How to Perfectly Pitch Your Guest Posts?

Some of us always try to increase traffic on our blogs and it’s quite challenging to accomplish it without doing anything.

Earlier it was difficult to increase our personal network or to get in touch with media influencers but now there are many ways available and Guest Posting is one of the most effective ways of doing it. But you need to pitch your guest posts perfectly to obtain desired outcomes. We have a few ideas to do it but before knowing those let’s see what exactly the guest posting is.

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In simple words, Guest Posting means publishing your articles on someone else’s blog or website. It helps you to gain more traffic, build backlinks to your blog and position your content in well-read and engaged readers. It helps you to grow your relationship with other bloggers which is obviously beneficial because the maximum part of internet is occupied by bloggers and social media influencers. It increases your online authority. But that shouldn’t be thought of as the only way to gain traffic, for websites like help immensely in providing websites proven real traffic.

During this whole process your blog value increases and your content become visible on search engines sometimes too.

Step by step guide for pitching of Guest Post:

  1. Find the best host blog:


In order to make your content reach more audience you need to search for guest blogging opportunities. You can search it on search engine using some keywords like “guest posts by”, “guest post opportunities”, “guest posts needed” etc. You need to find perfect blog or website for guest posting. While doing that you need to keep following things in your mind.

  • Find the most relevant blog or website for your content. In order to make your guest post acceptable you need to find out what kind of posts are posted by the host. Once you get an idea about the theme of the host blog that will make your pitching easy.
  • Take a week or two before pitching your guest post to the blogger and comment on his recent blogs. Share his work on twitter by mentioning his username.This can help you stay no longer a stranger for the host and this may be strategic to you.
  • Make your content attractive enough so that people will click on the backlinks.
  • The host blog should have engaged readership so that you will get a whole new bunch of people to read your blog.
  • The blog or website owner should be active on the all social media platform so that when he shares his blog there, your work will be automatically shared.
  • See how guest posts on the blog are doing.
  1. When to approach for Guest Posting?

After all the survey work about your host blog you need to find perfect time for your approach. Following list will help you with the right time.

  • When host blogger mentions you on his social media.
  • When host blogger lists you in one of his blog.
  • Right after when host is looking for guest posts.
  • When he replies to your comments on his blogs.


  1. Submission of guest posts.

Many bloggers are confused about what kind of of post they should submit. The simplest answer to this question is check out the posts of host blogger. If his posts are longer, do the same or if his posts have lot of images then you can follow the same trick. The following are other good tips for making your guest post best.

  • Read Guidelines: Being well prepared is the best practice to follow. Before submitting any blog post you need to read all the guidelines for guest posting. Those guidelines will tell you about the formatting and other related stuff.
  • Keep Yourself Aside: Always submit guest post related to host blogger content and include any kind of advertisement or promotions in your author’s bio.
  • Keep the same format: You will get a lot of ideas about formatting looking at host posts. Try to make your post look like theirs.
  • Add host’s backlinks to your post: Try to add backlinks to owner’s post on some spots. This is very beneficial for your host-guest relation.
  • Discuss: Reply to all the comments. Discuss in comment section and pitch some new ideas
  • Promote and get promoted: Make sure you share the blog. Sending new readers to host will make him happy for sure.


When you are done finding perfect host for your content and your guest post is finally up on the host site, now it’s your turn to return some favours to your host. You can do a few things that might benefit your guest-host relationship.

  1. Say Thank You. This sounds obvious but this is the first thing you should be doing to sustain a good relationship.
  2. Share it on your social media platforms.
  3. Reply all the comments on your guest post. This keeps you close to all the readers and vice versa.

If you follow these steps perfectly then you can get a good bunch of readers for your blog.

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