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Jet Blue Mastercard


JetBlue Mastercard Benefits 


After a Jet Blue card is activated, the cardholder can check their balance, update account information (such as phone numbers and addresses), check available credit, transfer a balance, pay a credit card, and change their PIN number.

1-866-823-8178 is the fax number for Jet Blue Mastercard.

International: 1-302-255-8888.




How do I activate my Barclay credit card?


Simply log in, select ‘Barclaycard,’ and activate your card — your new Barclaycard will be required. If you don’t have either, you can get your credit limit and a new card by downloading our free app from the App Store or Google Play.


Is it necessary for me to activate my new Barclaycard?


When you receive your new debit card, there’s no need to activate it; it’ll be available to use right immediately. To make a contactless payment, you must first complete a chip-and-PIN transaction. We’ll issue you a new card with a different number.



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