Notability for Windows | Download Notability App for Windows 10, 7 and 8.1

When it comes to note-making, digital note-making has become very popular for smartphone users and Windows users. Therefore, Notability for Windows is one of the most preferable ones for the one who likes taking notes on the computer. But, unfortunately, Notability is not officially compatible with Windows, thus in this article, I have come up with useful content for you which will help you Download Notability App for Windows 10, 7, and 8.1. Stay tuned and read till the end, I will also be adding useful content about this App which will give you more insight into its features.


#1 Creates Better Contents

The Notability app comes with an interactive note-taking feature that enables the users to create interactive content or notes for future references. Using this feature you can add notes and later can even add pictures or videos to make it more interactive for you.  

#2 More Tools for Editing

The thing I like about this Application is that it has a wide range of toolset for the users to make note-making more interactive and precise. It has tools like Crop, Cut, Brushes, Pencil, drawing, image editor, and many more.

#3 Collaborate with anyone

Now talking about its cool feature is the ability to collaborate with anyone you like. Suppose you are working out a topic in a group then you will be able to invite and share data to your group members in the form of text, pdf, images, etc. Your group member can even put up comments over your note or any data you shared with them over Notability.

How to Download and Install Notability on PC – Windows 10, 8.1 and 7

Notability App is officially available for macOS or IOS users and can be downloaded directly from its websites. But since the Notability for Windows is not officially made available, you will need to download the IOS Emulator on your computer to Download Notability App for Windows 10, 7, and 8.1. Using the Emulator any IOS-based Applications or programs can be installed on your Windows without any problems. To do so you need to follow the given down below steps one by one.

Step 1: The foremost step is to download the IOS emulator on your Windows machine, I recommend you to go for the Oracle Virtual Box.

Step2: After you install the Emulator on your machine, launch it and you will be able to Emulate any type of IOS Application to your Windows. Now you have to go to the Apple store and download the Notability App.

Step3: After you download and install the Application, now double-tap on the Icon to launch the program and start using it on your Windows without any issue.


#1 Penultimate: Penultimate is one of the best alternatives for Notability that you can try out in 2021 developed and made available by Evernote. This Application is made for the multi-purpose, it can be used for sketching, taking class notes, journals, business, etc. It also comes with multiple types of paper styles of which you can pick as per your requirement. The Drift feature of this application allows you to read the journals without even needing to scroll them by yourself.

# 2 GhostnoteThe second-best alternative for Notability in 2021 is the Ghostnote Application which is a digital note-taking app that comes with great features that makes it preferable for business and general use. Using this App you can collaborate with individuals by uploading data in the form of URL, Images, pdf, etc. To make things better this Application is made free and is easily available on the internet.

#3 My Diary: Now coming to one of my favorite alternatives for Notability is the “My Diary” note-making App. The cool part is that it supports Web-based Applications, which means even if you don’t have the Application installed you can access your Notebook by logging in to your “My Diary” Account online. You can also go and install it to your Android or IOS devices that will allow you to access it completely with the internet connectivity. This application is also free firmware, which means you don’t need to pay even a penny to access its features.

#4 Jotbox: From text formats, photos, sketches, videos, and PDFs you will be able to take notes using the Jotbox easily and send them immediately to anyone. This App is made for quick notes and important notes making or writing a to-do list and sending it to another user of friends immediately. It also comes with a lot of features that enable users to enter or edit notes even in text, create simple memes, and many more features which you will know when you download and start using this application.


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Frequently Asked Questions – Notability for Windows

Since the Notability App is very popular and it is only officially available for the IOS user, there are many queries and doubts that Windows and other users have. So, in this section, I will add some of the answers to your common queries. 

  1. Can You Use Notability on Windows? 

There is no official version available for Windows as it is only designed for the IOS user. Nevertheless, you will be able to use it only if you download the IOS Emulator on your machine. So, just download it and start using the features of Notability.

  1. Can You Collaborate on Notability?
    Of Course, you can, but for that, you have to make sure that you have an iCloud account . Using the iCloud account you will be able to collate with anyone you like by sharing data.
  2. Is Notability a One-Time Purchase?
    Unlike any other Application, Notability comes with only a one-time subscription of just $9.99/-. Looking at the features and services they provide for 9.99 USD are very impressive and budget-friendly.
  3. What’s Better? OneNote or Notability for iOS?

As always Notability is at the top rank for IOS and other users, it has a better User Interface, features, and is very easy to use. Any intermediate to professional digital note maker finds it very useful and exciting over OneNote.


I hope after going through this article you are now able to Download Notability App for Windows 10, 7, and 8.1 on your computer without any problem. Notability for Windows could be one of the best and most popular digital note-taking Apps available over the internet, so without any doubt just go for it and you will be satisfied. Lastly, if you have any other queries or questions then just feel free to comment down below the comment box section, thank you for reading.