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Unlocking the Benefits of Massage: A Guide for Computer Users


Have you ever felt pain in your neck or back after spending a lot of time at the computer? Have you experienced carpal tunnel syndrome caused by a computer mouse? Staying in a fixed position at a computer for a long time can lead to pain in the neck, back, and shoulders. That is why for people who spend most of their time at the computer, massage is very important. Massage can improve blood circulation and relax muscles. To relieve stress in the body at a convenient moment without leaving your home or office, you can use several self-massage techniques.

Self-massage apps are convenient and readily available, but a full-fledged massage in a salon offers incalculable benefits. Professional massage therapists are skilled in various massage techniques. They studied anatomy, thanks to which they can correctly find tense areas and relieve stress. They use an individual approach, so each client receives the procedure that can help him. The spa environment, which includes soothing music and the aromas of special oils, also offers the ideal conditions for optimal relaxation and rejuvenation. Many even go on special spa tours to hot countries like Dubai to get sessions at the best salons to try incredible procedures, for example, four-hands massage in https://armonia.ae/service/four-hands-massage/. Thus, a full-fledged massage in the salon promises a deeper and longer-term effect that promotes overall physical and psychological well-being. So of course, it will be more useful than self-massage.

However, in the world of modern technology, there are many applications that will help you master and improve the art of self-massage. Here are a few of them:

The Mindful Body

This app provides a variety of video tutorials and self-massage guides for different parts of the body. From neck and back massages to leg and arm relaxation, here you will find detailed instructions and tips.


If you want a more professional feel, MyoBuddy can be helpful. This application provides information on how to use massage equipment to achieve deep relaxation and relieve muscle tension. It helps to take care of yourself and save money.

Foam Rolling Guide

Self-massage rollers can be very effective and this app will help you make the best use of them. Here you will find instructions on the correct rolling technique for different parts of the body.


This app is known for its meditation guides, but it also offers self-massage and stretching guides. This is a useful addition to your daily practice. Being flexible is very useful, especially if a person spends a lot of time at the computer. Stretching allows you to stretch your muscles and improve blood circulation. This improves oxygen supply to the brain and increases productivity. Great way to work even better, right?

Massage Ball Exercises

Massage balls are a great way to release tension in your muscles. This application contains a set of exercises using massage balls for various parts of the body. You can do the exercises on your own or with a partner. Are you looking for a way to spend time together? This is a great idea!

Yoga for Beginners

Yoga includes not only postures but also massage techniques. Applications with guides for beginners in yoga may contain self-massage lessons. Did you have a hard day? Then half an hour of yoga will help you reboot. To do this, you do not even have to leave the house – and this is convenient if the weather is bad outside.

Stretching & Flexibility Plans

Flexibility and stretching are closely related to self-massage. This app will help you develop stretch plans that may also include massage techniques. If you don’t like going to the gym, then this is a great way to keep your muscles in good shape by exercising right in your apartment. Stretching helps to get rid of the stagnation of blood and lymph in the body.

Pain Relief Self-Massage

This application offers self-massage techniques to relieve pain and tension in various parts of the body. It can be helpful for those who are looking for ways to manage chronic or temporary pain.

Massage is not only useful but also pleasant. You can pamper your loved ones with a relaxing massage. Thus, you will arrange a great date right at home and have an unforgettable time. In order to master the right techniques and do no harm, the applications from this list will help you. It is important to choose self-massage apps that suit your needs, physical features, and goals. Experiment with different apps to find the ones that work best for your individual self-massage practice. But always remember that the best masseurs are professionals who have received special education and work in wellness salons. Once you get to them, you will find out what quality muscle work and relaxation are.