above Processor and also the graphics card should be of 2GB.

  • To start with the process firstly you need to download the imovie Software for Windows operating system. DOWNLOAD THE FILE FROM HERE.
  • The downloaded file will be in the form of a Zip file. And to begin with the installation process you need to unzip the source code file. After the installation is complete, double click on the restat.bat file then your system will be restarted and all other installation process files will be cleared. 
  • Now the software will start running in your windows, start editing your contents beautifully. 

Best free Alternative for iMovies 2021 

  1. VSDC Free Video Editor

If you are looking for a free alternative of iMOVIE but runs well with even a slow processor or memory then VSDC is the right one for you. It is a freeware license and does not need a high processor or memory to run smoothly on your computer. This program is also highly recommended by the GoPro community to every PC user. This program enables you to run or open any type of video on any codec, frame-rate, quality and also 120 fps video. The program is also designed in such a way that you don’t need to adjust or modify the video format as it will be directly converted to its required or  desirable format for any type of platforms like Youtube, Social media, etc.

  1. OLIVE

Olive is an open-source alternative to iMovie that works on Windows and Linux

The Olive is another highly recommended option for you beside the imovie as it is completely open source and works perfectly in any Operating system like the mACOS, Windows, and Linux. This program is currently available in the Alpha Version and is yet to develop more better and effectively in the future. This video editing tool is one of the most recommended tools by the Reddit community as the best alternative for Windows users and is widely popular. It has as clean user interface and comes with necessary effects like the transition, etc. you can also rotate, and edit the video accordingly.

Frequently Asked questions of iMovie

Does iMovie have a clip limit?

The clip limit actually could vary according to your hard drive storage space. But, using Imovie you can definitely add each video clips of 30 minutes and could merge the video up to a length of 1 hour.

Are there effects in iMovie?

Ofcourse, iMovie comes with a bunch of great looking video filters which can be inserted to your video. You can also produce immersive audio quality as it also provides great Audio effects with different options. To access them just click on the Clip filter button and a list of effects options will be shown to you.

How can I see the size of my iMovie?

You can see the size of your iMovie by clicking on the project button and then by clicking on the  Share>Export Movie. You will see that at the bottom of each size row there is an information icon indicated by the sign “i”. Place your cursor over there and a codec, fps, and the size of the movie or file will be displayed to you.

Is Adobe Rush better than iMovie?

When it comes to SmartPhones users, Adobe Rush is better as it is easy to use and fits perfectly for editing aesthetic videos with its amazing features. The iphone, Mac or Windows user mostly  prefers imovie over Adobe Rush due to its functionality and facility provided with no need of paying a single penny.