Home Apps Kingroot for PC – Download Kingroot for Windows 10

Kingroot for PC – Download Kingroot for Windows 10

Kingroot for PC – Download Kingroot for Windows 10

Would you like to root your machine with your PC? Here we share a Kingroot for PC download guide. The most recent version has been shared by us directly download.

Most individuals use smart devices for their daily operations in the age of digital technology. Most consumers want to automate their business with their smart device, such as daily job goals, productivity, ticket bookings, shopping, etc. It is simple, but a machine requires rooting for few works. Many people don’t know about it when we hear the term rooting. But rooting is currently on the trend and an app known for rooting has many other advantages, such as modifying, increasing productivity and more. pc rooting is a Kingroot application. And we’ll talk about Kingroot for windows in this post.


Kingroot for pc

Kingroot for PC

  1. About Kingroot

The Kingroot for PC is a rooting software that enables you to use your laptop or PC to root your Android device. With Kingroot English, the information are 100 percent safe and secure. There are no concerns. The best part is free to use this software to prevent you from paying a single bill in your pocket.

  1. Features of Kingroot
  • It’s user friendly
  • The method of rooting is fast
  • The battery is small and therefore the battery is saved.
  • It is also simple to download and install and to do so in a few steps
  • Give your smartphone the finest customisation
  • No pop-up and advertisement.
  • Manage system apps easily.
  • It has a 98% success rate.
  1. System Requirement to Download Kingroot for PC
  • Windows OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, & XP).
  • Require internet connection with moderate or high speed.
  • Minimum 4 GB RAM & 20 GB free space on the hard disk
  • Supportive graphics card

Download Kingroot for PC

The following link allows you to download and download Kingroot for PC from the official website of Kingroot as well.


Video Guide :

Install Kingroot for PC with Android

When you go to the link, the windows pc will show you a warning, deny it and follow the measures provided below to install this application first.

Step 1: Start the setup by opening the downloaded file, you may view the following texts in the Chinese language when you click on it.

Note: 下一步: Next and 取消: Cancel

Step 3: On the next screen choose the option of 我同意此协议 means Agreement to terms and then click on 下一步 means Next to continue the installation process.

Step 4: Now, choose the file location to install the Kingroot or save it in default place and then click on 下一步 means next. Wait till the installation completes.

Step 5: At last click on 完成 Means completed to complete the process.

Step 6: Next, connect your Android device with your pc via USB cable. And it will detect your Android device, version, and model.

Step 7: In just a few minutes, the driver installs, keep in mind that the process is completed with an active internet connection.

Step 8: Now, enable the debug mode and click on 尝试 Root Means Attempt to Root.

Step 9: The method is going to begin, and you must wait for the method to finish. Do not disconnect or move your device.

Step 10: The message with a large tick will be shown when the rooting is over. You can close the app afterwards. And effectively your device has its roots.


Kingroot, for PC–for Windows PC and laptop Download Kingroot. It is a trusted and easy-to-use application for the android device. You may be confronted with mistakes and issues during use. But all of the bugs were tried in the new version and so there is minimal chance of failure. Use the app and share with us your feedback. Thank you for reading! Thank you for reading! 


  1. Will my mobile be safe after rooting is done?

Although Android has some vulnerabilities but the unique security engine of Kingroot ensures that your device is safe from all type of vulnerabilities.

  1. Will my device’s warranty be void after rooting it?

In most cases, warranty of the device will be void after rooting. Before rooting, you should always make sure to take a backup of all your data. Also, the warranty of the device can still be enjoyed if the root is thoroughly removed. However, as different mobile companies have different policies, you should consult with them first.

  1. I’m not able to install the app. Please help.

If the app isn’t installing on your device it may be because the apk file may have been corrupted. Make sure you run a full system scan to search out for malware and viruses and then download a fresh copy of the app once they are eliminated. Scanning your system and clearing it up will most likely fix the issue. Now you should be able to install the app successfully on your iOS device