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PreApprovedTotal com: Total Rewards Visa RSVP Offer

PreApprovedTotal com: Total Rewards Visa RSVP Offer

In a matter of seconds, you may apply for the Total Visa credit card online.

  • To apply online, simply go to www.preapprovedtotal.com.
  • You must be at least 18 years old and a legal resident of the United States to participate.
  • The card is intended for people with less-than-ideal credit.
  • You must enter your Reservation Code in the box above and hit the Continue button to ensure you receive the terms of the direct mail offer you were mailed.


PreApprovedTotal – Total Visa Credit Card Application

  • Reservation code for www.preapprovedtotal.com Instructions
  • Persuade your wife to get a new credit card.
  • Wait for the Total Visa credit card offer to arrive in the mail from the United States.
  • Please visit www.preapprovedtotal.com.
  • Enter the promotional mailing’s reservation code.
  • Continue by clicking the button.
  • Fill in your name, income details, and contact information.
  • Select the Apply button.


In order to be authorised for the Total Visa card, you must be 18 years old or older and a legal resident of the United States.

If you did not receive a letter from www.preapprovedtotal.com, please go to the Toal card application page by clicking HERE.

www.PreApprovedTotal.com Notes on Promotion

  • Visa has the right to cancel or change this promotion at any time.
  • The Bank of Missouri issues the Total Visa Card under a licence from Visa U.S.A. Inc.
  • The application will request the applicant’s name, address, date of birth, and other information that will enable us to reasonably identify the applicant, such as a driver’s licence.
  • Upon approval, a checking account is necessary.
  • It can be used both online and in person wherever the Visa logo is displayed.
  • An yearly fee of $75.00 for the first year and $48.00 thereafter is charged.


The Total Visa Credit Card is great for those trying to rehabilitate their credit because it reports to all three credit bureaus.

Total Visa Card Customer Service

  • Send a message to info@totalcardvisa.com.
  • Do you need to mail a letter? P.O. Box 85710, Sioux Falls, SD 57118-5710 Total VISA
  • Please call (844) 206-4371 to check the status of your Total Card application or to pay your processing fee.
  • Please call 844-548-9721 for general customer service inquiries.


Increase in total Visa Card Credit Line?

  • Call 844-548-9721 for the best chance of getting a credit boost.
  • Request to talk with a customer support representative and explain that you have been paying on time and that you are entitled to a credit line increase.
  • www.preapprovedtotal.com reservation number