Teamviewer Alternatives

Do you want to switch your desktop connection manager software for your Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and Windows 7 based PC? You might be using TeamViewer already but if you want to try some TeamViewer Alternatives 2018 then you have landed on the perfect post because we are going to share the top-notch software like TeamViewer and you can download them for FREE and download remote desktop connection manager.

The remote desktop connection manager is the best way to connect with other people and control files on your desktop PC. These applications are quite useful for all the data centers and are ideal for industrial applications.

Teamviewer Alternatives 2018

Teamviewer Alternatives
Teamviewer Alternatives

TeamViewer is not only the remote desktop software available in the market, even there are multiple free and cheap Teamviewer alternatives available for every platform such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and even browser-based to help in your remote desktop access needs. We tried to cover the best possible free and cheap options in this post.

Remote desktop programs are the superb way to control the files on your desktop computer in addition to any place that is possible and also to help your associates. RDP is a program or an operating system feature which enables the user view that computer’s desktop to connect to a computer in a different place and interact with it as though it were local.

Remote desktop access is an excellent way to expedite the deployments. Remote desktop applications are utilized to data centers and are the norm in industrial applications. For developers, remote desktops are a great way. Data centers are the standard in industrial application and are configured using remote desktop programs.

The ideal tools are required to connect with your friends and family while the benefits of the remote desktop access are too significant to be overlooked. Among the remote desktop software which is most common and widely used is TeamViewer and we’ll look at a few choices available in the market.

Security experts were warning users to confront problems or to ditch it since TeamViewer got hacked. The main reason is that TeamViewer has been used as a vector of attack.

Best Alternatives to Teamviewer in 2018/2019

Here are best TeamViewer alternatives for 2018 which makes possible to find your best remote desktop program.

  1. Windows Remote Desktop Connection

Windows Remote Desktop Connection is a built-in feature which can be used as TeamViewer alternatives. The setting can be obtained in the System settings of the computer. The PCs router has to be routed to guide it. PC controller at one time isn’t something which this instrument is capable of. This app doesn’t wish to install any extra software to get the job done and is terrific for users.

Download WRDC – Click Here

  1. CloudBerry Remote Assistant

For the longest time, TeamViewer has been the king of remote access programs in the market. However, there have been some complaints about the past couple of months. At first, I only took them as rumors, but as the time progressed, I kind of realized that it is more than just that.

As a matter of fact, the software does have a number of issues that are plaguing some users. For newbies, we have noticed some lags and increased network usage for no reason.

Download CloudBerry – Click Here


JoinMe is a superior online gathering and conferencing tool that lets multiple people from multiple locations connect with one another at precisely the exact same time, which is supported by Windows and Mac OS X. offers unlimited sound, meaning that anybody can connect a call on any device, whether that’s net calling (VoIP) or telephone lines. Additionally, it provides one-click meeting scheduling, recording, and telephone numbers in 40 countries to facilitate conferencing.

It comes with free of cost, and a $15/mo for Pro plan, and $19/mo for Enterprise programs with premium meetings and innovative management. It supports Mac OS X and Windows.

Download – Click Here

  1. RealVNC

Virtual Network Computing or the VNC technology is an open-source technology upon which this software is built. RealVNC offers both free as well as paid versions of the Remote Desktop Client. Although, somewhat complex that TeamViewer in setting up, VNC delivers a secure, reliable and dependable connection. This utility can help you connect multiple PCs behind an IP address or connect to a computer.

It is completely free for personal use only but the paid for private commercial and enterprise use. It supported Mac OS X, Linux, UNIX, Windows, Ubuntu, Raspberry Pi.

Download RealVNC – Click Here

  1. Supreme Remote Desktop Assistant

Although, TeamViewer is considered to be the top of the line remote desktop software by many, there are several alternatives available for people who do not want to use TeamViewer for one reason or another. A great example is SupRemo Remote Desktop Program, a relatively newer tool in the market that aims to get the job done without any issue.

The one thing that, I absolutely love about SupRemo is just how lightweight it is as compared to some of the competition in the market. It is simple to use, and extremely easy as well. Below are some of the features that you should tool at:

  • Allows multiple connections on the same computer.
  • Does not require you to configure your firewall or router settings.
  • Allows the user to drag and drop files with great ease.

It comes with the free trial is available and for paid options click here and it has some features like it is easy to use, lightweight on the resources, provide users a 256-bit AES encryption to ensure the securest possible connection, allow multiple connections on one computer with ease.

Download Supreme Remote Desktop Assistant – Click Here

More Windows Apps and Programs:

Final Verdicts:

So these are some of the top best TeamViewer Alternatives 2018 and if you found this post helpful then drop your comments below and we will get back to you.

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