Top 5 GBA emulators to play on Android

GameBoy Advance (GBA) was an absolute luxury for 90s Kids. Claiming a GBA Console was no less than a dream come true in those days. These days, the majority of things have changed yet these eternal games like Pokemon Emerald, Legends of Zelda still have that exact same impact on 90s kids. Although, in recent times we rarely … Read more

How to fix the error Failed to Initialize Renderer ?

Failed to Initialize Renderer

You may have come across the “Failed to Initialize Renderer” error while opening the game Skyrim. This error mostly shows when the default screen resolution is not as per the required standards. Behind this, there are two main reasons- first is not updated or corrupt graphic drivers of the hardware, and the second is a … Read more

Xbox 360 Controller Driver Not Working [Fixing Guide]

Xbox 360 Controller Driver Not Working

Does your Xbox 360 Controller Not Working? If YES, then you should follow our methods to fix Xbox 360 Controller Driver Not Working and you can later enjoy your Xbox games without any issue. There are plenty of gaming fans use Xbox 360 Console to play their favorite games on big HD television but while … Read more