Windows 10 Black Screen with Cursor: How to fix Black Screen in Windows 10?

Windows 10 Black Screen with Cursor is an error in which only the cursor is visible on the screen. It makes users practically blind to the issue and restricts them to try any method to fix it. Mostly when users install new updates to their windows, it creates conflict with the system resulting in Window black screen. The window black screen usually appears after updating the system and logging in. read this article to understand how to fix black screen with cursor on Windows 10 after an update.

How to fix Windows 10 Black Screen with Cursor issue?

Force Shutdown your PC

One of the simple solutions is to reboot the system. primarily windows can take care of any issue with just one restart. However, for this error, we need to force shut down the system. Hold the power button for at least 20 seconds until Windows shut down. After that remove all the cable, including the power cable(for laptop, remove your battery). Now wait a couple of minutes and attach all cables to restart the system. This will force windows to flush all the active process and force it to shut down without saving. If the source of the problem comes from a faulty process or start-up program, force shutdown will solve it. However, if you are still facing a black screen in windows 10, try other methods.

Turn off Fast Startup

Fast startup is a process that allows windows to boot quickly. However, it stops windows to shut down regularly and forces the system to hibernate or in sleep mode. It creates conflicts for app compatibility and also produces errors like Windows 10 black screen issue. Here is how to turn off fast startup,

  • Start the system using windows 10 installation media
  • Go to repair your computer > troubleshoot > Advanced options
  • Now in the startup setting, select restart and start your PC in safe mode with networking
  • This will allow users to access their system, now go to control panel and select the power option
  • Select “Choose what the power buttons do”

Windows 10 black screen with cursor

  • Then go for “change settings that are currently unavailable”

Windows 10 black screen with cursor

  • It will allow access to the advance settings, now uncheck the option for “turn on fast startup(recommended)” option

Windows 10 black screen with cursor

This will stop the system from startup quicker and allows windows to shut down properly. Now restart the pc to check for the “Windows 10 Black Screen with Cursor”. If you are still unable to view anything and only black screen appears in windows, try other methods.

Uninstall Graphic Driver

Graphic drivers are one of the main culprits behind Windows 10 black screen. If you have recently updated your graphic driver or installed a new one, it can create an issue with the system. Once the system reboots, it won’t support the GUI of your system that produces black screen with cursor error. Here is how to Uninstall Graphics driver,

  • In the safe mode, go to device manager (open run windows and type “devmgmt.msc”)
  • Now find monitors and then your graphic driver, right-click on it and select uninstall option

Windows 10 black screen with cursor

  • Follow the instruction and uninstall the graphic driver, after that restart your system

This will stop the issue of graphic drivers and with the reboot, Windows system will default graphic drivers. However, users can try to update, roll back or disable the drivers too. But if this method doesn’t work and you are still facing Windows 10 black screen, try other methods.

Uninstall Application with issues

Sometimes users download third-party apps that don’t work properly and create an issue with the system. Apps’ erratic behavior can cause different errors including windows 10 black screen with cursor issue. Here is the process to uninstall the problematic apps,

  • Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open task manager
  • Then click on the files and select “run new task”
  • Now write down “appwiz.cpl” and it will open app uninstaller
  • Uninstall the app that creates the issue

Windows 10 black screen with cursor

It might take multiple tries to find out which app is causing the error. But even after that, you are still unable to operate your system, try other methods.

System Restore

System restore allows users to turn the clock around and go back to the time where everything was normal. If any of the above methods don’t work, users can restore their system back to normal. Search for system restore in taskbar and select system restore. Now follow the instruction and select the system restore point before the windows 10 black screen with cursor appears.

Windows 10 black screen with cursor

Reset your PC

The final method is to reset your PC. with black screen on windows 10, users don’t have other options to choose from. It will clean your system and remove all the conflicting elements and cause all the errors. This method will surely work and solve the windows 10 black screen issue.

  • Open task manager and type “cmd” in new task
  • Now type command “systemreset” and follow the instruction

This method works for users who cannot access other programs. However, if you are using safe mode, then here is the process,

  • Go to settings and select update and security
  • Then choose the recovery option and click on getting started under Reset this PC

Windows 10 black screen with cursor

  • Now choose the option “keep my file” for partial reset otherwise select remove everything option

Windows 10 black screen with cursor

Once the system is reset, users can get rid of Windows 10 black screen issue right away.

FAQ for Windows 10 Black Screen with Cursor

  • What causes black screen with cursor in Windows 10?

One of the main reasons is a graphic driver that isn’t compatible with the system. Also, conflicting apps and corrupted processes can cause the black screen issue as well.

  • How to fix Windows 10 Black Screen with Cursor?

Following methods can fix the black screen issue in windows 10,

  1. Force Shutdown your PC
  2. Turn off Fast Startup
  3. Uninstall Graphic Driver
  4. Uninstall Application with issues
  5. System Restore
  6. Reset your PC


The black screen issue restricts users to try many methods to fix the issue. However, they can use the task manager or windows safe mode to operate as well. In this article, we have provided information about how to fix Windows 10 Black Screen with Cursor error. If you have any questions regarding black screen in windows, ask us in the comment section.

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