Solutions for ‘Werfault.exe Application Error in Windows 10’

In this article I am discussing the best possible solutions to fix WerFault.exe application error. So, first of all, it is very important to know about WerFault.exe error. So here, learn about it.

What is a WerFault.exe error?

Windows 10 users periodically complain about the

WerFault.exe – Application Error that appears when running various applications.

WerFault.exe or WerMgr.exe Application Error is a very irritating error that appears every time when user tries to execute any installed applications or services.

WerFault.exe is actually a necessary process responsible for the Windows Error Reporting service in Microsoft Windows.

This system service is responsible to throw updates and notifications to the users related to the application faultskernel faultsunresponsive applications, and other issues related to other Windows apps.

The process can also provide users with troubleshooting features and information. Windows Error Reporting System is basically a service which will get and send the logs of Error happening in the Windows Systems to the Microsoft.

WerFault.exe and WerMgr.exe file is located in the system32 folder in windows system and is used for windows error reporting.


                                Werfault.exe error

Causes of WerFault.exe Error

The main reason behind this error message is the corruption of WerFault.exe or WerMgr.exe file. Click on this website to know how you can prevent this by the various reviews of the best software to protect your identity and files.

These essential system files get damaged or corrupted due to several causes. Some of the common causes that can affect the WerMgr.exe and WerFault.exe error are:

  • Computer Virus can affect the WerMgr.exe and WerFault.exe file.
  • After upgrading the system, these files get replaced with another system files.
  • Unintentional deletion of WerMgr.exe and WerFault.exe files
  • Improper installation and un-installation of any app.

This type of error can slow down your Windows system and may also generate many other types of error if not solved soon. You can check this through the Task Manager of your Computer, task manager will show that the CPU utilization is near about 100% constantly, and when you click on the Processes tab then you will see that more than one occurrence of Werfault.exe that are using all the CPU memory.

Now coming to the point, let’s start fixing WerMgr.exe and WerFault.exe error message. Follow the below-given solutions one by one and check for the issue after applying each of the solutions.

How To Fix Werfault.exe Application Error Windows 10

Here are a few solutions which will help you to get rid of WerFault.exe error in Windows 10. Please try out one by one and see which works out for you.

Solution 1– Run the Windows Memory Diagnostic tool

Running Windows Memory Diagnostic tool, helps to get rid of unwanted errors and also improves the performance. Here are the steps to run Windows Memory diagnostic tool:

1 – Search windows memory diagnostic tool in windows 10 search box.

2 – Now, run this tool by clicking the search result icon.

3 – Now, click on restart now              Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool 1

This diagnostic tool will help you to fix all the memory related issues automatically.

Solution 2 – Run SFC System file scanner

In order to run SFC, just follow the below mentioned guidelines:

 1: Open the command prompt. To do this, press the Window + X and select Command Prompt (admin)


2: After opening the command prompt, type sfc /scannow over the command prompt and press the Enter key.


The sfc /scannow command will run a full system scan to verify all the protected system files. If any corrupted or damaged system file found then it replaces the damaged files with a cached version stored in windows dllcache folder.

After the completion of Scanning process, restart your computer and check for the issue.

Solution 3 – Try to Reinstall Display Drivers

Errors can also be created due to display drivers. Here are the steps to update the faulty display drivers:

1: Open the run dialogue box by pressing the Windows + R keys from your keyboard.

 2: In the run box, type devmgmt.msc and press the Enter key.


3: This will open up the device manager then click on the Display adaptors to expand it.



4: Now, you have to uninstall the drivers. After it, click on the Action tab and then click on Scan for hardware changes.


After clicking on the scan for hardware changes option, the Device Manager will scan and install the updated missing hardware drivers automatically.

Solution 4 – Turn off the Windows Error Reporting Service

If you are still unable to fix the WerMgr.exe and WerFault.exe error then this method will surely help you to help you to fix this error with ease.

 1: Open the Run box (Press windows key + R)

 2: On the run box, type services.msc in the run command box and press the Enter key. This will open up the Service Manager.


3: After it, you have to find out the windows error reporting service from the list and double-click on it.

4: Select the startup type as disabled.     

5: Now, click on apply. At last, press OK and restart your System/Laptop

Alternate Steps to Disable Werfault.exe

 You can also try out these alternate steps:

1: Click on the Start button-> Control Panel-> Windows Error Reporting->Click on System and Maintenance, then click Problem Reports and Solutions.

2: After it, click on the Change Settings present at the left side panel of the Problem Reports and Solutions

3: Choose an option to set how you want Windows to appear for a solution to your issues. You may either set it for automatic or ask to you every time.

 4: Next, click on the Advanced settings

 5: Choose Off to turn off Error Reporting.

Solution 5 – Try Antivirus Software

Now that WerFault.exe error is probably caused by viruses; you can try to use Windows Defender.

Run Windows Defender Security Center –> Virus & threat protection –> click Scan now to perform a quick scan.

use Windows Defender to remove virus threats

After removing possible threats, restart the PC to see if the error still exists.

Note: If you have already installed antivirus app before, chances are that the error is caused by this app, then just try to disable it to see if the error is removed.