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Download PC Health Check to Test Your PC for Windows 11

Download PC Health Check to Test Your PC for Windows 11

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Windows 11 is now available for download, and users all around the world are anxious to take advantage of it. Here’s our in-depth Windows 11 review if you want to learn more.


The system requirements have already been released, and for the first time, a Windows OS cannot be installed without Internet access.


However, if you want to be certain, or if you want to see if your laptop or PC can run Windows 11, you can use the PC Health Check software.

How to see if my PC is ready for Windows 11?

You’ll have to validate that information yourself until Microsoft releases a new and improved version of the PC Health Check software, which you can do by comparing the table to the minimum requirements specifications.


If your computer meets Microsoft’s system requirements, you should be able to download Windows 11.

You can also read our detailed post for a complete list of Windows 11 requirements.

How can the PC Health Check app help me?

The corporation is sure to have a lot more in store for the Health Check app. And, as with any new programme, there’s always the possibility of bugs and problems ruining our experience.


However, the application allows you to run a full compatibility check on your system, which includes the new Windows 11 compatible processors added by Microsoft.


If your system fails to match the OS’s stringent requirements, the programme will provide you with a complete list of reasons why, as well as possible solutions.

How can I download the Windows PC Health app on Windows 10?

  • Download the PC Health Check app (it’s a 13MB Windows Installer file), then double-click it to begin the installation process.
  • When the process is finished, click Finish.
  • Then press the Check Now button.
  • You’ll either get a happy answer like This PC fulfils Windows 11 requirements or a sad answer like
  • This PC can’t run Windows 11. In either case, you can examine the situation by clicking on See all results.
  • You’ll be able to see if you’ve checked all of the boxes for prerequisites and what needs to be changed.


Furthermore, if this is your first time using the app, you should be aware that it contains a number of functions that provide health and performance data.
  • You can also do the following with the PC Health Check app:
  • Rename your PC Backup & Sync programme quickly. (If you don’t back up your data, you’ll get a notification here)
  • Get a brief overview of the current state of Windows Update.
  • Check the status of the storage capacity.
  • Learn about the startup times.


As a result, the Windows PC Health Check download is beneficial for a variety of operations in addition to determining whether your PC is ready for Windows 11.


What to do if the app says that your PC isn’t ready for Windows 11?


The PC Health Check software has been updated by Microsoft to display more information about why your computer won’t be able to run Windows 11.


This project will attempt to clear up some of the misconceptions surrounding compatibility. When you restart the application after downloading and installing it, it should automatically update.


By using the PC Health Check software, you may learn why Windows 11 isn’t working on your device and make the necessary changes.


If you don’t get a positive response, see our guidance on what to do if you don’t. This computer is unable to run Windows 11.


Expert Tip: Some PC issues, such as corrupted repositories or missing Windows files, are difficult to resolve. Your system may be partially broken if you’re having problems repairing an error. Restoro is a tool that will scan your machine and determine the source of the problem.

To download and begin mending, go here.


You can install Windows 11 without the TPM, but you won’t be able to bypass the other requirements, such as having at least 4 GB of RAM and enough disc space.


What can I do if PC Health Check App is not opening?


  1. Hit Windows + R, type appwiz.cpl, and then press Enter or OK.
  2. Search for Windows PC Health Look for it in the list of programmes, right-click it, and choose Repair.
  3. The app will be reinstalled and restarted. If it doesn’t work, right-click the app and choose Uninstall from the menu.
  4. Then, re-download and install the software.


The PC Health Check app was updated as promised by Microsoft. However, it appears that it crashes for a large number of people. If you could write a remark below describing how the app works for you, that would be great.


However, not everyone finds this small tool to be extremely useful. The app’s functioning has disappointed several users.


The TPM 2.0 (Trusted Platform Module) appears to be the most significant of them all, and there’s already some discussion about it on the internet.


We’ll have to delve a little more to discover what the real ramifications are for consumers, because it appears that, while this is a feature targeted at boosting security, it is not without controversy.


See what to do if the Windows PC Health Check app crashes in our detailed tutorial.


How do I remove PC Health Check?

  1. To access the Settings app, press Windows key + I.
  2. Next, locate the Windows PC Health Check programme in the Apps menu.
  3. Finally, confirm your action by pressing the Uninstall button.

If you still can’t use this app effectively after reinstalling it, it’s only natural to want to uninstall PC Health Check permanently.


After all, you don’t need another software taking up space and memory, especially if it’s useless.

After removing the primary programme, you can now utilise a professional uninstaller utility to eliminate software leftovers.


So, where does your compatibility test stand now? If you don’t like the idea of a PC Health Check download or if it doesn’t work for you, you can use the WhyNotWin11 software to see if your PC is Windows 11 compatible.


How do I download the PC Health Check app for Windows 11?

  1. On Windows 11, download and open the PC Health Check programme, then accept the conditions and click the Install option.
  2. After the Windows PC Health Check setup is complete, click Finish.
    You can’t verify if you have what it takes to run Windows 11 because you’re currently running it, but you may take use of all the other choices, such as renaming your PC, backup and sync,
  3. Windows update, and evaluating the storage space and startup time.

Is Windows PC Health Check a virus?

No, this app isn’t malicious; it was created by Microsoft and is completely safe to use on your computer. Keep in mind that malicious false versions of this software may exist.


Always download this programme directly from Microsoft and not from third-party sources to avoid virus issues.


So that’s how you can use the PC Health Check App to see if your PC is compatible with Windows 11.

We also noticed an increase in traffic to our article on this error: Because your computer’s trusted platform module has failed, we recommend that you consult our comprehensive information on the subject.


As a result, it’s possible that a growing number of Windows 10 users are testing the app and encountering TPM-related issues.


If you’re one of them, please leave a comment in the space below to let us know more.