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The  www.paybyplatema.com is an intermediate payment scheme that charges tax by detecting the Vehicle licence plate. The toll invoice for Pay By Plate MA is addressed to the registered owner of the car. You can pay these invoices online or by check at a customer support centre in EZDrive, MA.

The E-ZPass is a transponder (tag) that can be added for payment in your car. You can use www.paybyplatema pay.com to process; you don’t have to stop. While various countries have their E- ZPass, transponders from any state are allowed in the following conditions. E-ZPass Tag transponders, Therefore, you are suitable to use it in Massachusetts if you already have an E-ZPass from each of these States. However, you would have to qualify for one if you didn’t have an E-ZPass tag from another jurisdiction. A registered US vehicle licence plate number is required for a standard E-ZPass MA transponder.

How to Install E-ZPass on the car?

Before usage, the E-ZPass tag must be installed correctly. If the tag isn’t installed correctly, it can’t function and can be placed illegally.

Step1: Clean the positioning area with isopropyl rubbing alcohol on the windshield inside and permit drying.

Step2: Remove VelcroTM mounting stripes on tags from the rear of plastic tape.

Step3: Position tag is seen below according to the type of mirror.

Step4: Press the window glass tightly with titles.

If you wish to stop the problem of placing the E-ZPass with sticky streaks on the windshield, you should make this simple for E-ZPass holders to be attached and removed. It is ideal for car rentals or homes with multiple cars.

E-ZPass Ma

The use of transponders behind the rearview mirror is part of payment through E-ZPass. The Transponder is read by a particular computer and is credited to the E-Zpass MA account by paybyplatema online payment. EZpass MA transponders are free of charge, and in Massachusetts, they sell reduced tolls.


You can get an invoice at  www.paybyplatema.com official site if you pass via MA tolls without an account. Upon processing the toll route, an invoice is sent approximately 7-10 business days after the trip to the registered vehicle owners. For each invoice given, a charge of $0.60 is applicable. If the invoice is not charged by the due date, extra charges shall stay outstanding every month. Exceptional infringements can result in revocation of the licence.

Options for Invoice Payment

  • The www.paybyplatema.com pay online: Your invoice and licence plate numbers are used to pay electronically.
  • Post your check or money order to:

Commonwealth Massachusetts

EZDriveMA payments processing Center

Box P.O. Box P.O.

MA 02284-7840, Boston, MA.

E-ZPass for Other State

EZDriveMA accepts all transponders from state E-ZPass service providers from E-ZPass. You can display a map of the location of E-ZPass. E-ZPass accounts do not supply MA roads with toll discounts. Your E-ZPass government agency charges you if you have an E-ZPass account with another party. Try opening your E-ZPass in that state when you live or drive in a different state than Massachusetts. You can benefit from the discounts you can get.

Registered Accounts of PayByPlateMa

You can also pay your tolls with your car licence plate number via a Pay by Plate MA registered account. A Pay By Plate MA account is available for Massachusetts roads only and does not offer E-ZPass MA discounts. By Platform Pay MA Registered provides two choices for payment. You choose between a prepaid and a post-paid account when opening an account. You will pay tolls when a bank, credit or debit card is assigned, and you make a small amount deposited by prepaid accounts. 

You then make duty payments from the balance of your account and pay by www.paybyplatema.com Pay Bill. Once your balance is too low, your allocated payment option will refill your account—register to view your subscription fees on your website. A bank, credit or debit card on your account is also required for post-paid accounts. You are charged every 30 days with a postpaid account for your toll use. After your 30-day term, your report will be paid automated for your toll use.

Features of PayByPlateMa

  1. This payment option is available
  2. Built mostly for Massachusetts residents
  3. Video photos or photos of cars and licence plates are used to post a legal Certified Pay By Plate MA account of toll transactions

Final Conclusion

That was all about the payment options online for Paybyplatema. I hope this article is right for you and has helped you much with the invoice.