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12 Best Free Youtube to MP3 Converter [2022]

12 Best Free Youtube to MP3 Converter [2022]


The best free Youtube to MP3 converter for converting your favourite music to MP3 format.


YouTube is a video-on-demand service that allows users to watch original material online. YouTube is used for a variety of reasons. It is the most important unique content platform, hosting various types of videos. The experience of listening to music on YouTube is unlike any other.


Some tracks can only be found on YouTube and nowhere else. There are also live versions of songs that can only be found on YouTube. You can’t close the YouTube app and still listen to music, as we all know. Converting YouTube to MP3 is the greatest way to listen to music.


You can also download other media, such as audiobooks or audio recitals of poems, in addition to music. All you’ll need is a YouTube to MP3 converter. You may also download podcasts and interviews and listen to them without having to watch them on YouTube while driving, working, or otherwise.


All that’s left is to convert them from YouTube to MP3. You can download YouTube to MP3 audios using any of these converters. The most popular platform for creators of original content is YouTube. Many people regularly watch videos on YouTube.


With the right tools, you can quickly convert YouTube to MP3. You must, however, take caution due to YouTube’s severe copyright policy. Always get permission from the content creator before downloading anything. Instructions for converting a YouTube video to an mp3 file are also supplied. Here is a list of the best YouTube to MP3 converters.


Best Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

#1. Wondershare UniConverter


In terms of user interface and delivery, this YouTube to MP3 converter is one of the best. You can convert any audio or video file to any other format using it. It converts over 1000 different formats exclusively. You can also compress the files so that they can be stored on a USB drive or a DVD.


The conversion speed is extremely rapid, allowing for simple and efficient conversion of many files without sacrificing audio quality. You won’t have to worry about conversions because it supports dozens of websites.

It converts YouTube videos to MP3s for free. The free edition, on the other hand, may not include all of the features. If you want to get the most out of it, you may need to upgrade to the paid version.


#2. 4K Download MP3 Converter


4K Download

This YouTube to MP3 converter is a versatile converter that works with YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, and a variety of other websites. It converts videos to mp3 by simply copying and pasting the desired download link.


This website does not require registration; simply open it and drag & drop. You can also download videos in several formats, such as OGG and M4A. It provides a fantastic platform with an interactive website.


You can also adjust the audio quality to your preferences. You may listen to the converted files right there, thanks to a built-in audio player. If you want to use it on a regular basis, you may need to download an application. There are both a free and a paid version of the app.


#3. Free YouTube to MP3 Converter



It is a programme that allows you to convert numerous files to mp3 format. You can upload a variety of files and then wait for them to download in the background. It includes a feature that allows you to download the complete YouTube channel in the background.

This, however, may be time-consuming. The website has a modern design and can play any music or video format. If you’re looking for a free and useful converter, this is definitely the best option. Your internet connection will determine the download speed for bulk downloads.


It is one of the most effective free YouTube to MP3 converters available. Although the user interface is a touch antiquated, this application is one of the best solutions available.

#4. Converto



Converto is a completely free website that does not require any special software to use. You can download all of your converted files immediately from the internet. The YouTube audio downloader is quite simple to use. You only need to copy and paste the YouTube video link to convert any file.


It offers a variety of format options. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of downloading software, this is the best option for a rapid conversion. So, for your converting needs, this is an excellent starter version to attempt. While using this converter, there are no annoying commercials that appear.


The website is also visually appealing. The download links expire after twenty-four hours, but this is a reasonably straightforward converting website.


#5. Y2Mate



Y2Mate is also a website converter that runs on the web. This converter is only compatible with YouTube videos. All you have to do is copy and paste the link or keywords, choose the video, and convert it, just like the previous converter. The audio file can be downloaded from the website. You have the choice of downloading it in MP3 or MP4 format.


It has a simple user interface that makes it simple to use and gives a hassle-free experience. This conversion does not require any prior registration. It works on all devices and delivers a pleasant experience. You can quickly convert YouTube videos to mp3 format. It only works with YouTube and not with any other video platforms.


#6. YTD Video Downloader


YTD Video Downloader

In terms of file types, his video converter is highly versatile. You may convert videos from any platform, including Facebook and Dailymotion, with our YouTube audio downloader. Conversions are generally available for all formats.


