Top 5 GBA emulators to play on Android

GameBoy Advance (GBA) was an absolute luxury for 90s Kids. Claiming a GBA Console was no less than a dream come true in those days. These days, the majority of things have changed yet these eternal games like Pokemon Emerald, Legends of Zelda still have that exact same impact on 90s kids. Although, in recent times we rarely have any handheld consoles available, nonetheless, there is a better alternative to play your old school favourites at, GBA emulators are a better and an effective alternative to handheld consoles. 

Here is a rundown of 5 Best GBA Emulators, these emulators will assist you with playing your number one GBA games on your Windows PC or even on your Mac. You simply need to download the desired emulator and run the GBA ROM in it. 

1.My Boy GBA emulator 

My boy is a delightful package of explicit detailing and amusing gameplay, it provides rapid emulation and is one of the lightest GBA emulator for android users. This is an authentic emulator which is an ideal choice for all android users ranging from the cheapest to the most costly android gadget’s owners.  

Plenty  of interested users download this extraordinary My Boy emulator daily. This outstanding emulator has effective emulation techniques and a genuinely smooth interface. One can enjoy a hassle free gaming experience by utilising this emulator. My Boy GBA Emulator has some astonishing features, external keyboards being one such feature. The wide range of GBA games can easily be controlled by My Boy emulator without any complications. Overall, My boy emulator has been a saviour in disguise for 90s gaming lovers. 


GBA.EMU is an exceptionally good advanced emulator developed by Robert Broglia, it has exceptional features which are unmatched to a number of GBA emulators. It has a special feature which enables users to take their Visual Boy advance(VBA-M) saved records and further use them with the help of your GBA.emu on your android mobiles and similarly it also allows android users to access their saved data on their VBA-M.  

This excellent emulator allows the use of cheat codes just as VBA-M does, so the execution of cheat codes is smooth and simple. You may find a few cons while using this emulator but apart from a few bugs, the emulator is very compatible. Users can install this emulator in paid as well as unpaid version from the playstore.  


The VGBA emulator is an accumulation of various different kinds of emulators in one.It is not an ordinary Gameboy emulator just for Gameboy advance but is also  compatible with Gameboy color and Nintendo entertainment system. This astonishing GBA Emulator for  android runs extremely well and permits its users  to play their preferred ROMs from GBA, GBA colour and Nintendo consoles easily. You can also play GBA games online on: Here you don’t need to install the ROM on your pc or phone and can directly play it. 

It contains a controller feature which allows the players to rewind gameplay by 16 seconds and most importantly it has a Network Play quality for playing your top notch GBA android games with your chosen companions or family over mobile network. 


John GB is famous for its  outstanding GBA emulation features. It was created by “John emulator”. This emulator is a plethora of explicit features like it supports cheat codes just like other emulators above in the list. 

The emulator also allows fast forward and slow down modes during games which is a unique feature to find in an emulator, John GBA also allows saving/loading data. It also supports external controllers while playing games, so all in all it is safe to say that no list of best GBA emulators is complete without the addition of JOHN GBA emulator in it. 


The Gem Boy emulator aces the list of  the best dual emulators available for android users. It provides emulation to both Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Color games to be played on android gadgets. Although it is a mainstream emulator but  not as well known as the very famous My Boy emulator.  

It has some extraordinary highlights available, a portion of the excellent features it has are; save your game progress at any point of time, provides hardware support and numerous other top notch highlights. The Gem Boy emulator is not an extremely heavy application  and almost all Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Color ROMs are compatible with this emulator. 

So this was a complete rundown of best emulators for android available, My BOY emulator still remains the preferred choice of most android users because of it’s number of highlights and smooth format. Although all the above emulators never disappoint android users in running GBA games and that is the reason they are widely acknowledged. 

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