TinyUmbrella for Windows is an excellent tool that helps in restoring or reverting your jailbroken IOS to its original condition. In times when you jailbreak your IOS and face any issue or damage condition then you would want to regain it to the company made  features. So, using the TinyUmbrella for windows you will be able to restore your device back to its original states. This App uses the previously saved SHSH blobs for authentication of the previous version of your IOS firmware. Using  this tool you can even retain any of your Jailbroken devices including Ipad, etc. 

Tinyumbrella For Windows

TinyUmbrella for Windows

The TinyUmbrella is a free Iphone tool which is owned by the Author Firmware Umbrella. This is compatible with WIndows 8/ WIndows 9/ Windows 10 to give the most flexibility to its users. This Tools requires the Java Runtime Environment running on the background to successfully perform in reverting your jailbroken Iphones so make sure you installed it on your Computer. 

TinyUmbrella utilizes the TSS server for initiating the process of reverting your jailbroken device and also in times of problem with the server, it uses your Itunes to restore to the original firmware. With the updates from the Server or Apple it might sometimes not be able to retrieve your device. But, the cool thing is it will notify you if the system is updated and will recommend other tools like Ifaith etc. 

This tool is a freeware license so you do not need to pay to use its features. All you need to do is download and start using it. The main feature of this software is to retrieve the IOS to its original form and it automatically resembles the firmware. The File of this tool is of 36.6Mb and is absolutely safe to use. 


 What Is TinyUmbrella Used for?

TinyUmbrella is an Iphone based tool that helps in retrieving jailbroken Iphones of Ipad to its original firmware. The Software does it so by backing up the firmware SHSH blobs of the IOS device which need to be retrieved. TinyUmbrella can also be used to access over different features of jailbreak like accessing to APps and other websites which  are restricted or unauthorized by App. Jailbreaking is sometimes restricted to certain types of regions or countries so make sure to research before doing so. No doubt a country like the USA is completely legal and free to jailbreak your IOS devices. 

WHat is TinyUmbrella?

TinyUmbrella is a freeware third party software that is specifically designed and developed in reverting any jailbroken Iphones to its original firmware. This tool works by retrieving the Firmware called the SHAH and Blobs and saving it to Cydia for future use. TinyUmbrella can not be a problem solver when it comes to the latest or newest Iphone version as it needs more updates. 

Is it complicated to use TinyUmbrella?

An advanced Iphone tool like the TinyUmbrella is complicated to use for a beginner with little technical knowledge about softwares. So, its developer highly recommends its user to get a good guide before starting with it. Any Mistakes can entirely ruin or damage Apple firmware during the modification process. 

How to download tinyUmbrella on Mac? 

  • The first and foremost step to do is to backup all the data from your Iphones or Ipad to avoid any data loss. 
  • Now download the latest version of TinyUmbrella Mac from its official website.
  • As you complete the installation, you need to now go to Cydia and download the SHSH for your device. 
  • After everything is down, double click on the icon and launch the SOftware. 
  • As you launch you will see an option “SAve SHSH”. 
  • You are to click it and automatically it will save you the download SHSH on your Iphone will be saved on your Mac directly. And then click the “Start TSS Server” option. 
  • Now launch Itunes to restore your Iphones by going to the option sections. As you enter, you will be directed to a bunch of selection, choose the required firmware you want to jailbreak.
  • Finally your Device will jailbreak your installed firmware. 


Redsnow is also one of the alternatives for TinyUmbrella that you can opt for. This tools are developed to revert any jailbreak Iphone or Ipod, and also using this tools you can root the system to run those Apps on your device which are not accessible or authorized. 


Ishshit is also another perfect alternative of TinyUmbrella that enables you to backup your SHSH blobs from Apple server to for future use.


Ifaith is one of the most recommended alternative of TinyUmbrella to you as it keeps on adapting with the update of Apple. Sometimes when TinYuMbrella are unable to retrieve your Device due to the update in App or Server than it may recommend Ifaith to you. This tool also does the same like others, it saves the SHSH blobs of your jailbroken version so that you can retain it when you want to. The tools retrieve your jailbroken device to its original state and also save the older version for your future reference. 


All the Apk files are not owned by us, it is collected from the play store and we do not take any responsibilities in case of any abusing act done by the users. When you click on the given download link you will be directed to their website accordingly and you are accepting their terms and condition but not ours. 

Lastly, the TinyUmbrella for Windows is not owned by us or is not affiliated with them in any case, all the content about this App is taken directly from their official website and we do not entertain any misleading information about the App. The images used in this article are all genuine images of TinyUmbrella for Windows. 


I hope this article was helpful to you if you have any issue please feel free to comment down below. Lastly If Apple happens to update its system and in any case you could not retrieve or jailbreak your IOS device then use Ifaith or try another alternative and hopefully you would be able to do it. 

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