Fix 100% Usage by System and Compressed Memory in Windows 10

System and Compressed Memory – As we are aware of one fact that Windows is one of the most famous and best-operating systems that has been the best choice and used by 90% computer users worldwide. Hence, whenever the new updates come out for Windows operating system from Microsoft, users start began updating their systems to the latest version of Windows 10.

However, during this procedure of updating Windows, some errors come in System and compressed memory of Windows 10 operating system based PCs. The System and compressed memory is kind of a particular process that is responsible for the different functions that are associated with the memory of the system.

System and Compressed Memory in Windows 10

System and Compressed Memory
System and Compressed Memory

The processing of System and compressed memory are mainly responsible for the compression of different types of files and folder as well as the management of your computer’s RAM that is available.

Approximately the system and compressed memory process are supposed to come with a simple and small amount of space on your disk as well as the CPU. However, at times of the process begins to use almost 100% of the disk space. So it can make your PC laggy and slow a bit. The responsibilities and duties of the other tasks and processes can also become the hindrance due to this issue.

What are the reasons for 100% Usage by System and Compressed Memory in Windows 10?

Well, we have already mentioned the main reason of this error but here we have shared the reasons in a specific way so you can understand this error before fix it completely from your Windows 10 based PC.

This issue was noticed at the beginning of the year and has been spreading ever since, and the System and compressed memory disk usage can be one hundred perfect because of two particular reasons.

  1. It can come if the user messed up with the settings of the virtual memory and saved the size of the paging file size. The default size is automatic.
  2. For all users, who are using Windows 10, this error can be fixed very easily and there are some effective ways/steps to fix this issue without facing any hassle and the best thing is, you don’t need to be technical guy to do, all you need is to follow our step by step methods.

100 % Usage by System and Compressed Memory – Fixed

The software is available that can be downloaded quite easily and it can then later utilized to scan for any corrupt files that may be present in your system and if there are so many files that are already corrupt, then these files should be repaired completely first and it will fix the system and compressed memory leak.

You can solve this issue by disabling notifications on Windows 10 and to do that simply follow this process – Go to Start > System > Notifications & Actions and on the right side, you will see Notifications on/off then trying them all off. For any users, this works for sure, so don’t forget to try it on your Windows 10 operating system based PC.

Below you can find all the Methods to “Fix System and Compressed Memory Error in Windows 10”:

Method #1.

The default size for all the paging files for Windows 10 automatically allows Windows to manage size. However, the size can be changed to a custom and pre-set value by the user. It can lead to one hundred percent usage of your PC disk by the process.

  1. The best resolution for this issue is to customize the size of the paging files.
  2. To do so, one simply need to open the Start Menu and locate the Performance option from the Settings
  3. Now the result of the search that is Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows should be selected.
  4. In the performance options navigation box that is necessary to go to the Advanced section and tap on change present under the virtual memory option. The Windows for the virtual memory will be shown.
  5. The window next to the option for automatically manages to page the file size for all drives options should be checked.
  6. Now when it is necessary to tap okey, simply apply all the changes and then once again tap okey in the window for the performance options.

Method #2:

Before the change, the size of your paging file may not work properly, or it may be damn difficult to change the size. In some cases, the window next to the automatically manage paging the file size for all drives could be already enabled in the virtual memory section and the size of the paging file will not be the issue for sure.

  1. In this case, it is necessary to disable the memory by disabling the issue for system and compressed memory.
  2. It is also necessary to hold the keys for windows and x.
  3. Then the control panel should be chosen and administrative tools and then choose the task scheduler should be searched by you.
  4. In the left panel, the windows option is shown that should be double-clicked to expand the size.
  5. Now the memory diagnostics options present in the left panel that should be taped to see the contents in the right panel.
  6. It is must locate the task called run full memory diagnostic entry on the right-hand panel and then tap on it.
  7. Now it is necessary to choose the disable option from the contextual menu.
  8. Once this has been done the user can close the task scheduler and then restart the computer and then issue shouldn’t persist in your Windows 10 PC after this.

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Final Words:

We know Windows operating system has some kind of issue but they can be fixing easily and this is why we have made this Windows PC Secrets blog for helping you guys. If you like today’s post on Fixing 100 % Usage by System and Compressed Memory and it helps you fix then please share it with your friends and come again on our blog for more guides on windows.