It also has a built-in player, so you may try it out before you download it. It also has built-in tools for making changes to the website. This converter, on the other hand, does not allow for excessive downloads. There is a premium version for increased efficiency. If you use the free version, however, the download speed may not be as good.


#7. aTUBE Catcher


aTUBE Catcher

This converter is a fully integrated application with a wide range of applications. It’s simple to download with little to no effort. The user interface is amazing, and it converts YouTube to MP3 with ease. It’s a little clunky and out-of-date, but it gets the job done. It will not let you down in terms of delivery. By simply copying and pasting links into it, you can download it in bulk.

It supports all video formats and includes extra features such as a screen recorder, audio recorder, and DVD creator. However, it is restricted to YouTube videos. The best aspect of this converter is that it works with a variety of devices.

It can be used with an iPad, iPod, phone, GPS device, VCD, and a variety of other devices. In addition, it is

#8. YouTube MP3 Free Online



This website has a fantastic user experience and numerous functions. Before saving the finished file, you can make some modifications and final edits. You can make volume adjustments and even modify the file’s format.


Before downloading the file, you can compress it. This website is quick and easy to use, making it excellent for anyone seeking for a rapid converting tool. It can convert video files to MP3 and MP4 formats. However, you should be aware that some irrelevant adverts may appear and disturb you.


#9. Ontiva YouTube to MP3 Converter



This software is completely free and produces excellent results. To use this website, you do not need to register first. As a result, it is a secure and quick method of converting any file. It has an easy-to-use user interface and unlimited downloads. It can play MP3, MP4, WAV, MOV, AVI, and many other formats. It is, however, limited to YouTube videos and does not advocate for any other platform.

#10. YTMP3 — YouTube to mp3 converter



This software is completely free and produces excellent results. To use this website, you do not need to register first. As a result, it is a secure and quick method of converting any file. It has an easy-to-use user interface and unlimited downloads. It can play MP3, MP4, WAV, MOV, AVI, and many other formats. It is, however, limited to YouTube videos and does not advocate for any other platform.

#11. Free YouTube Download


This converter contains a number of unique features and is designed to be simple to use. It makes it simple to operate. It has a highly user-friendly UI. It comes in a range of formats and quality. You can download a large number of videos at once.

Although the videos you download have a three-minute limit. If you want to download all of the videos, you’ll have to pay for the full version. It’s ideal for converting YouTube to MP3 for free.

#12. Any Video Converter Free


It’s one of the best YouTube to MP3 converters. This converter is both quick and versatile. As the name implies, it can convert any video to audio. It can also be used to download YouTube videos and their mp3 files.

YouTube to mp3 conversion is simple. You can access the video’s features by simply copying and pasting the video’s URL into the website. It doesn’t have a one-click converting option, but it is still straightforward to use.

How To Download YouTube Videos To MP3?

Always keep in mind that the amount of times you will be converting is the most important factor to consider when downloading a converter. If you’re looking for a quick converting tool, one of the websites listed above is a good place to start.

However, if you wish to download them in mass, they might not be useful. You may need to purchase or download premium versions of relevant software to accomplish this. In light of this, if you want to convert videos in bulk, you can use multiple internet tools or install software.

The programme will be more efficient and speedier. It will also be more secure. If you use specific applications, you may come across malware, though all of the software indicated above is safe.

Here’s how to convert a YouTube video to mp3

It is simple to download YouTube videos. All you have to do is copy and paste the link you wish to download into the converter you’ve chosen. To add a website, simply put the URL into the dialogue box.

Other software choices may exist, which you should investigate ahead of time. Simply try it a few times; it will get more comfortable after that. So have a good time and convert your videos to audio files so you can listen to them afterwards.


These are some of the most popular free YouTube to MP3 converters. These converters can be used in a variety of ways. For example, suppose you want to include the music of a rising musician in your video cut. Simply convert the video clip to an audio file. However, you should always seek permission from the content creator first.


You may also convert instructive videos to audio and have your children listen to them as they play. Radio broadcasts, podcasts, and other interviews, as indicated above, can all be used in the same way. You may even make a personalised playlist out of the audios and give it to someone as a present. So go ahead and download those audios with one of these apps!