Facing an issue with Microsoft Teredo Tunneling Adapter? It’s a common issue faced by Windows users where they find a yellow exclamation mark near the teredo adapter in the device manager that indicates an issue with the driver installation. Read this article to explore how to fix the Microsoft Teredo tunneling adapter error (Code 10) in Windows 10.

What is the Microsoft Teredo Tunneling adapter?

Teredo allows translation between IPv6 and IPv4 in Internet protocol. Before this adapter, there were 6to4 protocols that operated in a similar method, except behind Network Address Translation (NAT). Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface is a protocol within the adapter that allows the home network to access IPv6 before the network supports the protocol. It creates a smooth transition from IPv4 to IPv6. The protocol and adapters are important because of the IPv4 shortage and transition to IPv6. However, when users encounter an issue with Teredo Adapter, it cannot operate properly. The error accompanied by a message in the device manager that reads “The Device cannot start. (Code 10)”.

How to fix the Microsoft Teredo Tunneling Adapter Error(Code 10)?

Uninstall and Reinstall Teredo Adapters

  • Open Run windows(Windows+R) and type “devmgmt.msc”
  • Now go to the network adapter and find Teredo Tunneling Adapter

Teredo Tunneling Adapter

  • Then right-click on the adapter and select the uninstall option and follow the instruction to uninstall.
  • Make sure to find other Microsoft Teredo Adapters and Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface and uninstall it

Once you complete this step it will uninstall the Teredo adapter. Now we can reinstall it. Here is the process,

  • In the device manager, go to the action tab and select “Add legacy hardware”

Teredo Tunneling Adapter

  • It will open add hardware wizard, click on the next button to move forward

Teredo Tunneling Adapter

  • Then select “Search for and install the hardware automatically (Recommended)” option

Teredo Tunneling Adapter

  • On the next screen, it will list all the devices on your system. Select network adapters and click on the next button

Teredo Tunneling Adapter

  • Now it will list all the devices associated with the network adaptor. Select Microsoft in manufacturer and Microsoft Teredo Tunneling Adapter in the model and click next.

Teredo Tunneling Adapter

It will install the adaptor again in your system without any yellow marks and errors. However, if this method doesn’t solve your issue with the Teredo Adapter issue, find other methods to fix it.

  1. Update Teredo Tunneling Adapter Driver

If the issue with the teredo adapter comes within the driver, we can simply update the driver to make it compatible with windows. Here is how,

  • From the device manager, go to network adapter, find Teredo Tunneling Adapter
  • Now right click on that select update option
  • Then go for “search automatically for updated driver software” option

Teredo Tunneling Adapter

It will search and find the latest version of the teredo adapter driver and install it. Restart to save the process and check again for the error. Once users update the driver it will solve any error originating or related to the teredo adapter driver, but if the issue still persists, try other methods.

Enable Teredo Client using Command Prompt

  • Open command prompt with administrator permission

Teredo Tunneling Adapter

  • Now type “netsh” and hit enter (Netsh is a command-line scripting utility that allows you to display or modify the network configuration of a computer that is currently running)
  • After that, enter “int teredo”
  • Then “set state disabled”, “int ipv6” and “set teredo client”

Teredo Tunneling Adapter

Now close the command prompt and open the device manager to check for the error. We enabled Teredo Client in windows by using the Netsh command line which can create the Teredo Tunneling Adapter. But if this method doesn’t solve your issue, try other methods.

Registry Editor

If any of the above methods are unable to solve the issue, we can change a parameter in the registry editor to fix it. However, before you start editing, make sure to take a back up of your registry first. In the registry editor, select the first icon, the computer and go to files to export.

  • Open registry editor by typing “Regedit” in Run Windows
  • Now follow these steps, go to







Here is the full address of the registry,


Teredo Tunneling Adapter

  • Find Disabled Components and select modify option, change Value data to “0”

Once users change the value to zero, restart the system and check again for any Teredo Adapter error. It will surely fix the issue right away and there will be no yellow exclamation mark near the Teredo adapter.

FAQ for Teredo Tunneling Adapter Error(Code 10)

  • What is the Microsoft Teredo Tunneling adapter used for?

This adapter allows IPv4 to translate into IPv6 in the system. Because of IPv4 shortage, users are adapting to the IPv6 protocol and this adaptor helps them with the transition.

  • How do I fix Microsoft Teredo Tunneling adapter?

Here is the list of method that can fix Teredo adapter issue on Windows 10,

  1. Uninstall and Reinstall Teredo Adapters
  2. Update Teredo Tunneling Adapter Driver
  3. Enable Teredo Client using Command Prompt
  4. Registry Editor


Windows 10 often finds the issue in their device manager as the Teredo adaptor works perfectly with Windows 7. When users upgrade to update their system, often the adaptor drivers get corrupted causing the issue. In this article, we have provided information about how to fix Teredo Tunneling Adapter The Device cannot start. (Code 10) error. If you have any questions regarding Microsoft teredo Adapter, ask us in the comment section.

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