How to Remember Passwords In Microsoft Edge

Just like google chrome, Microsoft edge also saved and remember the password as well. Users can log in with their account to any website and they can save their credentials on Microsoft edge so that they don’t need to remember again. There are two-way user can access their password, on Microsoft edge and on windows too. In this article, we will explain how to remember passwords in Microsoft edge and how to access them.  

View saved passwords in Microsoft edge.

It’s easy to access your password on Microsoft edge. Follow this step by step guide for saved password viewer on edge.

  • Go to settings in Microsoft edge
  • Go to profile and you will find the password in an option
  • Click on the password and on the next page you will find a list of username and password
  • All of the passwords are hidden, you need to provide your windows password to access it.

Passwords can be accessed by advanced settings if users have login with their Microsoft account. Just visit advance settings and manage passwords to edit and view passwords. For more options, Users can check their windows web credentials as well.

Windows Web Credential 

Note: Users need to log in with their Microsoft account and sync with windows in order to view their password in windows web credentials.

You can remember passwords in Microsoft edge directly on the windows. Here is how.

  • Go to control panel 

  • Then go to the user account
  • On the left side, click on “manage your credential”
  • Now on that page, you will get two options 
  • Windows credential and web credential 
  • Go to web credential
  • Now you can see every account, username, and password
  • You will need your windows password to see the password

You can add or remove any account or password directly from there. This way, users can stay in control and always remember their password. If they forget any of their passwords and if any issue arises with Microsoft edge, they can check directly from windows.

We hope this article will help you remember the password in Microsoft edge. You can also check your Microsoft edge saved password in windows as well. If you have any questions regarding remember passwords in Microsoft edge, ask us in the comment section.